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Eating disorders, risk and management: a personal journey and a South African and African perspective

Inventory (EDI). Further, that the “drive for thinness” subscale of the EDI has a relatively high correlation with the “dieting” subscale of the EAT 26, a key factor in the development of eating disorders as will be discussed later. However, the latter finding by Szabo and Hollands (1997a) of similarity in profile between race groups where abnormal eating attitudes were documented was congruent with the earlier clinical findings reported by Szabo, Berk, Tlou & Allwood (1995) i.e. race did not appear to impact on clinical presentation. This sentiment was further

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Adherence to Mediterranean diet and risk of depression later in life. A cross sectional study in East Attica, Greece

& Tunca Z. Prevalence and risk factors of depression among community dwelling elderly Arch Geron Ger 2014 59 1 150 154 Yesavage JA, Brink TL, Rose TL, Lum O, Huang V, Adey M, et al. Development and Validation of a Geriatric Depression Screening Scale: A Preliminary Report. J Psychiatric Research. 1983; 17: 37–49. Yesavage JA Brink TL Rose TL Lum O Huang V Adey M et al Development and Validation of a Geriatric Depression Screening Scale: A Preliminary Report J Psychiatric Research 1983 17 37 49 Zaragoza-Martí A

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The Vulnerability and Resiliency of Childhood

relation to health outcome Life is full of stressors which have to be confronted efficiently to stay healthy. Eustress, such as learning a new skill, is an essential component of growth and development of a child. The child increases motivation and resiliency from each positive stress response ( Franke, 2014 ). However, every individual reacts differently to deal with similar stressors. Vulnerable persons poorly adjust to stressors and express inappropriate responses, while the resilient persons can distinguish the adversity as less stressful and practice adaptive

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Implementing a psychosocial intervention DIALOG+ for patients with psychotic disorders in low and middle income countries in South Eastern Europe: protocol for a hybrid effectiveness-implementation cluster randomized clinical trial (IMPULSE)

information for decision makers ( Curran et al., 2012 ). The DIALOG+ intervention was shown effective in the United Kingdom ( Priebe et al., 2015 ); however, the uncertainties around the service context in South Eastern Europe do not allow its implementation to be simply broadened to these countries. The participating countries shared similar socioeconomic and political background before 1990s, which will facilitate the research project and mutual learning across sites. However, their individual developments in the post-communist period have led to significant differences

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Barriers and facilitators to conducting research by early career psychiatrists: a literature review

Background Research is a fundamental part of every medical discipline as it enables progress in the understanding of underlying factors for disease development, diagnostic tests and treatments of disorders ( Bhugra et al., 2015 , Dellis, Skolarikos & Papatsoris, 2014). Importantly, psychiatry is a discipline with unparalleled unmet clinical needs (Abrams, Patchan & Boat, 2003). Previous studies, however, highlight how psychiatric trainees engage in research activities less often when compared to those of other medical disciplines ( Gorwood, 2010 , Burke

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Positive impact of clinical pharmacist interventions on antipsychotic use in patients on excessive polypharmacy evidenced in a retrospective cohort study

combination treatment with antipsychotics, ECNP Consensus Meeting, March 2008, Nice. Eur Neuropsychopharmacol. 2009;19:520–532. 19411165 Goodwin G Fleischhacker W Arango C Baumann P Davidson M de Hert M et al Advantages and disadvantages of combination treatment with antipsychotics, ECNP Consensus Meeting, March 2008, Nice Eur Neuropsychopharmacol 2009 19 520 – 532 Gören JL, Beck SE, Mills BJ, Shtasel DL, Dufresne RL. Development and delivery of a quality improvement program to reduce antipsychotic polytherapy. J Manag Care Pharm. 2010

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The effects of Guarana (Paullinia cupana) supplementation on the cognitive performance of young healthy adults – a Systematic Review

Moher David Oxman Andrew D Savović Jelena Schulz Kenneth F Weeks Laura Sterne Jonathan A C Cochrane Bias Methods Group Cochrane Statistical Methods Group ‘The Cochrane Collaboration’s tool for assessing risk of bias in randomised trials’ BMJ 2011 343 d5928 Keith A. Wesnes 2000 ‘The value of assessing cognitive function in drug development’ 2000 Sep; 2(3): 183–202. Dialogues Clin. Neurosci. Wesnes Keith A. 2000 ‘The value of assessing cognitive function in drug development’ 2000 Sep 2 3 183 202 Dialogues Clin. Neurosci

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Association of severity of depressive symptoms with sleep quality, social support and stress among Pakistani medical and dental students: A cross-sectional study

persistently increasing stress levels over a long period of time can give rise to chronic depression. Therefore, by taking into consideration the stress buffering effects of social support in the face of both acute and chronic stress, we believe that promotion of adequate social support measures would prevent the risk of development of depression in medical students by improving sleep quality and mitigating stress levels. Previous evidence for the indirect effects of social support is not conclusive and many studies favour the hypothesis of a direct association between

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Impact of Social Context on the Self-Concept of Gay and Lesbian Youth: A Systematic Review

youth. Adolescence is a period of development, the course of which allows youth to explore their personal identities and begin to act according to gender roles acceptable by societal structures around them ( Rotheram-Borus et al., 1995 ). During this time of development, gay and lesbian youth also have to come to terms with their sexual identities and examine what their sexual orientation means in relation to their personal identities ( Rotheram-Borus et al., 1995 ). Forming and preserving a healthy self-concept while accepting one’s belonging to such categories may

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Scientific publishing: a developmental role for the World Psychiatric Association

audience, these publications need to be indexed in certain databases. Inclusion in these databases is generally problematic for local publications insofar as they struggle to meet the minimum standards required for inclusion. Hence the aforementioned WPA workshops are conducted. To this end, the WPA has through their website – in the past triennium - initiated the development of a database that seeks to include all member society open access publications, i.e. the provision of a platform for dissemination that in effect by passes existing databases to which access can be

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