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Development of Sport Courage Scale

: 331-340 Kowalski K, Crocker PRE. Development and validation of the Coping Function Questionnaire for adolescents in sport. J Sport Exerc Psychol , 2001; 23: 136-155 Lopez SJ. Profiling courage: Introduction to the special issue on courage. J Posit Psychol , 2007; 2: 79 Malcolm D. The Sage Dictionary of Sport Studies. London: Sage Publications, 2008 Martin AJ. Courage in the classroom: Exploring a new framework predicting academic performance and engagement

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Mapping Sport for Development and Peace as Bourdieu’s Field

: Delfini. Bourdieu, P. (2005). The political field, the social science field, and the journalistic field. In R. Benson & É. Neveu (Eds.), Bourdieu and the Journalistic Field (pp. 29–47). Cambridge, UK: Polity. Braun, V. & Clarke, C. (2006). Using thematic analysis in psychology. Qualitative Research in Psychology , 3, 77–101. Burnett, C. (2015). Assessing the sociology of sport: On Sport for Development and Peace. International Review for the Sociology of Sport, 50(4-5), 385–390. Coakley, J. (2011). Youth sports: What counts as “positive

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Influence of Industrial Environments on the Development of Respiratory Systems and Morphofunctional Features in Preadolescent Boys

, maturation and performance: A longitudinal study. Med Sci Sports Exerc, 1992, 24, 576-585. Chao J., Kikano G. E. Lead poisoning in children. Am Fam Physician, 1993, 47 (1):113-120. Cohen S. M. Lead poisoning: a summary of treatment and prevention. Pediatr Nurs, 2001, 27 (2): 125-126, 129-130. Cole C., Winsler A. Protecting children from exposure to lead: Old Problem, new Data, and new policy needs. Society for Research in Child Development; Social Policy Report, 2010, 24 (1), 3

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Associations Between Rate of Force Development Metrics and Throwing Velocity in Elite Team Handball Players: a Short Research Report

References Abernethy P, Wilson G, Logan P. Strength and power assessment: issues, controversies and challenges. Sports Med. 1995; 19(6), 401-417 González-Badillo JJ, Marques MC. Relationship between kinematic factors and countermovement jump height in trained track and field athletes. J. Strength Cond. Res. 2010; 24 (12), 3443-3447 Kawamori N, Rossi SJ, Justice BD, Haff EE, Pistilli E, O'bryant HS, Stone MH, Haff GG. Peak force and rate of force development during isometric and

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Motor Development of Children and Adolescents Aged 8-16 Years in View of Their Somatic Build and Objective Quality of Life of Their Families

, Kwasniewska M, Kaleta D, et al. Increasing recreational and leisure time physical activity in Poland - how to overcome barriers of inactivity. J Public Health, 2008; 16: 31-36. Ekelund U, Poortvliet E, Nilsson A, et al. Physical activity in relation to aerobic fitness and body fat in 14- to 15-year-old boys and girls. Eur J Appl Physiol, 2001; 85: 195-201. Giagazoglou P, Kyparos A, Fotiadou R, et al. The effect of residence area and mother's education on motor development of preschool-aged children in Greece. Early Child

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Tourism and Sport: Strategic Synergies to Enhance the Sustainable Development of a Local Context


In recent years sport has become a phenomenon of large dimensions and it is an important resource for the development of a local context (Hautbois, Desbordes, 2008; Maier, Weber, 1993; Weed, Bull, 2004). The combination of physical and sports practices within a natural environment (outdoor) broadens the range of activities that people can choose in their free time (nordic walking, hiking, rediscovering rural districts, walking and cycling in urban spaces, etc.). The demand of this kind of activities is continuously evolving. Sports tourism is a new opportunity for the development of tourism offer. Cities, regions, rural areas, etc. through the exploitation of local resources, vocations and specializations can promote a destination in terms of reputation and tourism flows.

This research aims to stimulate a reflection on the role that the synergies between tourism and sport, combined with the use of resources, services and local products (cultural and artistic paths, local artefacts, wine tastings, etc.) may have for the development of a specific territory and its socio-economic environment.

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Life Skill Development and Transfer beyond Sport

. (1992a). Going for the goal leader manual. Richmond VA: Department of Psychology, Virginia Commonwealth University. Danish, S.J., Mash, J.M., Howard, C.W., Curl, S.J., Meyer, A.L., Owens, S., et al. (1992b). Going for the goal student activity manual . Richmond VA: Department of Psychology, Virginia Commonwealth University. Danish, S.J., Petipas, A.J. & Hale, B.D. (1993). Life development interventions for athletes: Life skills through sports. The Counseling Psychologist, 21 , 352-385. Danish, S.J., Taylor, T.E. & Fazio, R.J. (2003). Enhancing

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Developing Talented Soccer Players: An Analysis of Socio-Spatial Factors as Possible Key Constraints

practice ( Newell and Rosenbloom, 1981 ). However, in terms of the interaction between performance-influencing factors (i.e., biological, psychological and social domains), it is not yet clear what form this investment in development should take in order to reach the elite level ( Abbot and Collins, 2007 ; Ericsson et al., 1993 ; Matos et al., 2011 ). In terms of ecological dynamics, it has been argued that sports performance involves an intentional adaptation to the constraints imposed by a specific context in performing a specific task ( Araújo and Davids, 2009

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The Influence of Verbal Instruction on Measurement Reliability and Explosive Neuromuscular Performance of the Knee Extensors

development (RFD max ) ( Maffiuletti et al., 2016 ). Some authors have reported a strong positive relationship between the RFD max and F max achieved during MVCs ( Bellumori et al., 2011 ; Van Cutsem et al., 1998 ; Gołaś et al., 2016 ). Other research studies, however, have shown that the verbal instruction given by the investigator influenced RFD max measurement ( Bozic et al., 2012 ; Christ et al., 1993 ; Holtermann et al., 2007 ; Sahaly et al., 2001 ; Stastny et al., 2015 ). For instance, the recorded RFD max differed when subjects were asked to exert muscle

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Olympic Games Rio 2016: The Legacy for Coaches

Coaching Journal, 1, 152-164. Coalter, F. (2010). The politics of sport-for-development: Limited focus programmes and broad gauge problems? International review for the sociology of sport , 45 (3), 295-314. Doi:10.1177/1012690210366791 Côté, J. (2006). The development of coaching knowledge. International journal of sports science & coaching , 1 (3), 217-222. Creswell, J.W. (2012). Educational research: Planning, conducting, and evaluating quantitative . New Jersey: Prentice Hall. Cushion, C.J. (2006). Mentoring: harnessing the power of

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