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A Place-Based Approach in EU Regional Development and Its Application in Latvia

References Acemoglu, D. (2010), ‘Institutions, Factor Prices and Taxation: Virtues of Strong States?’ American Economic Review, vol. 100, no. 2, pp. 115–29. Adams, N.; Alden, J. & Harris, N. (2012), Regional Development and Spatial Planning in an Enlarged European Union, Aldershot: Ashgate Publishing. Aghion, P. & Howitt, P. (2009), The Economics of Growth, Cambridge: The MIT Press. Alexiadis, S. (2013), Convergence Clubs and Spatial Externalities

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Correlation Between Human Development and Sustainable Development – Condition of Human Security

REFERENCES Bobiuc, V. (1997). Securitatea României o perspectivă europeană . Strategii XXI. Viitorologie. Geopolitică. Strategii operaţionale. Bucureşti. Buzan, B. (2000). Popoarele, statele şi teama, Chişinău: Cartier. Crepon, M. (2006). Securitatea individului şi securitatea statului, o relaţie ambivalentă. IDEA artă + societate, 25 , available at: , accessed on 15 May 2019. European Commission. (2011). Millennium Development Goals : EU gives additional support to 36 countries for tackling major development

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Theoretical Considerations about the Possible Impact of Globalisation on Europe’s Economic Development

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Concept Development & Experimentation As Tool For Capability Development

Technical Cooperation Program, Joint Systems and Analysis Group, TR-JSA-TP3-2-2004, Virginia, USA, 2004, 15 pp. [4] Schmitt, John F. A Practical Guide for Developing and Writing Military Concepts . Defense Adaptive Red Team: Working Paper #02-4 [online]. December 2002, č. 4, s. 1-26 [cit. 2012-06-10]. Dostupné z [5] Spišák, Ján. Military concepts – a background for future capabilities development. Ekonomika a management , 2013, Brno, vol. 7, no. 1/2013, p. 75-81. ISSN 1802-3975 [6] Pikner, Ivo

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Development Assistance for Africa as Part of the Chinese–American Rivalry

and Development/The World Bank 2008, no. 5, p. 13. China’s foreign aid activities in Africa, Latin America, and Southest Asia . Congressional Research Service Reports on Foreign Policy and Regional Affairs. Web. 10 May 2016, . DAC Statistical Reporting Directives . DCD/DAC(2010)40/REV1. Development Cooperation Directorate. Development Assistance Committee. Paris: OECD 2010: 11. Deszczyński, Przemysław. Konceptualne podstawy pomocy rozwojowej . Poznań: Wydawnictwo UE w Poznaniu, 2011, pp. 79

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An Insight into Operational Urban Development in Hungary in the Light of Regulation-Based Urban Development

. Budapest: Scolar. 2009. Bevezetés. In: Aczél, G.–Bajnai, L. Az akcióterületi terv módszertana és a városfejlesztő társaság . 2 nd , revised ed. Budapest: Scolar. 5–6. 2007. Városfejlesztés. Budapest: Scolar. BARTA, Gy. 2009. Integrált városfejlesztési stratégia: a városfejlesztés megújítása. Tér és Társadalom 23(3): 1–12. BENEDEK, József (2006). Területfejlesztés és regionális fejlődés [Settlement Development and Regional Development]. Cluj-Napoca: Presa Universitară Clujeană BOOTH, P.–BREUILLARD, M.–FRASER, C.–PARIS, D. 2007

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The Belt and Road Initiative: The Cornerstone of the New-Fangled Financial Institutionalism Led by China

References ADB (2004), ADF-IX Donor’s Report: Development Effectiveness for Poverty Reduction , Metro Manila: Asian Development Bank. Retrieved from [accessed 18 Jan 2019] ADB (2008), ADF-X Donor’s Report: Towards an Asia and Pacific Region Free of Poverty , Metro Manila: Asian Development Bank. Retrieved from [accessed 18 Jan 2019] ADB (2017

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Regional Disparities in Development – The Case of Poland

Office (2008), Statistical Yearbook of the Regions - Poland 2007. Central Statistical Office, Warsaw. 6. Cojanu V. (2010), A Strategic and Operational View of Competitiveness and Cohesion in the European Context. Eastern Journal of European Studies, t. 1, nr 1, June, s. 153-168. 7. Czerny M. (2005), Globalizacja a rozwój. Wybrane zagadnienia geografii społeczno-gospodarczej świata. Wyd. Naukowe PWN, Warszawa. 8. Davis L.S. (2009), Development, W: K.A. Reinert, R.S. Rajan, (red.), The Princeton Encyclopedia of the World

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Regulatory Patterns of the Internet Development: Expanding the Role of Private Stakeholders through Mediatized “Self-regulation”

-Border Small Value-High Volume Claims-OAS Developments. UCC Law Journal, vol. 42, p. 221. DeLong, J. B. & Magin, K. (2006), A Short Note on the Size of the Dot-Com Bubble , National Bureau of Economic Research Working Paper no. 12011. DiMaggio, P. J., & Powell, W. W. (1983), ‘The iron cage revisited: Institutional isomorphism and collective rationality in organizational fields,’ American Sociological Review , vol. 48 (April), pp. 147-160. Drezner, D. W. (2004), ‘The global governance of

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Determining the Priorities of the Development of EU Research Universities Based on the Analysis of Rating Indicators of World-Class Universities

science impact on university-industry collaboration?’ Foresight and STI Governance, vol. 11, no. 2, pp. 44-53. Columbia University (2018), [Homepage]. Retrieved from [accessed 22 Feb 2018] Cornell University (2018), [Homepage]. Retrieved from [accessed 22 Feb 2018] Daugėlienė, R. (2013), ‘Theoretical considerations about the possible impact of globalisation on Europe’s economic development,’ Baltic Journal of European Studies

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