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The Monophthongisation of Diphthongs Before Dorsal Fricatives: A Corpus Study

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The Bases of Derivation of Old English Affixed Nouns: Status and Category

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Alternation vs. Allomorphic Variation in Old English Word-Formation: Evidence from the Derivational Paradigm of Strong Verbs

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The Grammaticalization of Down

-Helsinki parsed corpus of Middle English . (CD-ROM version.) (2 nd edition.) Helsinki: University of Helsinki. Fischer, Olga - Anette Rosenbach 2000 "Introduction", in: Olga Fischer - Anette Rosenbach - Dieter Stein (eds.), 1-37. Fischer, Olga - Anette Rosenbach - Dieter Stein (eds.) 2000 Pathways of change. Grammaticalisation in English . Amsterdam: John Benjamins. Gelling, Margaret - Ann Cole 2000 The landscape of place-names . Stamford: Shaun Tyas. Hopper, Paul J

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Types of Lexical Complexity in English: Syntactic Categories and the Lexicon

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The Middle English Suffix -Ish: Reasons for Decline in Productivity

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A Testimonie’S Stance: Editorial Positioning in Ælfric’S Sermo in die Pascae

stance and the construction of discourse . Oxford: Oxford University Press. Kastovsky, Dieter (ed.) 1991 Historical English syntax . Berlin and New York: Mouton de Gruyter. Kelemen, Erik 1997 “A reexamination of the date of A testimonie of antiquitie , one of the first books printed in Anglo-Saxon types”, ANQ 10/4: 3-10. Leinbaugh, Theodore H. 1982 “Ælfric’s Sermo de sacrificio in die pascae : Anglican polemic in the sixteenth and seventeeth centuries”, in: Carl T. Berkhout - Milton McC. Gatch (eds.), 51

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Focus on Focus A Review Article of Aspects of the Grammar of Focus: A Minimalist View by Przemysław Tajsner

i perspektywy. (Seria wydawnicza: RRR-Kognitywistyka.) Lublin: Wydawnictwo UMCS. Kastovsky, Dieter - Aleksander Szwedek (eds.) 1986 Linguistics across geographical and historical boundaries. (In honour of Jacek Fisiak.) Berlin: Mouton. Kiss, Katalin E. 1998 "Identification focus vs. information focus", Language 74: 245-273. Kosta, Peter - Lilia Schuercks (eds.) 2007 Linguistic investigations into formal description of Slavic languages. Frankfurt: Peter Lang

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