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Organizational Innovation and Cost Reduction Analysis of Manufacturing Process – Case Study

Company,” Procedia Economics and Finance , vol. 26, pp. 109-113, 2015. [4] O. Ganschar, S. Gerlach, M. Hämmerle, T. Krause and S. Schlund. “Produktionsarbeit der Zukunft-Industrie 4.0,” Ed. Dieter Spath, Stuttgart: Fraunhofer Verlag, 2013. [5] T. Hollweck, “Robert K. Yin. (2014). Case Study Research Design and Methods (5 th ed.). Thousand Oaks, CA: Sage. 282 pages.,” The Canadian Journal of Program Evaluation , Mar. 2016. [6] B. Kalyani. “Problems faced by small scale entrepreneurs of the industrial estates of the Madurai region.” The ICFAI Journal

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The Influence of External Factors on Hazards in the Transport Processes of Soybean Meal

). Higroskopijność naturalnych paliw stałych. Studia WSM. Szczecin No 26. Leśmian-Kordas R. (2001). Terminy i definicje wybranych właściwości fizycznych ładunków istotnych w składowaniu, przeładunku i przewozie. ZN WSM. No 61. Szczecin. Leśmian-Kordas R., Abramowska E., Jóźwiak Z. (2001). Ładunkoznawstwo ogólne. Ćwiczenia. ZN WSM. Szczecin. Murry A.C., Lewis R.D., Amos H.E. (1997). The effect of microbial phytase in a pearl millet-soybean meal diet on apparent digestibility and retention of nutrients, serum mineral concentration, and bone mineral density of

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The Influence of Temperature on Changes in the Distinguishing Features of the Usable Quality of Soybean Meal

). Towaroznawstwo. Produkty spożywcze. Praca zbiorowa. PWE. Mateos G.G., Garcia P., Medel P. (1996). The use fullfat soybeans in diets for poultry. Second International Fullfat Soya Conference. Processing, Quality Control, Utilization. American Soybean Association and United Soybean Board. August 21-24. Budapest. Matyka S. (2000). Utlenianie tłuszczów – przeciwutleniacze. Pasze Przemysłowe. No. 4-5. Mińkowski K., Grześkiewicz S., Jerzewska M. (2011). An assessment of nutritional value of plant oils with a large content of linoleic acids based on the composition

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