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Diabetic Patients Who are Amateur Divers

REFERENCES 1. Zalecenia PTD. 2017 Guidelines on the management of diabetic patients. A position of Diabetes Poland. Clin Diabet. 2017;6, Suppl. A: A1–A80; 2. Rutkowski M, Bandosz P, Czupryniak L, Gaciong Z, Solnica B, Jasiel-Wojculewicz H, et al. Prevalence of diabetes and impaired fasting glucose in Poland--the NATPOL 2011 Study. Diabet Med. 2014 Dec;31(12):1568-71; 3. Hazel J. SCUBA diving: ADS position statement. 1994; 4. Edge CJ, St Leger Dowse M, Bryson P. Scuba diving with diabetes mellitus--the UK experience 1991-2001. Undersea

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The symptoms of depression and anxiety in patients with diabetic foot treated with hyperbaric oxygen - preliminary results

Jun;5(6):1609-1612; 4. Yan D, Shan J, Ze Y, Xiao-Yan Z, Xiao-Hua H. The effects of combined hyperbaric oxygen therapy on patients with post-stroke depression. J Phys Ther Sci. 2015 May;27(5):1295-7; 5. Moussavi S, Chatterji S, Verdes E. et al. Depression, chronic diseases, and decrements in health: results from the World Health Surveys. Lancet, 2007, 370, 851-58; 6. van Dooren FEP, Nefs G, Schram MT, Verhey FRJ, Denollet J, et al. (2013) Depression and Risk of Mortality in People with Diabetes Mellitus: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. PLoS

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The possibilities of stem cell application in regenerative medicine

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