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Diet of Martes foina in Bohemia, Czech Republic (Carnivora: Mustelidae)

, 58 : 151–176. G oszczyński J., 1976: Composition of the food of martens. Acta Theriologica , 21 : 527–534. H olišová V. & O brtel R., 1982: Scat analytical data on the diet of urban stone martens, Martes foina (Mustelidae, Mammalia). Folia Zoologica , 31 : 21–30. K ruuk H. & P arish T., 1981: Feeding specialization of Eurasian badger Meles meles in Scotland. Journal of Animal Ecology , 50 : 773–788. L ockie J. D., 1959: The estimation of the food of foxes. Journal of Wildlife Managment , 23 : 224–227. L ockie J. D

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What to eat if there are no fruits in the forest? The food of Muscardinus avellanarius in non-typical habitats (Rodentia: Gliridae)

S. & L ang J., 2014: Die Haselmaus ( Muscardinus avellanarius ) in Deutschland – Lebensräume, Schutzmaßnahmen und Forschungsbedarf. Säugetierkundliche Informationen , 48 : 367–377. C appers R. T. J., B ekker R. M. & J ans J. E. A., 2006: Digitaler Samenatlas der Niederlande . URL: ; C hanin P., O’R eilly C., T urner P., K erslake L., B irks J. & W oods M., 2015: Insects in the diet of the hazel dormouse ( Muscardinus avellanarius ): a pilot study using DNA barcoding. Mammal Communications

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Bats of the El Kala Biosphere Reserve, northeastern Algeria (Chiroptera)

REFERENCES A hmim M. & M oali A., 2011: The diet of the Maghrebian mouse-eared bat Myotis punicus (Mammalia, Chiroptera) in Kabylia, Northern Algeria. Ecologia Mediterranea , 37 : 45–51. A hmim M. & M oali A., 2013: The diet of four species of horseshoe bat (Chiroptera: Rhinolophidae) in a mountainous region of Algeria: evidence for gleaning. Hystrix , n. s. , 24 : 174–176. A nciaux de F aveaux M., 1976: Distribution des chiroptères en Algerie, avec notes écologiques et parasitologiques. Bulletin de la Société d ’ Histoire

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New records of Sicista betulina in southern Bohemia (Czech Republic) and perspectives of monitoring of its occurrence (Rodentia: Dipodidae)

affinities. Mammalia , 79 : 215–224. C serkész T., R usin M., C zabán D. & S ramkó G., 2017: Recent geographic distribution of birch mice (genus Sicista ) in the western Great Caucasus Mts., with designation of terra typica for Sicista caucasica (Sminthidae, Rodentia). North-Western Journal of Zoology , 13 : 371–375. D aněk A., 1978: Dva nové doklady myšivky horské Sicista betulina (Pallas, 1779) z Moravskoslezských Beskyd. Vlastivědný Sborník Okresu Nový Jičín , 21 : 61–64. D ickman C. R., 1986: Habitat utilization and diet of the

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Bat activity and bat migration at the elevation above 3,000 m at Hoher Sonnblick massif in the Central Alps, Austria (Chiroptera)

echolocation calls. Journal of Zoology , London , 258 : 91–103. R usso D. & V oigt C., 2016: The use of automated identification of bat echolocation calls in acoustic monitoring: a cautionary note for a sound analysis. Ecological Indicators , 66 : 598–602. R ydell P. A., 1986: Foraging and diet of the northern bat Eptesicus nilssoni in Sweden. Holarctic Ecology , 9 : 272–276. R ydell P. A., D ubourg -S avage M. J., G reen M., R odrigues L. & H edenström A., 2010: Bat mortality at wind turbines in northwestern Europe. Acta Chiropterologica

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Bats of abandoned mining works of the Revúcka vrchovina Mts., central Slovakia (Chiroptera)

Bats . Lesnická práce, Kostelec nad Černými lesy, 400 pp. *D anko Š., P jenčák P. & M atis Š., 2003: Netopiere Beskydského predhoria, Laboreckej a Ondavskej vrchoviny. Vespertilio , 7 : 97–119. *D anko Š., G éczi I., B ihari Z. & P jenčák P., 2006: Net opier e masívu Mil iča (Sl anské vr chy). Vespertilio , 9 – 10 : 57–73. D anko Š., K rištín A. & K rištofík J., 2010: Myotis alcathoe in eastern Slovakia: occurrence, diet, ectoparasites and notes on its identification in the field. Vespertilio , 13 – 14 : 77–91. F rák G

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Bibliography on Canis aureus in Slovakia (Carnivora: Canidae)

., M iliou A., T ryfonopoulos G. A., L ymberakis P., P enezić A., P akeltytė G., S uchecka E. & B ogdanowicz W., 2015: A European Concern? Genetic structure and expansion of golden jackals ( Canis aureus ) in Europe and the Caucasus. Public Library of Science One , 10 (11): 1–22. SAI 87. Š ebo M., 2008: Šakal zlatý [Golden jackal]. Poľovníctvo a rybárstvo 60 (9): 7. ISSN 0231-8768 (in Slovak) PA 88. S imeneh G., 2010: Habitat Use and Diet of Golden Jackal ( Canis aureus ) and Human – Carnivore Conflict in Guassa Community Conservation

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Erasing day/night differences in light intensity and spectrum affect biodiversity and the health of mammals by confusing the circadian clock

D ijk K. W., B iermasz N. R. & M eijer J. H., 2013: Detrimental effects of constant light exposure and high-fat diet on circadian energy metabolism and insulin sensitivity. The Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology Journal , 27 : 1721–1732. C os S., M ediavill a D., M artínez -C ampa C., G onzález A., A lonso -G onzález C. & S ánchez -B arceló E. J., 2006: Exposure to light-at-night increases the growth of DMBA-induced mammary adenocarcinomas in rats. Cancer Letters , 235 : 266–271. C ravens Z. M. & B oyles J. G

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The Gifts of “Darkness” (KKW). The Dark Waters of the Nile Inundation in Hydrological Processions of the Ptolemaic and Roman Era

Vorstellungswelt Altägyptens”, in: Studium Generale 18, pp. 73–83; 1975 “Dunkelheit”, in: Helck, Wolfgang – Otto, Eberhard (eds.): Lexikon der Ägyptologie I . Wiesbaden, pp. 1153–1154; Klotz, David 2012 Caesar in the City of Amun. Egyptian temple construction and theology in Roman Thebes . Monographies Reine Élisabeth 15. Turnhout; Kurth, Dieter 2014 Edfou VI . Die Inschriften des Tempels von Edfu. Abteilung I. Übersetzungen Band 3. Gladbeck; Leitz, Christian 2017 Die regionale Mythologie Ägyptens nach Ausweis der geographischen Prozessionen in

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The Dragon Robe as the Professional Dress of the Qing Dynasty Scholar-Official (The Náprstek Museum Collection)

Tradition in Chinese Rank. Berkeley: Ten Speed Press, 1999. KUHN, Dieter, ed. Chinese Silks. Yale University Press, 2012. MAILEY, Jean E. Ancestors and Tomb Robes. The Metropolitan Museum of Art Bulletin 22/3 (1963): 101-115. MEDLEY, Margaret. The “Illustrated Regulations for Ceremonial Paraphernalia of the Ch´ing Dynasty”. London: Han-shan Tang, 1982. NORD, Anders G. – Kate Tronner. A Note on the Analysis of Gilded Metal Embroidery Threads. Studies in Conservation, 45/4 (2000): 274-279. PAINE, Sheila. Embroidered Textiles: A World Guide to

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