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The Intersection Between Criminal and Administrative Liability of a Legal Entity for Environmental Violations in the Context of Sustainable Development

enforcement%20working%20paper1.pdf (accessed January 13, 2009). Cornelissen, A. M. G., et al. "Assessment of sustainable development: a novel approach using fuzzy set theory." Erasmus Research Institute of Management, Report Series Research in Management (2000) // Dambrauskienė, Genovaitė, et al. Lietuvos teisės pagrindai (Basics of Lithuanian law). Vilnius: Justitia, 2004

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Regional Development in Advanced Countries: a Within-Country Application of the Human Development Index for Austria

References Alkire, S. and Santos, E. (2010). Acute Multidimensional Poverty: A New Index for Developing Countries, University of Oxford, OPHI Working Paper No. 38. Bahattacharya, N. and Mahalanobis, B. (1967). Regional Disparities in Household Income in India. Journal of the American Statistical Association, 62, 143-161. Bagolin, I. (2004). Human Development Index (HDI) - A poor representation to Human Development Approach. University of Rio Grande do Sul, PUCRS, Brazil. Becker, G. S. et al

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Correlation Between Human Development and Sustainable Development – Condition of Human Security

REFERENCES Bobiuc, V. (1997). Securitatea României o perspectivă europeană . Strategii XXI. Viitorologie. Geopolitică. Strategii operaţionale. Bucureşti. Buzan, B. (2000). Popoarele, statele şi teama, Chişinău: Cartier. Crepon, M. (2006). Securitatea individului şi securitatea statului, o relaţie ambivalentă. IDEA artă + societate, 25 , available at: , accessed on 15 May 2019. European Commission. (2011). Millennium Development Goals : EU gives additional support to 36 countries for tackling major development

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Concept Development & Experimentation As Tool For Capability Development

Technical Cooperation Program, Joint Systems and Analysis Group, TR-JSA-TP3-2-2004, Virginia, USA, 2004, 15 pp. [4] Schmitt, John F. A Practical Guide for Developing and Writing Military Concepts . Defense Adaptive Red Team: Working Paper #02-4 [online]. December 2002, č. 4, s. 1-26 [cit. 2012-06-10]. Dostupné z [5] Spišák, Ján. Military concepts – a background for future capabilities development. Ekonomika a management , 2013, Brno, vol. 7, no. 1/2013, p. 75-81. ISSN 1802-3975 [6] Pikner, Ivo

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Maritime Security and the Role of Coast Guards: The Case of Finland and the Åland Islands’ Demilitarisation

clarified)” // . 23. Finnish Ministry of the Interior. “Press Release 8/2018 ‘Powers of the Finnish Border Guard to intervene in hybrid threats to be strengthened’” // . 24. Finnish Ministry of Justice. “Development of the autonomy of Åland: Final report of the Åland Committee.” 2013, 33/2017. 25. Finnish Ministry

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Human Rights and Fishing: A Multidimensional Challenge

) // . 3. Cacciaguidi-Fahy, Sophie. “The Law of the Sea and Human Rights”: 376–389. In: Sanford R. Silverburg, ed. International Law: Contemporary Issues and Future Development . Westview Press, 2011. 4. De Coning, Eve, and Emma Witbooi. “Towards a new ‘fisheries crime’ paradigm: South Africa as an illustrative example.” Marine Policy Vol. 60 (2015): 208–215. 5. Grabenwarter, Christoph. European Convention on Human Rights – Commentary . 1 st ed. Munich: C

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Problematic Issues in the Protection of the Rights of European Investors in Corporate Relationships in Ukraine

Economic Co-operation and Development on the Draft Convention on the Protection of Foreign Property // . 26. Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union // .

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The Smuggling of Tobacco Products in Europe: Criminogenic Potential Capacity

:// . 27. Skachko, Anna. Kontrabanda i ukloneniye ot uplaty tamozhennykh platezhey: strategicheskiye napravleniya ugolovno-pravovoy politiki protivodeystviya im v sovremennoy Rossii (Smuggling and evasion of customs duties: the strategic directions of criminal law policies to counter them in modern Russia). Krasnodar, 2017. 28. Spink, John, Douglas C. Moyer, Hyeonho Park, and Justin Heinonen. “Development of a product-counterfeiting incident cluster tool.” Crime Science No. 3 (2014) // DOI: 10.1186/s40163-014-0003-4/. 29. Tymets’, Igor. “Kontrabanda

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The Premises of the Appearance of the Education Concept for Sustainable Development

References [1] Leicht, Alexander, Heiss, Julia and Byun, Won Jung (eds), Issues and trends in Education for Sustainable Development , UNESCO; 2018. [2] Tilbury, Daniella, Stevenson, Robert B., Fien, John and Schreuder, Danie (eds.), Education and Sustainability: Responding to the Global Challenge , Commission on Education and Communication, IUCN, Gland, Switzerland, and Cambridge, U.K., 2002. [3] Education for sustainable development , , accesed on 10

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Contributions on the Determination of the Relationship among Globalization, Sustainable Development and Energy Security

:// . Ministerul Afacerilor Externe. (2017). Securitate energetică , available at: . Ölz S., Sims R. and Kirchner, N. (2007). Contribution of renewables to energy security, available at . Popa, V. (2005) Implicaţiile globalizării asupra securităţii naţionale , Bucureşti: Editura Universităţii Naţionale de Apărare “Carol I”. United Nations. (1992). United nations conference on environment & development

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