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Diet Selection in Finishing Lambs

, ARMENTANO LE: Effect of water addition on selective consumption (sorting) of dry diets by dairy cattle. Journal of Dairy Science 88: 1043-1049, 2005. MILLER-CUSHON EK, DEVRIES TJ: Effect of early feed type exposure on diet-selecting behavior of dairy calves. Journal of Dairy Science 94: 342-350, 2011. MILLER-CUSHON EK, BERGERON R, LESLIE KE, MASON GJ, DEVRIES TJ: Effect of early exposure to different feed presentations on feed sorting of dairy calves. Journal of Dairy Science 96: 4624-4633, 2013. OWEN E, WAHED R: Comparison of sheep and goats under stall

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Theoretical and Practical Study on Divers’ Diet During Their Training Practice

. [3] Instructions for feeding the personnel belonging to the Ministry of National Defense during peacetime L - 4 / 1; [4] PhD. Floarea DAMASCHIN, Tips for eating and healthy food, Ed. Medicală 2003; [5] Mango Denke, Jean D.Wilson, NUTRITION 5th part - pg. 72; [6] Regulation on physical training - Bucureşti 1984 [7] Training syllabus of Navy military divers - 1994; [8] Project: “Theoretical and Practical Study on Divers’ Diet”, Diving Center 2009-2012; [9] cboudreau

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Impact of DDGS-supplemented diet with or without vitamin E and selenium supplementation on the fatty acid profile of beef

lipid fraction of meat: From perceived disease and waste to health and opportunity. Meat Sci., 92. (2012) 210–220. [8] N. Aldai, J. L. Aalhus, M. E. R. Dugan, W. M. Robertson, T. A. McAllister, L. J. Walter, J. J. McKinnon, Comparison of wheat- versus corn-based dried distillers’ grains with soluble on meat quality of feedlot cattle. Meat Sci, 84. (2010) 569–577. [9] B. E. Depenbusch, J. S. Drouillard, E. R. Loe, J. J. Higgins, M. E. Corrigan, M. J. Quinn, Efficiency of monensin and tylosin in finishing diets based on steam-flaked corn

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The role of vitamins in the diet of the elderly I. Fat-soluble vitamins

–1271. [12] R. Gordon, The alarming history of medicine . St. Martin’s Griffin, New York, (1993). [13] R. R. Hajjar, Z. N. Pharm, Vitamin disorders. In: J. E. Morley, D. R. Thomas (eds), Geriatric nutrition . CRC Press, Taylor and Francis Group, (2007) 137–178. [14] J. Hallfrisch, D. Muller, D. Drinkwater, J. Tobin, R. Andres, Continuing diet trends in men: the Baltimore longitudinal study of aging (1961–1987). Journal of Gerontology , 45. (1990) 186–191. [15] M. F. Holick, McCollum Award Lecture 1994: Vitamin D: new horizon for the 21 st century

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Blood profile and gut microbial load of broilers fed siam weed (Chromolaena odorata) leaf meal in their diets

odorata leaf meal in grower rabbits diet in a Tropical environment. J. of Anim. Vet. Advan. 2006;5:700-711. 4. Anon. Guide to the care and use of experimental animals. Vol.1. Canadian Council on Animal Care. Ottawa, Ontario, Canada 1980;85-90. 5. AOAC. Association of Official Analytical Chemists: Official Methods of Analysis. 6th Edition. Washington DC, USA. 2000. 6. Apori SO, Long RJ, Castro FB, Orskov ER. Chemical composition and nutritive value of leaves and stems of tropical weed Chromolaena odorata. Grass Forage Sci

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Food Supply and Nutrition in the Bulgarian Army

When Participating in Humanitarian Operations, Revista Academiei Fortelor Terestre, Vol. XXII, Nr. 1(85) , 18-24. Rational and prophylactic professional diet . (1974). Sofia: Medicine and Physical Education. Stavrev, P., Sheytanov, M., & Donev, D. (1969). Military hygiene , Sofia, BG: Ministry of Defence. Stefanov, N. (2017a). Analysis of the Use of Outsourcing Services for Maintenance and Repair of the Equipment and Armament Available in the Structures of the Bulgarian Armed Forces, The 23 rd International Conference Knowledge

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Journal of Management, Informatics and Human Resources
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Growth performance, haematology and serum biochemistry of West African dwarf sheep fed cassava peel - oil palm leaf meal based diets in a hot humid tropics

groundnutmeal as replacement for soybean meal. Proc. 33rd Annual Conf. Nig. Soc. Anim. Prod., Ayetoro, Ogun. 2008;192-196. 7. Ekeocha AH, Fakolade PO. Nitrogen balance of pregnant West African Dwarf (WAD) ewe fed Mexican sunflower leaf meal (MSLM) based diets. J Anim Prod Adv. 2012; 2(9):398-404. 8. Esonu BO, Emelalom OO, Udedibie ABI, Herbert U, Ekpor CFE, Okoli IC, Iheukwumere, FC. Performance and blood chemistry of weaner pigs fed raw mucuna bean (velvet been) meal. Trop. Anim. Prod. Investig. 2008;4:49-54. 9. Esonu BO

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Social CRM Adoption and its Impact on Performance Outcomes: a Literature Review


Background and Purpose: Social customer relationship management (social CRM) is an emerging concept that integrates traditional CRM and social media in order to provide benefits for organizations and customers. Despite the benefits that social CRM can bring, many organizations are still at the early stage of adoption. To move beyond social marketing and to exploit opportunities offered by sales and customer service, organizations need to be aware of factors that drive social CRM adoption and different implications of social CRM adoption for performance outcomes. This paper aims to provide a review of scholarly literature on social CRM adoption with the focus on factors and performance outcomes.

Design/Methodology/Approach: To provide a comprehensive view of social CRM adoption and its impact on performance outcomes, the publications of interest include scholarly journal papers from information systems and marketing disciplines and conference proceedings. Selected publications were reviewed, and findings classified into three categories: the extent of social CRM adoption, the factors influencing CRM adoption, and the impact of social CRM on performance outcomes.

Results: It appears that several issues regarding social CRM adoption and its implications for performance outcomes as well as the actual use of social media in the context of CRM need additional empirical support.

Conclusion: Our observations have confirmed that many researchers proposed social CRM models based on existing theories and concepts of traditional CRM. Nevertheless, some specifics of social media implications on CRM have been overlooked. The researchers therefore suggest further adjustment/extension of their models.

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The role of vitamins in the diet of the elderly II. Water-soluble vitamins

, Fifteen year mortality in coronary drug project patients: long term benefit with niacin. Journal of the American College of Cardiology , 8. (1986) 1245–1255. [4] R. G. Cumming, P. Mitchell, W. Smith, Diet and cataract: the Blue Mountains eye study. Ophthalmology , 107. (2000) 450–456. [5] E. M. Ebly, J. P. Shaefer, N. R. Campbell, D. B. Hogan, Folate status, vascular disease, and cognition in elderly Canadians. Age and Ageing , 27. (1998) 485–491. [6] J. W. Eikelboom, E. Lonn, J. Genest, G. Hankey, S. Yusuf, Homocyst(e)ine and cardiovascular disease

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