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Development of a computational model of a lightweight vertical lathe with the use of superelements


This article presents a process of developing a computational model of a light construction vertical lathe. The model is made using the finite elements method. Due to the complexity of the machine tool and the optimization of the computation time superelements have been used in the model. The application of this method has reduced the computation time allowing the analysis of many variants of the mutual position of the machine components. The results of the analyzes led to the indication of weak links of the machine tool. After the improvement of the machine tool construction the movement of the tool tip and the workpiece was much smaller.

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An effective selection process is the key to quality job positions occupation conditional for long-term competitiveness

., Nikolaou, I., 2019. Gamification in employee selection: The development of a gamified assessment . International journal of selection and assessment, 27(2), 91-103, DOI: 10.1111/ijsa.12240 Hitka, M., Lorincová, S., Ližbetinová, L., Bartáková, G.P., Merková, M., 2017. Cluster analysis used as the strategic advantage of human resource management in small and medium-sized enterprises in the wood-processing industry. BioResources, 12, 7884-7897 DOI: 10.15376/biores.12.4.7884-7897 Hitka, M., Vetráková, M., Balážová, Z., 2015. Corporate Culture as a Tool for

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Analysis of the Development Opportunities of Solar Systems in Serbia

, scope of use, and development perspective. Energy Sources Part B-Economics Planning and Policy , 11 , 12, 1111-1117. Prvulovic, S., Tolmac, D. (2013). Global use of renewable energy in rural areas. Energetics Technologies , 10 , 1, 63-66. Prvulovic, S., Tolmac, D., Blagojevic, Z. (2009). Global Energy Perspectives. Energetics Technologies, 6, 2 , 9-15, Prvulovic, S., Tolmac, D., Caleta, R. (2012). Overview of the use of renewable energy sources on a global scale. Thermotechnics , 38 , 1, 35-45. Prvulovic, S., Tolmac, D., Matic M

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Food quality and safety in the brewing industry

References Brewers Of Europe, 2016. Beer statistics 2016 edition, Brewers of Europe, Belgium. Chechelski, P. 2013. The evolution of the food chain, Conference: Food industry - market environment, investments, foreign expansion, IERiGŻ- PIB, UEK, Kraków. (in: Polish). Du, C.J., Sun, D.W. 2004. Recent developments in the applications of image processing techniques for food quality evaluation, Trends in food science & technology, Volume:15 Issue:5, 230-249. Erzetti, M., Marconi, O., Bravi, E. 2009

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Effect of FSW welding parameters on the tensile strength of aluminum alloys

joint strength for dissimilar friction stir welds of mild steel to aluminum alloys. Scripta Materialia (2009), 756–759. [10] Klobčar, D, Tušek, J, Skumavc, A. Smolej, A, Parametric study of friction stir spot welding of aluminium alloy 5754, METABK (2014),21-24. [11] Sakano, R, Murakami, K. Yamashita,K, Hyoe, T, Fujimoto, M. Inuzuka, Y. Nagao,Y. Kashiki, H , Development of Spot FSW Robot System for Automobile Body Members, Proc. of the 3rd. Int. S of FSW, Kobe, Japa n (2001).

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Conformity of finished forming sieves for paper industry

, V., 2011. Improved planning in the automotive industry - Advanced product quality planning , Festival of Quality - FQ 2011, Kragujevac, Serbia, A84-A90. Radlovački, V., 2007. The general model of monitoring and evaluation of the quality management system effectivity , Faculty of technical Sciences, Novi Sad, Serbia. (in: Serbian) Simeunović, B.P., 2015. Development of process performance measurement model , Doctoral Dissertation, University of Belgrade, Faculty of Organizational Sciences, Belgrade, Serbia. (in: Serbian) Smook, G.A., 2003

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RPAS Satellite Communication Channel Based on IEEE 802.11b Standard

. 12–21, 2016. [15] O. Kutsenko, S. Ilnytska, V. Kondratyuk and V. Konin, “Unmanned aerial vehicle position determination in GNSS landing system,” In Proceedings of the 2017 IEEE 4th International Conference Actual Problems of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Developments (APUAVD) , pp. 79–83, Kiev, Ukraine, 2017. . [16] V. Kharchenko, V. Kondratyuk, S. Ilnytska and O. Kutsenko, “Recommendations to UAV navigation system test validation and some practical results,” In Proceedings of

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Turbine Blade of Gas Turbine Engine Additional Unloading by Changing the Layout of the Gravity Centre of the Shroud Shelf

REFERENCES [1] I. Ozoliņš, Ē. Ozoliņš and V. Fedotova, “Development of a Method for Calculating the Working Blade Stress Profile of the Aviation Gas Turbine Engine for Student Training”. Transport and Aerospace Engineering Journal . vol. 6, no. 1, pp. 55–66, 2018. [2] A. A. Inozemcev and V. L. Sandrackij, Gazoturbinnye dvigateli . OAO Aviadvigatel. Perm, 2006. [3] R. J. Boyle, L. M. Agricola, A. H. Parikh, A. A. Ameri and V. K. Nagpal. “Shrouded CMC Rotor Blades for High Pressure Turbine Applications

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Improving Quality Management - the Way Toward Economic Prosperity and Quality of Life

Office of the European Union. Luxembourg, Luxembourg. Frankovský, M., 2004. Evaluation of selected attributes of unemployment and quality life ”, Psychology and unemployment: Experience and practice, Brno, 94-99, ISBN 80-210-3457-2 Garvin, D.A., 1988. Managing Quality: The Strategic andCompetitive Edge , New York: Free Press, ISBN 0-02-911380-6. Hitka, M., Zavadska, Z., Jelacic, D., Balazova, Z., 2015. Qualitative Indicators of Company Employee Satisfaction and Their Development in a Particular Period of Time , Drvna Industrija, 66(3), 235-239. DOI

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Operation manager and its role in the enterprise

, modularization and customization of product as a strategy of e-business , International Review, 1-2, 74-82. Galvin, P. 2009. Product Modularity and the Contextual Factors that Determine Its Use as a Strategic Tool , Curtin University of technology, Perth. Bellgran, M., Säfsten, K. 2009. Production development. Design and operation of production systems , Springer, London. STEVENSON, W.J. 2002. Operation management , McGraw-Hill, London. Operation Manager Definition,

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