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The Eyewitness and the Affected Viewer
September 11 in the Media

) Mediernes og offentlighedens 11. september, in Mediernes 11. september, Copenhagen: Gads Forlag. Rainer, Timothy (2002) Time and Event: Reflections on September 11, Theory and Event 5:4 2002. Rath, Claus-Dieter (1989) Live Television and its Audiences: Challenges of Media Reality, in Seiter, E.; Borchers, H.; Kreutzner, G.; & Warth, E-M. (eds) Remote Control: Television, Audiences and Cultural Power. London: Routledge. Realitet, realisme, det reelle i visuel optik, Sontag

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Media Choice Proliferation and Shifting Orientations Towards News in the United States and Norway, 1995-2012

). Investigating People’s News Diets: How Online Users Use Offline News. Communications-European Journal of Communication Research 40(1): 67-91. doi:10.1515/commun-2014-0028. Vaage, Odd Frank (1997). Norsk Mediebarometer 1997 . Oslo: Statistisk Sentralbyrå. Vaage, Odd Frank (2013). Norsk Mediebarometer 2013 . Oslo: Statistisk Sentralbyrå. Verba, Sidney; Burns, Nancy & Schlozman, Kay Lehman (1997). Knowing and Caring about Politics: Gender and Political Engagement. The Journal of Politics 59(4): 1051-1072. doi:10.2307/2998592. Wonneberger, Anke

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Why Ageing is More Important than Being Old
Understanding the Elderly in a Mediatized World

: Kortti, Jukka (2011). Multidimensional Social History of Television: Social uses of Finnish Television from the 1950s to the 2000s. Television & New Media, 12(4): 293-313. Kübler, Hans-Dieter (1982). Medienbiographien - ein neuer Ansatz der Rezeptionsforschung? [Media Biographies - a New Approach in Reception Studies?] Medien + Erziehung, 26(4): 194-205. Laukka, Petri (2007). Uses of Music and Psychological Well-Being among the Elderly. Journal of Happiness Studies, 8(2): 215

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Emotional Responses to Top Politicians in a General Election

Deppe, Harald Kugel, Wolfram Schwindt and Dieter Ahlert (2005) The Fire of Desire: Neural Correlates of Brand Choice; proceedings of EACR. Plutchik, R. (1980) Emotion: A Psychoevolutionary Synthesis. New York: Harper & Row. Plutchik, R. & Kellerman, H. (1974) Emotions Profile Index Manual, Western Psychological Services. Los Angeles. Richins, M.L. (1997) Measuring Emotions in the Consumption Experience, Journal of Consumer Research, 24, Sep., pp. 127-142. Shiv, B. & Fedorikhin, A. (1999) Heart and Mind in

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Research Project. Tv-entertainment
Crossmediality and Knowledge – A Research Project

Publikums’, Dieter Prokop (red.) Massenkommunikationsforschung, 2,: Konsumtion. Fischer, Hamburg. Hutcheon, Linda (1985) A Theory of Parody. London: Routledge. Hutcheon, Linda (1994) Irony’s Edge. London: Routledge. Jansson, André (2002) ’Spatial Phantasmagoria - The Mediatization of Tourism Experience’, European Journal of Communication, Vol. 17, Sage. Jansson, André (2004) Globalisering - kommunikation och modernitet. Lund: Studenterlitteratur. Jantzen, Christian og Østergaard Per (2005) NYD

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The Family of the Prague Patriotic Physician Václav Staněk in the Revolutionary Years 1848 and 1849


The article deals with the topic of family in the Czech patriotic milieu of the 19th century on the example of the family of Václav Staněk, a physician and patriot. Václav Staněk was in close contact with Josef Frič and František Ladislav Čelakovský. Before the revolution in 1848, Staněk and his wife Karolina opened a Czech ‘parlour’, one of the first places for women interested in education. The paper focuses on the public activities of the family during the revolution 1848 and presents the work of Václav Staněk at the Imperial Diets in Vienna and Kroměříž. Not only does it pay attention to the political activities of Staněk himself, but it also shows the political opinions of his wife a partly his daughter as well. An important space is dedicated to the everyday life of V. Staněk as a member of the Imperial Diets in Vienna and Kroměříž and to the everyday life of his family in Prague. The main source of information is the rich and unexploited correspondence of the Staněk family, which provides insight into the political and family life at that time.

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Almanacs, Journals, Privileges? An Essay on the Backbone of the Printing Business Culture in Bohemia in 18th-Century Bohemia

bibliographisches Repertorium; ein Handbuch . Berlin: De Gruyter, 2006. HAMETER – NIEDERKORN-BRUCK – SCHEUTZ 2005 : HAMETER, Wolfgang – NIEDERKORN-BRUSK, Meta – SCHEUTZ, Martin (edd.). Ideologisierte Zeit. Kalender und Zeitvorstellungen im Abendland von der Antike bis zur Neuzeit . Innsbruck: StudienVerlag, 2005. HERBST – GREILING 2018: HERBST, Klaus-Dieter – GREILING, Werner (edd.). Schreibkalender und ihre Autoren in Mittel-, Ost- und Ostmitteleuropa (1540–1850). Bremen: edition lumière, 2018. (= Presse und Geschichte – Neue Beiträge, 124) HERBST 2008

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