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The Kelsenian Model of Constitutional Review in Times of European Integration – Reconsidering the Basic Features

. If You Can’t Beat Them, Join Them. The French Constitutional Council’s First Reference to the Court of Justice (Jeremy F. V. Premier ministre, 4 April 2013. European Constitutional Law Review, 2014, vol. 10 GRIFFITHS, John. What is Legal Pluralism?. The Journal of Legal Pluralism & Unofficial Law 1986, vol. 24 TEUBNER, Gunther. Legal Pluralism. Southern California Law Review , 2006–2007, vol. 80 GRIMM, Dieter. The Achievement of Constitutionalism and its Prospects in a Changed World. In. DOBNER, Petra, LOUGHLIN, Martin (ed.), The Twilight of

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Revisiting the Notion of ‘Intensity’ Inherent in Common Article 3: An Examination of the Minimum Threshold Which Satisfies the Notion of ‘Intensity’ and a Discussion of the Possibility of Applying a Method of Cumulative Assessment

. 71, pp. 37 - 72 FLECK, Dieter. ‘The Law of Non-International Armed Conflict’. In FLECK, Dieter (ed). The Handbook of International Humanitarian Law. 3rd edn, Oxford University Press, 2013 FOWLER, HW. A Dictionary of Modern English Usage. Oxford University Press, 1983, GARRAWAY, C. ‘Military Manuals, Operational Law and the Regulatory Framework of the Armed Forces’. In HAYASHI, N (ed). National Military Manuals on the Law of Armed Conflict FICHL Publication Series No 2 (2nd edn 2010) GEISS, Robin

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Dynamics and Entry. Oxford: Basil Blackwell. Göschl CD-MED. (2002-2008). Handbuch für die Sanitätsberufe Österreichs. Wien: Verlag Dieter Göschl. Hirschey, M. (1981). The Effect of Advertising on Industrial Mobility. The Journal of Business, 54, 329-339. Hofmarcher, M. M. and Rack, H. M. (2006). Austria Health System Review. In Riesberg, A. (ed.). Health Systems in Transition, 8(3), 2006. Mayer, W. J. and Chappell, W. F. (1992). Determinants of Entry and Exit: An Application of the Compounded Bivariate

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