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Altered Gabab Receptor Thermoregulatory Function in Rats with Diet-Induced Obesity

in rats. European journal of pharmacology, 2008, 601(1-3), 106-10. 8. Corwin RL, Wojnicki FH. Baclofen, raclopride, and naltrexone differentially affect intake of fat and sucrose under limited access conditions. Behav Pharmacol, 2009, 20(5-6), 537-48. 9. Sato I, Arima H, Ozaki N, et al. Peripherally administered baclofen reduced food intake and body weight in db/db as well as diet-induced obese mice. FEBS letters. 2007, 581(25), 4857-64. 10. Sampey BP, Vanhoose AM, Winfield HM, et al. Cafeteria diet is a robust model of human metabolic syndrome

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Serum Copper and Zinc in a Representative Sample of Bulgarian Population

Trace Elem Med Biol 2015;31:135-141. 10. Gibson RS. Content and bioavailability of trace elements in vegetarian diets. Am J Clin Nutr 1994;59:Suppl:1223S-1232S. 11. Ghayour-Mobarhan M, Shapouri-Moghaddam A, Azimi-Nezhad M, Esmaeili H, Parizadeh SM, Safarian M. at al. The relationship between established coronary risk factors and serum copper and zinc concentrations in a large Persian cohort. J Trace Elem Med Biol 2009;23(3):167-75. 12. Graham SF, Nasaruddin MB, Carey M, Holscher C, McGuinness B, Kehoe PG et al. Age

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The Adverse Health Effects of Shift Work in Relation to Risk of Illness/Disease: A Review


Biological rhythm of sleeping is a natural disparity in an organism corresponding to and in reply to cyclic environmental changes, such as daylight hours and hours of darkness or elevated and low down flow. There is some evidence, based upon epidemiological studies as well as studies upon smaller groups of subjects, that individuals who work during the night and sleep during the daytime show cognitive impairment at work, have poorer and fragmented daytime sleep, and have increased risks of developing a wide range of social, psychological, physiological and medical impairments and disorders. Circadian rhythms are one of the most important effective factors on the physiological and physical performances of humans and disturbing this normal rhythm leads to different groups of diseases. The majority of investigations in biological rhythm demeanor vary noticeably in regards to the exact type of disease, population and protocols of sampling over the other outcomes or issues. We conducted a systematic review of [Science Direct, Pubmed, Scopus] to identify influence of different kinds of diseases among shift workers in response to abnormal rhythm of sleeping. The results of this review indicate that abnormal patterns of sleeping can lead to immunological issues, hypertension, metabolic syndrome, insomnia, cardiovascular disease, obesity and depression. It is vital for subsequent investigations to find a way to reduce negative effects (such as decreased amount of works’ time and altered diet) without side effects to help them.

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Cardiovascular Risk Factors in White Collar Workers Under Shift Work

hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis in the pathogenesis of metabolic syndrome: neuroendocrine and target tissue-related causes. Intern. J. Obesity 2000; 24 (Suppl. 2): S50-5. 19. Hulsegge G, Boer JMA, van der Beek AJ, et al. Shift workers have a similar diet quality but higher energy intake than day workers. Scand J Work Environ Health 2016;42(6):459-468, 20. Boggild, H., Suadicani, P., Hein, H.O., Gyntelberg F. Shiftwork, social class, and ischaemic heart disease in middle aged and elderly men; a 22 year follow up in the Copenhagen male study. Occup. Environ

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Effect of Alcohol to Oral Health

, 2003, 48,141-5. 25. Lussi A, T Jaeggi, D Zero, The role of diet in the aetiology of dental erosion, Caries Res, 2004, 38(Suppl. 1), 34-44. 26. Mandel L, Dental erosion due to wine consumption, JADA, 2005, 136, 71-5. 27. Mandel L, H Baurmash, Parotid enlargement due to alcoholism, JADA, 1971,82, 369-71. 28. Mandel L, D Hamele-bena, Alcoholic parotid sialadenosis, JADA, 1997, 128, 1411-5. 29. Mok Tb, J Micintyre, D Hunt, Dental erosion: in vitro model of wine assessor’s erosion, Aust Dent J

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Physical Activity and Gastrointestinal Cancer Risk: A Review

: case control study in Minia, Egypt. Central Eur J Publ Health. 2014;22(4):215-22. 17. Watson AJ, Collins PD. Colon cancer: a civilization disorder. Digestive diseases (Basel, Switzerland). 2011;29(2):222-8. 18. Gingras D, Beliveau R. Colorectal cancer prevention through dietary and lifestyle modifications. Cancer Microenviron. 2011;4(2):133-9. 19. Zhang J, Dhakal IB, Gross MD et al. Physical activity, diet, and pancreatic cancer: a population-based, case-control study in Minnesota. Nutr Cancer. 2009;61(4):457-65. 20. Leitzmann M, Powers H

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Cardiovascular Risk in Type 2 Diabetic Patients With Asymptomatic Hyperuricemia and Gout

, Gazzaruso C, et al. Relation between serum uric acid and carotid intima-meida thickness in healthy postmenopausal women. Intern Emerg Med. 2007; 2(1):19-23. 30. Tavil Y, Kaya MG, Oktar SO, et al. Uric acid level and its association with intima-media thickness in patients with hypertension. Atherosclerosis. 2008; 197(1):159-163. 31. Miao Z, Yan S, Wang J, et al. Insulin resistance acts as an independent risk factor exacerbating high-purine diet induced renal injury and knee joint gouty lesions. Inflamm Res. 2009; 58(10):659-68.

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The Effect of the Antioxidant Drug U-74389G on Albumin Levels during Ischemia Reperfusion Injury in Rats

-term effect of intravenous nitroglycerin on haematocrit; an additional benefit in patients with myocardial ischaemia? Eur Heart J. 1994 Jan;15(1):114-9. 19. Pollock DM, Opgenorth TJ. Beneficial effect of the atrial natriuretic factor analog A68828 in postischemic acute renal failure. J Pharmacol Exp Ther. 1990 Dec;255(3):1166-9. 20. Tilton RG, Cole PA, Zions JD, et al: Increased ischemia-reperfusion injury to the heart associated with short-term, diet-induced hypercholesterolemia in rabbits. Circ Res. 1987 Apr;60(4):551-9. 21

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In Vitro Study on the Adhesion and Colonization of Candida Albicans on Metal and Acrylic Piercings

Dental Plaque Forma-tion. - Acta Odontol Scandinavica, 37, 1979, № 2, 73-85. 13. Lie, T. Ultrastructural Study of Early Dental Plaque Formation. - J Period Res, 13, 1978, № 5, 391-409. 14. Lie, T.. Early Dental Plaque Morphogenesis. A Scanning Electron Microscope Study Using the Hydroxyapatite Splint Model and a Low-Sucrose Diet. - J Period Res, 12, 1977, № 2, 73-89. 15. Mei, L., H. C. van der Mei, Y. Ren, W. Norde, et H. J. Busscher. Poisson Analysis of Streptococcal Bond Strengthening on Stainless Steel with and without

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Non-Invasive and Minimum Invasive Concepts in Prevention, Cariology and Endodontics – from Research and Science to Practice

References 1. Boteva E. The impact of concentrated and refined foods in the etiopathogenesis of dental caries. Dissertation, Medical University, Sofia, 1988: in Bulgarian. 2. Boteva E, M Kostova, E Dulgerova. X-ray Diffraction Analysis of Teeth and Bones of Wistar Rats Fed on Four Diifferent Isocaloric Diets. Caries Research 25, 1991, 3, 218 Abstr. 19 . 3. Boteva E. Nutritional factors in dental caries etiology. Lecture.Dental Research Seminars. University of Glasgow. Dental School. 20.03.1993. 4

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