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Light Stable Isotope Analysis of Diet in Corded Ware Culture Communities: Święte, Jarosław District, South-Eastern Poland

Island and Coastal Archaeology 8(3): 361-383. DeNiro M. J. 1985 Postmortem preservation and alteration of in vivo bone collagen isotope ratios in relation to paleodietary reconstruction. Nature 317: 806-809. DeNiro M. J., Epstein S. 1981 Influence of diet on the distribution of nitrogen isotopes in animals. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta 45: 341-351. Dobrakowska T., Włodarczak P. 2018 Święte 20: graves of the Corded Ware culture. Baltic-Pontic Studies 2 3: 140-162. Drucker D.G., Bridault A., Hobson K.A., Szuma E., Bocherens H. 2008 Can

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Builders and Users of Ritual Centres, Yampil Barrow Complex: Studies of Diet Based on Stable Carbon and Nitrogen Isotope Composition

References Ambrose S.H. 1993 I sotopic analysis of paleodiets: methodological aspects and interpretative considerations. In: M.K. Sandford (Ed.) Investigations of Ancient Human Tissue, 59-130. Philadelphia. Ambrose S.H., DeNiro M.J. 1986 R econstruction of African human diet using bone collagen carbon and nitrogen isotope rations. Nature 319: 321-324. Bednarek R., Jankowski M. 2014 Charakterystyka gleboznawcza materiału budującego nasyp kurhanu 1 w Pidlisiwce. In: A. Kośko, M. Potupczyk, S. Razumow (Eds

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Human Mobility in the Final Eneolithic Population of Święte, Jarosław District, South-Eastern Poland: Evidence from Strontium Isotope Data

., Wickman T., Loubet M., Bishop K. 2004 Variations of bioavailable Sr concentration and Sr-87/Sr-86 ratio in boreal forest ecosystems – Role of biocycling, mineral weathering and depth of root uptake. Biogeochemistry 67: 1-20. Price T.D., Knipper C., Grupe G., Smrcka V. 2004 Strontium isotopes and prehistoric human migration: The Bell Beaker period in Central Europe. European Journal of Archaeology 7: 9-40. Sjögren K.G., Price T.D., Kristiansen K. 2016 Diet and mobility in the Corded Ware of Central Europe. PLoS One 11: e0155083. Szczepanek A. 2008

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Anthropological Description of Skeletal Material from the Dniester Barrowcemetery Complex, Yampil Region, Vinnitsa Oblast (Ukraine)

and taxonomic-topogenetic identification. In: A. Kośko (Ed.) Podolia as a Cultural Contact Area in the 4th/3rd-2nd Millennium BC. Baltic-Pontic Studies 20: 78-141. 2015c Eneolithic, Babyno and Noua culture cemeteries, Klembivka, site 1, Yampil Region, Vinnitsa Oblast: archaeometry, taxonomy and topogenetics. In: A. Kośko (Ed.) Podolia as a Cultural Contact Area in the 4th/3rd-2nd Millennium BC. Baltic-Pontic Studies 20: 142-182. Lallo J.W., Armelagos G.J., Mensforth R.P. 1977 The role of diet, disease, and physiology in the origin of porotic

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Anthropological Picture of the Corded Ware Population of the Subcarpathian Region in the Light of Data Obtained from the Sites at Święte, Jarosław District

ludności kultury ceramiki sznurowej z III tysiąclecia przed Chr. w Mirocinie na Wysoczyźnie Kańczuckiej, Via Archaeologica Ressoviensia, 313-323. Rzeszów. Walker P. L., Bathurst R. R., Richman R., Gjerdrum T., Andrushko V. A. 2009 The causes of porotic hyperostosis and cribra orbitalia: A reappraisal of the iron deficiency anemia hypothesis. American Journal of Physical Anthropology 139(2): 109-125. Werens K., Szczepanek A., Jarosz P. 2018 Light stable isotope analysis of diet in Corded Ware culture communities: Święte, Jarosław District, south

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East Central Europe in the First Globalization (1850-1914)

Later. How Austria-Hungary’s Paper Debt Turned Golden 1870s-1913 , “CHERRY Discussion Paper Series”, York, pp. 1-51. Morys, Matthias (2014), South-Eastern European Monetary History in a pan-European Perspective, 1841-1939 [in:] South-Eastern European Monetary and Economic Statistics from the Nineteenth Century to World War II , Athens et al., pp. 25-53. Müller, Uwe (2008), Die sozialökonomische Situation in den ostdeutschen Grenzregionen und die Beziehungen zu Polen im 20. Jahrhundert [in:] Bingen, Dieter Loew, Peter Oliver, Wolf Nikolaus (Eds

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A Final Eneolithic Research Inspirations: Subcarpathia Borderlands Between Eastern and Western Europe

stable isotope analysis of diet in Corded Ware culture communities: Święte, Jarosław District, south-eastern Poland. Baltic-Pontic Studies 23: 229-245. Włodarczak P. 2006 Kultura ceramiki sznurowej na Wyżynie Małopolskiej. Kraków. 2008 Kultura złocka i problem genezy kultury ceramiki sznurowej w Małopolsce. In: J. Bednarczyk, J. Czebreszuk, P. Makarowicz, M. Szmyt (Eds) Na pograniczu światów. Studia z pradziejów międzymorza bałtycko-pontyjskiego ofiarowane Profesorowi Aleksandrowi Kośko w 60. rocznicę urodzin, 555-576. Poznań. 2014a Sekwencja

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Chronometry of the Final Eneolithic Cemeteries at Święte, Jarosław District, from the Perspective of Cultural Relations Among Lesser Poland, Podolia and the North-Western Black Sea Region

J., Frei K.M., Rauba-Bukowska A., Werens K., Górski J., Hozer M., Mazurek M. 2018 Understanding Final Neolithic communities in south-eastern Poland: New insights on diet and mobility from isotopic data. PloS One 13: e0207748. Ślusarska K. 2006 Funeral rites of the Catacomb Communty: 2800-1900 BC. Ritual, thanatology and geographical origins. Baltic-Pontic Studies 13. Telegin D.Y., Pustovalov S.Z., Kovalyukh N.N. 2003 Relative and absolute chronology of Yamnaya and Catacomb monuments. The issue of coexistence. Baltic-Pontic Studies 12: 132

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