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Diet Selection in Finishing Lambs

, ARMENTANO LE: Effect of water addition on selective consumption (sorting) of dry diets by dairy cattle. Journal of Dairy Science 88: 1043-1049, 2005. MILLER-CUSHON EK, DEVRIES TJ: Effect of early feed type exposure on diet-selecting behavior of dairy calves. Journal of Dairy Science 94: 342-350, 2011. MILLER-CUSHON EK, BERGERON R, LESLIE KE, MASON GJ, DEVRIES TJ: Effect of early exposure to different feed presentations on feed sorting of dairy calves. Journal of Dairy Science 96: 4624-4633, 2013. OWEN E, WAHED R: Comparison of sheep and goats under stall

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Tissue Pathomorphology and Immunohistochemistry in Mink (Neovison Vison) Fed Blood Plasma Supplemented Diet in the Period of Preparation for Breeding

Z., Janiszewski P., Wyczling T.: Microbiological status of complete freeflowing mixture and its impact on the reproduction of polar foxes. Roczniki Nauk PTZ 2007, 4 , 237-244. 7. Jamroz D., Wiliczkiewicz A., Orda J., Kuryszko J., Stefaniak T.: Use of spray-dried porcine blood byproducts in diets for young chickens. J Anim Physiol Anim Nutr 2011, DOI: 10.1111/j.1439-0396.2011.01149.x 8. Jiang R., Chang X., Stoll S., Fan M.Z., Arthington J., Weaver E., Campbell J., Burrin D.G.: Dietary plasma protein reduced small intestinal growth

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Effects on Productive Performance, Tibia Calcium and Phosphorous Retention, and Liver Enzymes Activity of Acidified and Alkalinized Diets in Broiler Chicken

Analytical Chemists, Arlington, DC. Aviagen (2007). Ross 308: Broiler Nutrition Specifications. Aviagen Inc., Huntsville, AL. Aydin A., Pekel A.Y., Issa G., Demirel G., Patterson P.H. (2010). Effects of dietary copper, citric acid, and microbial phytase on digesta pH and ileal and carcass microbiota of broiler chickens fed a low available phosphorus diet. J. Appl. Poultry Res., 19: 422–431. Biggs P., Parsons C.M. (2008). The effects of several organic acids on growth performance, nutrient digestibilities, and cecal microbial populations in young chicks

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Effects Of Dietary Supplementation With A Mixture Of Buckwheat Leaf And Flower On Fatty Acid Composition Of Rat Brain Phospholipids

glycerophospholipids in the gyrus cinguli in schizophrenia. Schizophr Res. 2002, 55:83-8. 13. Cristopherson SW, Glass RL. Preparation of milk fat methyl esters by alcoholysis in an essentially nonalcoholic solution. J Dairy Sci. 1969, 52:1289-90. 14. Samra RA, Fats and Satietz. In: Montmayeur JP, le Coutre J (ed) Fat Detection: Taste, texture, and Post Ingestive Effects, Boca Raton (FL): CRC Press 2010. 15. Vento PJ, Swartz ME, Martin LBE, Daniels D. Food intake in laboratory rats provided standard and fenbendazole-supplemented diets. J Am Assoc Lab Anim Sci. 2008

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High-Energy Diet at Antepartum Decreases Insulin Receptor Gene Expression in Adipose Tissue of Postpartum Dairy Cows


The objective of the study was to determine expression of gene of insulin receptor (INSR) in adipose tissue of postpartum dairy cows fed diets containing different amounts of energy at the antepartum period. Healthy pregnant dairy cows (n=45) on 21st d of the antepartum were divided into three groups differing in diet composition, namely: control group fed a normal diet, high energy group fed a high energy diet, and low energy group fed a low energy diet. Twenty-one days after parturition, INSR gene expression in adipose tissue was determined by internally controlled reverse transcriptase PCR. The level of INSR mRNA in adipose tissues of cows fed the high energy diet was substantially lower than that in cows fed normal or low energy diets. A relatively higher level of INSR mRNA in the adipose tissue of cows fed low energy diet may be beneficial for gluconeogenesis and lipogenesis, which can relieve an energy negative balance. Reduced level of INSR mRNA in adipose tissue of cows fed high energy diet indicates that the response to insulin has significantly decreased.

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Effect of Sunflower, Linseed and Soybean Meal in Pig Diet on Chemical Composition, Fatty Acid Profile of Meat and Backfat, and Its Oxidative Stability

, Koletzko B: Perinatal supply and metabolism of long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acids: importance for the early development of the nervous system. Ann N Y Acad Sci 2002, 967: 299-310. 5. Higgs JD: The changing nature of red meat: 20 years of improving nutritional quality. Trends Food Sci Tech 2000, 11, 2: 85-95. 6. Webb EC, O’Neill HA: The animal fat paradox and meat quality. Meat Sci 2008, 80, 1: 28-36. 7. Pereira PMDCC, Vicente AFDRB: Meat nutritional composition and nutritive role in the human diet. Meat Sci. 2013, 93, 3: 586-592. 8. Wood JD

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The Influence of Different Chemical Forms of Selenium Added to the Diet Including Carnosic Acid, Fish Oil and Rapeseed Oil on the Formation of Volatile Fatty Acids and Methane in the Rumen, and Fatty Acid Profiles in the Rumen Content and Muscles of Lambs

isomer mixture affect fatty- and amino acid concentrations in the femoral muscles and liver of rats. J Anim Feed Sci 2009, 18:348-361. 20. Rozbicka-Wieczorek AJ, Więsyk E, Brzóska F, Śliwiński B, Kowalczyk J, Czauderna M: Efficiency of fatty acid accumulation into breast muscles of chickens fed diets with lycopene, fish oil and different chemical selenium forms. Afr J Biotechnol 2014, 13:1604-1613. 21. Wolin MJ: The Rumen fermentation: a model for microbial interactions in anaerobic ecosystems. Adv Microb Ecol 1979, 3:49-77. 22. McDowell LR, Davis PA

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The effect of a rat diet without added Cu on redox status in tissues and epigenetic changes in the brain

and immune status in a rat model. J. Trace Elem. Med. Biol., 48: 111–117. Cholewińska E., Fotschki B., Juśkiewicz J., Rusinek-Prystupa E., Ognik K., (2018b). The effect of copper level in the diet on the distribution, and biological and immunological responses in a rat model. J. Anim. Feed Sci., 27: 349–360. Cholewińska E., Ognik K., Fotschki B., Zduńczyk Z., Juśkiewicz J. (2018c). Comparison of the effect of dietary copper nanoparticles and one copper (II) salt on the copper biodistribution and gastrointestinal and hepatic morphology and function in a

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Selected Physical and Chemical Characteristics of Eggs Laid by Hens Fed Diets with Different Levels of Hybrid Rye

., Wani S.M., Masoodi F.A., Hameed G. (2012). Whole-grain cereal bioactive compounds and their health benefits: A review. J. Food. Proces. Technol., 3: 146. Grobas S., Méndez J., Lázaro R., De Blas C., Mateos G.G. (2001). Influence of source and percentage of fat added to diet on performance and fatty acid composition of egg yolks of two strains of laying hens. Poultry Sci., 80: 1171–1179. Janssen W.M.M.A. (1989). European table of energy values for poultry feedstuffs. 3rd ed. Beekbergen, Netherlands, Spelderholt Center for Poultry Research and Information

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Influence of dietary soy isoflavones on immature hamster uterotrophic and Hershberger assays

in vitro . Toxicol Sci 1999, 51, 236-244. 8. Cederroth C.R, Auger J., Zimmermann C., Eustache F., Nef S.: Soy, phytooestrogens and male reproductive function: a review. Int J Androl 2010, 33, 304-316. 9. Degen G.H., Janning P., Diel P., Bolt H.M.: Estrogenic isoflavones in rodent diets. Toxicol Lett 2002, 128, 145-157. 10. Diel P., Schulz T., Smolnikar K., Strunck E., Vollmer G., Michna H.: Ability of xeno-and phytoestrogens to modulate expression of estrogen sensitive genes in rat uterus: estrogenicity profiles and

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