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Food Supply and Nutrition in the Bulgarian Army

When Participating in Humanitarian Operations, Revista Academiei Fortelor Terestre, Vol. XXII, Nr. 1(85) , 18-24. Rational and prophylactic professional diet . (1974). Sofia: Medicine and Physical Education. Stavrev, P., Sheytanov, M., & Donev, D. (1969). Military hygiene , Sofia, BG: Ministry of Defence. Stefanov, N. (2017a). Analysis of the Use of Outsourcing Services for Maintenance and Repair of the Equipment and Armament Available in the Structures of the Bulgarian Armed Forces, The 23 rd International Conference Knowledge

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Filtering and Classifying Relevant Short Text with a Few Seed Words

, cancer, disease, healthy, nutrition, diet, hospital, physical, therapy, diagnosis, treatment, care, heart, fitness, medicine, food, symptoms, hepatitis, clinical 21.5 6.4 Politics Society political, democracy, party, government, republic, military, democratic, politics, united, president, parliamentary, freedom, national, congress, social, communist, revolution, parties, civil, presidential 18.7 4.2 Sports sports, football, games, game, tennis, match, league, espn, tickets, team, players, hockey, sport, olympic, basketball, golf, cup, volleyball

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Effect of the Dietary Willow Bark Extract (Salix Alba) on the Caecal Microbial Population of Broilers (14-28 Days) Reared at 32˚C

and rosehip supplements on broiler (14-35 days) performance, carcass and internal organs development and gut health. AgroLife Scientific Journal, 6(1):75-83, ISSN 2285-5718; ISSN CD-ROM 2285-5726; ISSN ONLINE 2286-0126; ISSN-L 2285-5718. Demir E., Kilinc K., Yildirim Y., Dincer F., Eseceli H., 2008. Comparative effects of mint, sage, thyme, and flavomycin in wheat-based broiler diets. Arch. Zootech., 11:54-63. Dinan T.G., Cryan J.F., 2012. Regulation of the stress response by the gut microbiota: Implications for psychoneuroendo

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The Effect of High-Level Dietary Supplementation with Different Zinc Sources on Performance, Eggshell Quality and Bone Characteristics in Layer Quails

properties in gilts. Journal of Animal Science, 80: 154-161. ASAE, 2001. ASAE Standards S459: Shear and Three Point Bending Test of Animal Bone. American Society of Agricultural Engineers, St. Joseph, USA. Bahakaim A.S.A., Magied H.A.A., Osman S.M.H., Omar A.S.,AbdelMalak N.Y., Ramadan N.A., 2014. Effect of using different levels and sources of zinc in layer's diets on egg zinc enrichment. Egypt Poultry Science Association, 34: 39-56. Bartlett J.R., Smith M.O., 2003. Effects of different levels of zinc on the performance and

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Human resource performance predictors based on the human energy profile


This paper is a comparative study on the findings regarding the connection between a person’s energy profile and that person’s professional performance. As the performance predictors that are used within Human Resource Management may provide a company with important information regarding the future performance of an employee, it is of great importance that these performance predictors be kept up-to-date, both in what regards the precision of each predictor, and by including new performance predictors to the present array of HR predictors should such new predictors be found. This paper is an empirical examination of two such predictors, stress and energy, and argues that, based on the available empirical material, it seems to be possible to expand the present selection of HR predictors with these two predictors as well. This study is based on the ontological framework set forth by academics such as Einstein, Hawking, Tiller, Hunt, Motoyama, regarding the possibility of assessing the human being based on their energy profile. The part concerning Human Resource Management is based on the scientific framework put forth by Hunter & Hunter. Their study shows the validity of the vast majority of the performance predictors used within Human Resource Management, and discusses their practical validity. Then, there is the trans-disciplinary approach, where it is shown based on the empirical studies conducted by Torp et al. if, and how, the present array of performance indicators that are used in the field of Human Resource Management may be improved. Here, different and complementary scientific studies are included to document that the proposed Human Resource Management performance predictor is in reality more than just a predictor, it is an assessment tool that can both predict, and at the same time help quantify a series of the most modern initiatives within Human Resource Management, such as integrating sport, mindfulness, diet, etc. in the workday in order to improve performance.

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An investigation on the evolution of diabetes data in social Q&A logs

changes in diabetics’ concerns. 3.1 Social Q&A log analysis The social Q&A log used in this study was from Yahoo! Answers. Yahoo! Answers is a website covering 26 main categories, in which people ask each other questions on a topic of interest, obtain answers, as well as share facts, opinions, and personal experiences. The Health category contains 10 subcategories, including Alternative Medicine, Dental, Diet & Fitness, Diseases & Conditions, General Health Care, Men’s Health, Mental Health, Optical, Other Health, and Women’s Health. Diabetes is a section under

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A Nutritional Analysis of the Food Basket in BIH: A Linear Programming Approach

REFERENCES Anderson, A.S., Dewar, J., Marshall, D., Cummins, S., Taylor, M., Dawson, J. and Sparks, L., 2007. The development of a healthy eating indicator shopping basket tool (HEISB) for use in food access studies—identification of key food items. Public health nutrition, 10(12), pp.1440-1447. Darmon, N., Ferguson, E.L. and Briend, A., 2002. A cost constraint alone has adverse effects on food selection and nutrient density: an analysis of human diets by linear programming. The Journal of nutrition, 132(12), pp.3764-3771. Darmon, N., Ferguson

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Effects of Some Herbal Plant Supplements on Growth Performance and the Immune Response in Nile Tilapia (Oreochromis Niloticus)

hydrophila. Aquaculture Research, 39:1720-1730. Sivagurunathan A., Amila Meera K., Xavier Innocent B., 2011. Investigation of Immunostimulant Potential of Zingiber officinale and Curcuma longa in Cirrhinus mrigala exposed to P.aeruginosa. Haematological Assessment, IJRAP, 2(3):899-904. Sivaram V., Babu M.M., Immanuel G., Murugadass S., Citarasu T., Marian M.P., 2004. Growth and immune response of juvenile greasy groupers (Epinephelus tauvina) fed with herbal antibacterial active principle supplemented diets against Vibrio harveyi infections

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Business conjuncturality on the topic of personal mobility using electric automobiles

, România, Volume 11, Issue 1, Published Online: 2017-08-26 | DOI: Gupta, A., (2017), ”Thus spake Dr. Dieter Zetsche / Chairman - Daimler AG.”, Lerch, C., Kley F.,Dallinger D. (2010) ”New business models for electric cars. A holistic approach.”, Working Paper Sustainability and Innovation No. S 5/2010.

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The Effect of Different Dietary Calcium Levels on Calcium Metabolism in Laying Hens

and vitamin D metabolism and expression in strongly calcifying laying birds. Comparative Biochemistry and Physiology Part A: Molecular & Integrative Physiology. 151(4), 477-490. Bölükbasi, S.C., Çelebi S., Utlu N., 2005. The Effects of Calacium and Vitamin D in Diet on Plasma Calacium and Phosphorus, Eggshell Calcium and Phosphorus Levels of Laying Hens in Late Laying Production Period. International Journal of Poultry Science. 4 (8): 600-603. Dojană, N., Preda C., Bălăceanu R., 2014. The Effect of Experimental Vitamin D administering

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