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? On the Relationship between Globalization and Life Expectancy . World Development, 38(9), 1191-1203. Oseni, T., Foster, S., Rahim, M., Smith, S.P., 2017. A framework for ERP post-implementation amendments: A literature analysis. Australasian Journal of Information Systems , 21, 1-21. DOI: 10.3127/ajis.v21i0.1268 Penc, J., 2002. Strategie zarządzania . Agencja Wydawnicza PLACET, Warszawa. Santosus, M., Surmacz, J., 2001. The ABCs of knowledge management , 23 May, available at: Shang, S., Seddon, P.B., 2002

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Environmental safety management contributes to sustainable development. Sustainable development is a consequence of global ecological and social threats. The natural potential of the Earth is running out, which is confirmed by worsening indicators of Living Planet Index and Ecological Footprint. Acceleration of sustainable development is particularly important to production enterprises. Production enterprises use the majority of the world’s non-renewable resources and they are largely responsible for environmental pollution. The negative influence of the enterprises on the environment can be stopped by transforming them into sustainable enterprises. Sustainable top managers should play a key role in this process. Sustainable top managers constitute a new currently emerging category of leaders. They possess knowledge and experience in both management as well as sustainability. Their features include social and ecological sensitivity, innovation and the ability to convince and motivate employees within the scope of sustainable development as well. Their objective is to create an organization whose mission, strategy and operational action programmes include ecological and social initiatives. Due to this, sustainable development is becoming an important and permanent element of enterprise functioning. Sustainable leadership constitutes a key challenge for top managers which they should accept for the benefit of future generations. The support of environmental safety management by sustainable top managers promotes its implementation in enterprises thanks to their knowledge and ecological sensitivity as well as engaging in sustainable development.


In this paper, the authors have discussed the subject of fire and explosion hazards during the operation of a modern ship's high-power internal combustion engines. The causes of the occurrence of and the methods of preventing explosions in the starting manifolds of modern piston combustion engines equipped with a pneumatic starting system, with starting valves on the cylinder heads, have been specified. The concept of an active system for monitoring the technical condition of the starting valves has been presented in order to quickly diagnose leakages and reduce the risk of explosion. A conceptual design of a prototype of a non-invasive, new generation leak detector for starting valves and its technical design have been presented. Exemplary implementations of the prototype detector have been shown and its selected functionalities have been discussed. This paper has ended with an assessment of the possibility of further development and the applications of this device.

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