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Visualising Old Age
Photographs of older people on the website of the DaneAge Association

passiveness and her solitude. In light of the heading concerning malnutrition (‘Malnutrition is dangerous for old people’), we are led to assume that the woman is weak and tired from a poor diet. Yet she also appears to be a nice older lady, with nice white hair, a pearl necklace and a well-pressed blouse, which serve to emphasise even more strongly that all older people are at risk of malnourishment. Both this woman and the aforementioned lonely woman by the sea show no signs of bodily activity or social contact with the surrounding world. Such photographs could be

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How Movies Influence Our Dietary Behaviour?


Movies include a shockingly high number of products - it is almost impossible to have a movie with no brand exposure at all. As entertainment fills a large part of our lives, product placements have invaded our social sphere more than we can imagine. Just as for the tobacco industry, until something is done to reduce and eliminate the images of unhealthy dietary behaviour on film, movies will remain one of the most powerful forces in the world promoting unhealthy sugary diets and serving the industry’s financial interests. The unhealthy lifestyle that is portrayed on the screens through extensive consumption of food items especially high in sugars, and how this can influence people’s dietary behaviour, is the main concern and discussion for this article. Thus, this article tries to give an overview of the current situation and how exactly it is possible for movies to influence the things we eat. Just as the tobacco industry has had a long history of working to influence Hollywood, the sugar industry will most probably face the same future. And this is not what films should be about.

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The Bread of God: religious and symbolic aspects of bakery

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Phrasal verbs and analogical generalization in Late Modern Spoken English

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