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Quarter Car Suspension System With One Degree Of Freedom Simulated Using Simulink

References [1] E. Guglielmino, C. W. Stammers, T. Sireteanu, G. Ghita, M. Giuclea, Semi-active Suspension Control , Springer, London (2008); [2] E. M. Lowndes, Development of an Intermediate DOF Vehicle Dynamics Model for Optimal Design Studies, Thesis for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy, North Carolina (1998); [3] G. Rill, Vehicle Dynamics , Lecture Notes, Regensburg (2003); [4] H. Heisler, Advanced Vehicle Tehnology , Butterworth Heinemann, Oxford (2002); [5] R. Gao, Dynamic System Modeling Using Matlab and Simulink , MIE

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Approximate Solution of Schrödinger Equation with Pseudo-Gaussian Potential Viewed as a Perturbation

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A Numerical Approach for the Solution of Schrödinger Equation With Pseudo-Gaussian Potentials

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Analysis of Metal Content in Soil in Timis County

din 3 noiembrie 1997 pentru aprobarea Reglementarii privind evaluarea poluarii mediului [9] R. Lăcătuşu, “Appraising levels of soil contamination and pollution with heavy metals”, in Land Information Systems, Developments for planning the sustainable use of land resources, European Soil Bureau, EUR 17729 EN, (1998) 393-402

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Improved Model for Forecasting Global Solar Irradiance During Sunny and Cloudy Days

and Machine Science, Taipei, Taiwan, DOI 10.6567/IFToMM.14TH.WC.OS16.006, (2015). [4] Frontini F., Manfren M., Tagliabue L.C., A case study of solar technologies adoption: criteria for BIPV integration in sensitive built environment , Energy Procedia, 30 (2012), 1006–1015. [5] Hassoun Anwar, Dincer Ibrahim, Development of power system designs for a net zero energy house , Energy and Buildings, 73 (2014), 120–129. [6] Meliss M., Regenerative Energie-Quellen Praktikum , Springer, Berlin (1997). [7] Vișa I., Jaliu C.I., Duță A., Neagoe M

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Determination of Maximum Horizontal Distance (XMHD) Travelled by Landfill Leachate from Lapite Dumpsite in Ibadan, Southwestern Nigeria

Research, 2004: 38 (12), 2851-2858, [6] D. Rapti-Caputo, and C. Vaccaro. “Geochemical evidences of landfill leachate in groundwater,” Engineering Geology. 2006: 85, 111-121. [7] World Bank. Nigeria Community Based Urban Development project NGPE 69901. The World Bank 1818h street NW Washington D.C. 20433. 2000a: [8] A. Ikem, O. Osibanjo, M.K.C. Shridhar, and A. Sobande, Evaluation of Groundwater Quality Characteristics Near two Waste Sites in Ibadan and Lagos, Nigeria. Water, Air, and Soil pollution 2002: 140 307 – 333. [9] World Bank. World

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Review of Surface Solar Radiation Projections in Bias-Corrected Euro-Cordex Regional Climate Models

Africa in climate-aerosol modelling experiments. Renew Sust Energy Rev 38:706–716 [4] Jerez S, Thais F, Tobin I, Wild M, Colette A, Yiou P, Vautard R (2015) The CLIMIX model: a tool to create and evaluate spatially-resolved scenarios of photovoltaic and wind power development. Renew Sustain Energy Rev 42:1–15. doi:10.1016/j.rser.2014.09.041 [5] Panagea IS, Tsanis IK, Koutroulis AG, Grillakis MG (2014) Climate change impact on photovoltaic energy output: the case of Greece. Adv Meteorol 2014:264506 [6] Pasicko R, Brankovic C, Simic Z (2012) Assessment

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