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Clays as SCM – Reactivity of Uncalcined Kaolinite and Bentonite, and Impact on Phase Assemblage and Strength Development of PC Mortars

6. REFERENCES 1. Scrivener KL, John VM, Gartner EM: “Eco-efficient cements. Potential, economically viable solutions for a low-CO 2 , cement-based materials industry.” In United Nations Environment Program, Paris, France, 2016, 64 pp. 2. Damtoft JS, Lukasik J, Herfort D, Sorrentino D, Gartner EM: ”Sustainable development and climate change initiatives”. Cement and Concrete Research , Vol. 38, No. 2, 2008, pp. 115-127. 3. Lothenbach B, Scrivener K and Hooton RD: “Supplementary cementitious materials”. Cement and Concrete Research , Vol. 41, No

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The Life Cycle of a Training Project in a Research and Development Unit

szkolenia i doskonalenia zawodowego – wybrane aspekty , Studia i Prace Wydziału Nauk Ekonomicznych i Zarządzania, 3, s. 129-141. [29] Migowska, A. i Woźny-Tomczak, M., 2012, Jak ocenić efektywność szkoleń , . [30] Philips, J.J., 2010, ROI, czyli zwrot inwestycji w szkolenia i rozwój kadr, Wydawnictwo SWPS Academica, Warszawa. [31] Aguinis, H. and Kraiger, K., 2009, Benefits of Training and Development for Individuals and Teams, Organizations and Society , Annual Review of Psychology

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. Medical and Pharmaceutical Applications for Nanomaterials and Nanoparticles - Supplier Data by Strem Chemicals. New drug-delivey system using nanomaterials. Medic. Sci. News. John G., Vemula P. K.: Design and development of soft nanomaterials from biobased amphiphiles. Soft Matter 2006 ( 2 ) 909-914.

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Use of Concrete for Road Infrastructure: A SWOT Analysis Related to the three Catchwords Sustainability, Industrialisation and Digitalisation

-facts-figures/ 9. Scrivener K L, John V M, and Gartner E M, “Eco-efficient cements: Potential economically viable solutions for a low-CO2 cement-based materials industry,” Cement and Concrete Research, vol. 114, pp. 2-26, 2018/12/01/2018. 10. United Nations. (2017, 22.03). World Population Prospects: The 2017 Revision . Available: 11. Benhelal E, Zahedi G, Shamsaei E, and Bahadori A, “Global strategies and potentials to curb CO2 emissions in cement industry

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Orbital TIG Welding of Titanium Tubes with Perforated Bottom Made of Titanium-Clad Steel

. Skowrońska, B., Chmielewski, T., Pachla, W., Kulczyk, M., Skiba, J., Presz, W. (2019). Friction Weldability of UFG 316L stainless steel. Archives of Metallurgy and Materials , 64, 1051-1058. 8. Winczek, J., Gawronska, E., Gucwa, M., Sczygiol, N. (2019). Theoretical and experimental investigation of temperature and phase transformation during SAW overlaying. Applied Sciences , 9(7), 1472. 9. Talkington, J., Harwig, D., Castner. H., Mitchell, G. (2000). Development of titanium weld color inspection tools. Welding Journal, 79(3), 35-38. 10. Margolin. H

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Case Study on the 20 Years Propagation of Carbonation in Existing Concrete Facades and Balconies

42, 2013, 163 p. (in Finnish) 15. Lahdensivu J, Varjonen S, Pakkala T & Köliö A: „Systematic condition assessment of concrete facades and balconies exposed to outdoor climate”. International Journal of Sustainable Building Technology and Urban Development , Vol. 4:3, 2013, pp. 199-209. 16. Concrete Association of Finland: “Durability of concrete structures”. Helsinki, The Concrete Association of Finland, BY 9, 1976, 44 p. (in Finnish)

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Failure of Lightweight Aggregate Concrete in Compression under Stress Gradients

B, Lukovic M, Kotteman G, Chaves F S, de Mendoca Filho F F & Schlangen E: “Development of ductile cementitious composites incorporating microencapsulated phase change materials”. International Journal of Advances in Engineering Sciences and Applied Mathematics , Vol. 9, Issue 3, 2017, pp. 169-180. 14. Kuraray Co: “Characteristics of KURALON (PVA fibres), PVA fibres-application”. Japan, available: 15. Standard Norge: “Testing hardened concrete - Density of hardened concrete”. Part 7, NS-EN 12390

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Plastic Shrinkage Cracking of Self-compacting Concrete: Influence of Capillary Pressure and Dormant Period

-experimental study”. Technical report, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, 2005. 5. Turcry, P & Loukili, A: Evaluation of plastic shrinkage cracking of self-consolidating concrete. ACI Materials , Vol. 10, 2006, pp. 272-279. 6. Esping, O: “Early age properties of self-compacting concrete-Effects of fine aggregate and limestone filler”. Doctoral thesis, Chalmers University of Technology, Göteborg, Sweden, 2007. 7. Lura, P, Pease, B, Mazzotta, G.B, Rajabipour, F & Weiss, J: “Influence of shrinkage-reducing admixtures on development of plastic shrinkage

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Synthesis, Characterization and Some Biological Properties of PVA/PVP/PN Hydrogel Nanocomposites: Antibacterial and Biocompatibility

films. Journal of Polymer Engineering, 38(5) (2017), 1-8. 26. Mei, Y., Saha, K., Bogatyrev, S.R., Yang, J., Hook, A.L., Kalcioglu, Z.I., Cho, S.-W., Mitalipova, M., Pyzocha, N., Rojas, F., Vliet, K.J.V., Davies, M.C., Alexander, M.R., Langer, R., Jaenisch, R., Anderson, D.G. Combinatorial development of biomaterials for clonal growth of human pluripotent stem cells. Nature Materials, 9 (2010), 768–778. 27. Lydon, M.J., Minett, T.W., Tighe, B.J. Cellular interactions with synthetic polymer surfaces in culture. Biomaterials, 6 (1985), 396-402. 28

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