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Peculiarities of Embryonic and Post-Embryonic Development of Оesophagostomum dentatum (Nematoda, Strongylidae) Larvae Cultured in Vitro

Ukrainіаn]. Gооdey, T. 1924. Th e anatomy of Oesophagostomum dentatum (Rud.) a Nematode Parasite of the pig, with observations on the structure and biology op the free-living larvae. Journal of Helminthoogy, 2, 1-14. Kaarma, А. I. 1970. Th e eff ect of temperature on the development of eggs and larvae of Oe. dentatum. Collection of scientifi c works of the Estonian Research Institute of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Medicine, 21, 56-61 [In Russіаn]. Kaarma, A. I. 1977. Oesophagostomosis of pigs (pathogenicity, impact on

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Eight Species of Anuran Amphibians (Amphibia, Anura) Found in Ukraine: Comparative Morphology and Classification of Larval Development Stages

References Dabagian, N. V., Sleptsova, L. A. 1975. Common frog Rana temporaria L. In: Objects of biology of development. Science, Moscow, 442-462. del Pino, E. M., Avila, M. E., Perez, O. D., Benitez, M.-S., Alarcon, I., Noboa, V., Moya, I. M. 2004. Development of the dendrobatid frog Colostethus machalilla. Int. J. Dev. Biol., 48, 663-670. Gosner, K. L. 1960. A simplifi ed table for staging anuran embryos and larvae. Herpetologica, 16, 183-190. Hertwig, I., Schneider, H. 1989. A revised staging

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Functions of circular RNAs involved in animal skeletal muscle development – a review

). Noncoding RNAs, emerging regulators of skeletal muscle development and diseases. Biomed Res. Int., 2015, 17. Nitsche, A., Doose, G., Tafer, H., Robinson, M., Saha, N. R., Gerdol, M., Canapa, A., Hoffmann, S., Amemiya, C. T., and Stadler, P. F. (2014). Atypical RNAs in the coelacanth transcriptome. J. Exp. Zool. Part B Mol. Dev. Evol., 322: 342–351. Ouyang, H., Chen, X., Li, W., Li, Z., Nie, Q., and Zhang, X. (2018). Circular RNA circSVIL promotes myoblast proliferation and differentiation by sponging miR-203 in chicken. Front. Genet., 9: 1–10. Ouyang, H

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Structure Of Pronephros And Development Of Mesonephric Kidney In Larvae Of Russian Sturgeon, Acipenser Gueldenstaedtii Brandt (Acipenseridae)

References CATALDI E., BARZAGHI C., DI MARCO P., BOGLIONE C., DINI L., MCKENNZIE D.J., BRONZI P., CATAUDELLA S. 1999: Some aspects of osmotic regulation in Adriatic sturgeon Acipenser naccarii. I: Ontogenesis of salinity tolerance. J. Appl. Ichthyol., 15 (4-5): 57-60. DETLAF T.A., GINSBOURG A.S. 1954: Primordial development of acipenserids (starred sturgeon, Black Sea sturgeon, great sturgeon) in connection with questions of their reproduction. Moscow. Press of Academy of Sciences of USSR, 216 pp. (in Russian

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The Relationship of Weight and Ovarian Development in Bombus terrestris L. Workers under Different Social Conditions

00265-003-0673-5 Bloch, G., Borst, D.W., Huang, Z.Y., Robinson, G.E., Hefetz, A. (1996). Effects of Social Conditions on Juvenile Hormone Mediated Reproductive Development in Bombus terrestris Workers. Physiological Entomology , 21 , 257-267. Bloch, G. (1999). Regulation of Queen-Worker Conlict in Bumble-Bee ( Bombus terrestris ) Colonies. Proceeding of the Royal Society of London B, 266, 2465-2469. Bloch, G., & Hefetz, A. (1999). Regulation of Reproduction by Dominant Workers in Bumblebee (Bombus terrestris) Queenright Colonies. Behavioral

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Effect of Temperature Treatment during Development of Osmia rufa L., on Mortality, Emergence and Longevity of Adults

REFERENCES Batra, S. (1995). Bees and pollination in our changing environment. Apidologie, 26 , 361-370. Bosch, J. (1994). The nesting behavior of the mason bee Osmia cornuta L. with special references to its pollinating potential (Hymenoptera, Megachilidae). Apidologie, 25 , 84-93. Bosch, J., & Blas, J. (1994). Effect of over-wintering and incubation temperatures on adult emergence in Osmia cornuta Latr. Apidologie, 25 , 265-277. Bosch, J., & Kemp, W.P. (2000). Development and emergence of the orchard pollinator Osmia lignaria

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Mechanism and Functions of Identified miRNAs in Poultry Skeletal Muscle Development – A Review

., Lawrence J.C., Glass D.J., Yancopoulos G.D. (2001). Akt/mTOR pathway is a crucial regulator of skeletal muscle hypertrophy and can prevent muscle atrophy in vivo. Nat. Cell Biol., 3: 1014–1019; . Boutz P.L., Chawla G., Stoilov P., Black D.L. (2007). MicroRNAs regulate the expression of the alternative splicing factor nPTB during muscle development. Genes Dev., 21: 71–84; . Braun T., Gautel M. (2011). Transcriptional mechanisms regulating skeletal muscle differentiation, growth and

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Morphological Differentiation in Nestlings Turdus philomelos (Passeriformes, Turdidae) and Staging in their Development during the Nesting Period of Postembryogenesis

]. Jongsomjit, D., Jones, S. L., Gardali, T., Geupel, G. R., Gouse, P. J. 2007. A Guide to nestling development and aging in altricial passerines. U.S. Department of Interior, Fish and Wildlife Service, Biological Technical Publication, Washington, D. C., 2-66. Mal’chevsky, A. S. 1959. Breeding life of song birds. Reproduction and postembryonic development of sylvan passerine birds of European part of the USSR, 1-281 [In Russian]. Marisova, I. V. 1968. On postembryonic development of Song thrush and Blackbird. Ornitology, 8, 372-373 [In Russian

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Interdependence of Agricultural Production and Environment and the Road to Sustainable Development

biljaka i korišćenju zemljišta . Genetika, 44(1), 201-216. KRISTOFOROVIĆ-ILIĆ, M. (2004): Životna sredina i pesticidi. Medicinski pregled, 57(11-12), 523-535 KRAMER, K. J., AND MEEUSEN, M. (2003): Sustainability in the Agrofood Sector. In Halberg, N. (ed.), Life Cycle Assessment in the Agri-food sector(pp. 182-189). Retrieved March18, 2011, available on : MADDISON, A. (2006): The World Economy, Organization for Economic Cooperation, and Development, Nature Climate Change No3, str. 26

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Variations in the expression pattern of HSP27 and MSK1 genes during the development of prehierarchical follicles in the Zi geese (Anser cygnoides)

-activated protein kinase mediates the Fas-induced mitochondrial death pathway in CD8+ T cells. Mol. Cell. Biol., 26: 2118-2129. Hu S., Rao M., Lei H., Wu Y., Wang Y., Ke D., Xia W., Zhu C. (2017). Expression patterns of p38αMAPK during follicular development in the ovaries of neonatal rats. Acta Histochem., 119: 538-542. Johnson A.L. (2003). Intracellular mechanisms regulating cell survival in ovarian follicles. Anim. Reprod. Sci., 78: 185-201. Johnson A.L. (2014). The avian ovary and follicle development: some comparative and practical insights. Turk. J

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