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Personal and Spiritual Development in Contemporary Romania: In Search of Ambivalence

Development and the Flexible Contracts: Depoliticized Class Struggles between Highly Skilled Workers and Manual Workers in Cluj . Retrieved from Simionca, A. (2015). The Precariousness of the Employable. Highly Skilled Professionals in Contemporary Romania . Retrieved from Ten Bos, R.; Rhodes, C. (2003). The game of exemplarity: subjectivity, work and the

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Social Disparities in the Regional Development and Policies of Romania

Transformation with Community Capitals Framework. Community Development, 37(1):19-35. EUROSTAT (2010) European regional and urban statistics. Reference guide, European Commission. Golopenţia, A. [1939] (1999) Gradul de modernizare al regiunilor rurale ale României, în Sociologie Românească 1939, 4-6:209-217, republicat în Golopenţia, A. (1999) Opere Complete. Vol. II. Statistică, Demografie şi Geopolitică. Bucureşti: Editura Enciclopedică, Editura Univers Enciclopedic. Lutz, W. (1995) Literate Life Expectancy. POPNET 26 (Winter): 1-5. Laxenburg, Austria

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Influence of the A2 motorway on the economic development at local level

References Bank Danych Lokalnych (Local Data Bank) GUS:, DoA: 30 March 2014. Bryan, J., Hill, S., Munday, M. and Roberts, A., 1997: Road infrastructure and economic de-velopment in the periphery: the case of A55 improvements in North Wales. In: Journal of Transport Geography, Volume 5, Number 4, Elsevier Science Ltd., pp. 227-237. DOI: 10.1016/S0966-6923(97)00020-3 Brzozowska, K., 2005: Finansowanie inwestycji infrastrukturalnych przez kapitał prywatny na zasadach Project Finance

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Urban and Rural Public Spaces: Development Issues and Qualitative Assessment

1 Introduction Public spaces are of great importance both in people’s lives and in the development of society. In order to better understand their functions, it is necessary to focus on how people build their social relationships. There are three types of bonds that each human being establishes in the course of their life. The first is the family bond, which accompanies human beings from the beginning and helps them to develop properly and become autonomous members of society. Secondly, there are bonds that human beings form when staying in places where they

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I Am Worthy, I Want, and I Can: The Social Implications of Practicing Personal Development

). Neoliberalism as Exception: Mutations in Citizenship and Sovereignty . Durham and London: Duke University Press. Ong, A. (1999). Flexible Citizenship: The Cultural Logics of Transnationality . Durham and London: Duke University Press. Ong, A. (1987). Spirits of Resistance and Capitalist Discipline: Factory Women in Malaysia . New York: SUNY Press. Pazderic, N. (2013). “Recovering True Selves in the Electro-Spiritual Field of Universal Love.” Cultural Anthropology , 19(2): 196–225. Puttick, E. 2000. “Personal Development: The Spiritualisation and

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Demographic development of Zachodniopomorskie voivodship in the years 2000-2012 in the light of transportation network accessibility

References Badanie trendów rozwojowych w województwie śląskim poprzez wyznaczenie ośrodków wzrostu i obszarów stagnacji in Polish (The examination of development trends by designating growth centres and areas of stagnation in Śląskie voivodship - in Polish). Projekt zlecony przez Wojewódzki Urząd Pracy w Katowicach zrealizowany przez STRADA Consulting Piotr Kurowski oraz Business Information Solutions Sp. z o.o. pod kierunkiem dr Agnieszki Sobali-Gwosdz, Bielsko-Biała 2010. Chądzyńska, E. 1994: Próba określenia przydatności

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Creative Clusters in Visegrad Countries: Factors Conditioning Cluster Establishment and Development

References Allan, G., 2003: A Critique of Using Grounded Theory as a Research Method. In: Electronic Journal of Business Research Methods, Volume 2, Issue 1, pp. 1-10. Bednář, P., Danko, L. and Grebeniček, P., 2013: Towards Creative Clusters: Mapping and Development of Creative Industries in Slovakia. In: Proceedings of the 4th International Conference on Geography and Geology, pp. 260-265. Bialic-Davendra, M., Pavelková D. and Břusková, P., 2013: Cluster Policy and Supporting Tools Consistent with Cluster

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Analysing social networks in rural development: a gender approach

continuum de movilidad como hipótesis explicativa de la masculinización rural’. In Revista Española de investigaciones Sociológicas (REIS) , Nº 124, 73-105 pp. Chiritescu, V., Ruxandra, A.D., Mihaela, K. (2015) ‘The role of youth in sustainable development of Romanian rural communities’. Romanian Economic and Business Review , 10 (2), pp. 183-196. Chung, K., Hossain, L. and Davis, J. (2005) Exploring Sociocentric and Egocentric Approaches for Social Network Analysis . International Conference on Knowledge Management in Asia Pacific, Wellington, New Zeeland

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Selected aspects of water and sewage management in Poland in the context of sustainable urban development

, et al., 2012 ; Leźniki, Lewandowska 2016 ). The environmental problems that cities around the world are facing are very complex, and often locally conditioned. Nevertheless, there are some shared directions of change in this area. This applies above all to implementing what are broadly considered sustainable development principles. One of the most important components of a city’s sustainable development is a well-functioning water and sewage management. This applies above all to the good condition of water and sewage infrastructure with the widest possible access

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Innovation Policy as a New Development Driver of the Regions in Slovakia: Does Activity of Regional Self-government Matter?

References Aralica, Z., D. Račić and D. Redžepagić (2008) ‘Research and development activity as a growth factor of foreign owned SMEs in selected Central and Eastern European countries’. Zbornik Radova Ekonomskog Fakulteta u Rijeci , 26(2):279-300. Baláž, V. (2004) ‘Trendy v regionálnom vývoji Slovenskej republiky: ekonomická teória a prax’. Ekonomický časopis , 52(7):783-800. Bavec, C. (2009) ‘On the creative climate and innovativeness at the country level’. Zbornik Radova Ekonomskog Fakulteta u Rijeci , 27(1):9-30. Bezák, A. (1990

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