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Entrepreneurial Universities and Regional Development: Policy Origins, Progress, and the Future, with a Focus on Poland

Conceptual Framework for Understanding Knowledge-Based Economic Development’. Journal of Technology Transfer . Vol. 31, pp. 175-188. Callan, B. (2001). ‘Generating spin-offs: evidence from the OECD’. Science Technology Industry Review. Special issue on fostering high tech spin-offs: a public strategy for innovation , Vol. 26, pp. 13-56. Clark, B. (1998). Creating Entrepreneurial Universities: organizational pathways of transformation . New York: Pergamon Press. Davey, T. (2013). ‘The State of University-Business Cooperation in Poland’. Available at

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Polish Political Science Review
Polski Przeglad Politologiczny
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Process Tracing in Evaluating Innovation in Sub-Regional Governance. Case Study of Selected Integrated Territorial Investments in Poland

: are implementation eff ects out of control?’. Clinical Psychology Review. No. 18, 23-45. Fitzpatrick J. L., Sanders J. R. Worthen B. R. (2011). Program Evaluation: Alternative Approaches and Practical Guidelines. London: Pearson Education. George A. L., Bennett A. (2005). Case Studies and Th eory Development in the Social Sciences. Cambridge, MA/London: MIT Press. Klimowicz M., Dudzik L. (2015). Zintegrowane Inwestycje Terytorialne w nowym podejściu do zarządzania miastami w ramach realizacji unijnej polityki spójności

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‘Assistance from A to Z’ as an Innovative Social Investment in Action. Evaluation of a Case Study

References: GUS (2013). Dane dotyczące bezdomnych we Wrocławiu. Materiały GUS we Wrocławiu . Wrocław: Główny Urząd Statystyczny. GUS (2015). Zasięg ubóstwa ekonomicznego w Polsce w 2015 r. Warszawa: Główny Urząd Statystyczny. GUS (2017). Bank Danych Lokalnych GUS . Warszawa: Główny Urząd Statystyczny. Available at < > [Accessed on: February 25, 2017]. Hemerijck A. (2013). Changing Welfare States . Oxford: Oxford University Press. MAiC (2013). Poland 2030. Long-term National Development Strategy 2030

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Mechanisms of Europeanisation and Compliance in Judicial Politics: Understanding the Past and Anticipating the Future

-communist countries , New York : Routledge, 45-71. Wuller, J.W. 2013. Defending Democracy within the EU, Journal of Democracy , 24 (2), 2013, 138-149. Wolczuk, K. 2007. Constitutional Politics. In: S. White, J. Batt and Paul G. Lewis, eds. Developments in Central and East European Politics , Palgrave.

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Testing Turkey’s Place Within the Maps of Global Economic, Political and Social Values

References Abdollahian, M. A., Coan, T. G., Oh, H. and Yeşilada, B. A. 2012. Dynamics of Cultural Change: The Human Development Perspective. International Studies Quarterly, 56, 827-842. Ahumada, H., Alvaredo, F. and Canavese, A. 2008. Th e Monetary Method to Measure the Shadow Economy: Th e Forgotten Problem of the Initial Conditions. Economic Letters, 101, 97-99. Alesina, A. 2013. Women, Fertility and the Rise in Modern Capitalism. Science, 342(6157), 427-428. Alesina, A. and Angeletos, G. M

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Political and National Identity in Ukraine’s Regions: Where Does the Center Fit?

.CCXXII. Dnistrianskiy, M. (2000). Ukraina w polityko-geografichnomu wymiri [Ukraine in the political and geographical view.] Lviv: Vydavnychy Tsentr Universytetu I.Franka. Haller, M. & Ressler, R. (2006). National and European Identity. A Study of Meaning and Interrelationship. Revue Frances de Sociologie, 47, 817–50. Hesli, V. L., Reisinger, W. M. & Miller, A. H. (1998). Political Party Development in Divided Societies: the Case of Ukraine. Electoral Studies, 17, 2, 235–256. Hutchinson, J. 1987. The Dynamics of Cultural Nationalism. London: Allen and Unwin

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From the Concept to the Practice of Parliamentary Immunity

1 This paper is supported by the Sectoral Operational Programme Human Resources Development (SOP HRD), financed from the European Social Fund and by the Romanian Government under the contract number POSDRU/159/1.5/133675. References Bobbio, N. (1988). Liberalism and democracy . London: Verso. Caesar, J. (1917). The Gallic War . Edwards H. J., trans. London: Harvard University Press. Cicero, M. (1939) Philippics . Walter C. A., trans., London: Harvard University Press. Collin, P. (2000). Dictionary of Medical Terms . London: A&C Black

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European Social Pacts Policy (the Netherlands, Ireland and Italy)

. Social partners sign pact for development , 2003 [online]. [Accessed on 5th March 2013]. Available online: Sheehan Brian. End of social partnership as public sector talks collapse , 2010 [online]. [Accessed on 1 st April 2013]. Available online: Sroka Jacek a. Dialog społeczny w Polsce na poziomie narodowym, regionalnym i branżowym . A seminar presentation: Wiedza o dialogu społecznym, in the project: Kompetentny

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