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Trends in Organic Farming Development in Bulgaria: Applying Circular Economy Principles to Sustainable Rural Development

References Annual report on state and development of agriculture in Bulgaria (Agrarian report). Ministry of agriculture and food, Sofia, 2016. Bulgarian food safety agenc y. Circular Econom y for a new agriculture: an East European perspective. Brussels 27 June 2016. Development of organic farming in Bulgaria . Ministry of agriculture and food of the Republic of Bulgaria, Sofia, 2014. Dimitrov

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New approaches to achieve sustainable regional development

References Bennett , R. J. 2000. Regional and local economic development policy: The role of administration and political entrepreneurs. In: Horváth, Gy. (ed.): Regions and Cities in the Global World. Pécs, Centre of Regional Studies, HAS. pp. 58-81. Blakely , E. J. - Bradshaw , T. K. 2002. Planning Local Economic Development. Theory and Practice. London : Sage Publications Ltd. Bucek, J. 2005. The Role of Local Government in Local Economic Development. Slovakia. In Spkova, S. (ed

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Evaluation of the Development pf Various Forms of Agriculture Cooperation in the Republic of Kazakhstan

References Actual Problems of Development of Cooperation and Integration in the Agricultural Complex of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Materials of scientific-practical conference “Strategy of Development of Agricultural Complex and Rural Development : Perspective Ideas and Competitive Technology“. In FGBNU VNIOPTUSH, 19-20 February, Moscow, Russia, 2015. Agriculture , Forestry and Fishing of Kazakhstan . Statistical Yearbook, 2011-2016, Agency on Statistics of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Akimbekova, G

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Sustainable Rural Development in Russia Through Diversification: The Case of the Stavropol Region

References Bondarenko , L. 2011. Employment in Rural Areas and Diversification of Rural Economics. In: Economics of Agriculture of Russia, 2011. no. 1, p. 71-76. Erokhin, V. - Ivolga , A. 2012. How to Ensure Sustainable Development of Agribusiness in the Conditions of Trade Integration: Russian Approach. In. International Journal of Sustainable Economies Management (IJSEM), vol. 2, 2012. no. 1, p. 12-23. Erokhin, V. - Ivolga , A. 2013. Tourism as an Approach to Sustainable Rural Development: Case of Southern

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conference and festival tourism on the improvement of Hungary’s image. Budapest : Economic College, 2008. Mányai , R. 2009. The role of culture in the development of tourism. The future of Europe - the culture of the future, international cultural-touristic conference, 2009. National Tourism Development Strategy. 2005. Budapest Surveys carried out by NRC Market Research Company. Smith, M. 2009. An International Overview of Festival Tourism. In: Tourism Bulletin, 2009 The Cultural Tourism Strategy of the

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Performance Of The Visegrad Countries Compared To The EU-27 Countries, Based On The Sustainable Development Indicators Of The European Union

References BÁLINT, CS. 2013. Az Európai Unió Fenntartható Fejlődési Stratégiájának vizsgálata. Tudományos Diákköri Konferencia 2013, Szent István Egyetem, Gödöllő. EUROPEAN COMMISSION. 2001. A Sustainable Europe for a Better World: A European Union Strategy for Sustainable Development (Commission’s proposal to the Gothenburg European Council), Communication form the Commission, Brussels, 15. 5. 2001, COM(2001) 264 final, 17 p. EUROPEAN COMMISSION. 2006. EU Environment-related indicators 2006. Brussels. EUROPEAN COMMISSION. 2009. 2009

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The Perspectives And Roles of Renewable Energy Sources in the Economic Development of Peripheral Areas of Hungary

. Grafon Kiadó, Nagykovácsi. Nagy, H.-Káposzta , J. 2003. The role of multifunctional environmental policy int he agricultural development. In: Annals of the Polish Association of Agricultural and Agribusiness Economists, vol. 5, 2003, no. 6, p. 28-34. Nagy, H. - Káposzta , J. 2006. Economic development strategies and development zones int he European Union. In: Bulletin of the Szent István University-Gödöllő, 2006, no. 1, p. 163-172. Pata y, I. 2007. Mindentudás a megújuló energiaforrásokról a Dél- Alföldi régióban

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Development Of Euro-Regional Cooperation Of Ukraine In The Context Of The Visegrad Experience

References HAVRYS, J. 2002. Development strategy concerning the challenges of globalization. Lviv : NU “LP“, 2002. pp. 139–147. MICHNIK, W. 2015. Visegrad Group and Regional Consequences of the Russian-Ukrainian Conflict. Aailable at: < MIKULA, N. 2010. Inter-territorial and cross-border cooperation. Monograph. Lviv : IRD Sciences of Ukraine, 2010. 395 p. MINISTRY OF FOREIGN AFFAIRS. 2014 Available at: < > MYKHASIUK

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Food Resources as the Basis of the Sustainable Development and National Security in the Age of Economic Globalization

References Kudrov , V. M. 1968. Comparison of levels of the socialist countries economic development, M, 1965; Methodological problems of the international commensurations of cost indexes. Book 1-2, M, 1968. URL: (date of the address 16. 12. 2012). Savkin , V. I. - Proka , N. I. 2012. Food security of the state: from the production economics to consumer economics. Education, science and production, 2012, no. 1, p. 14-21. The official website of The Ministry of

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Development Opportunities of Homesteads in Rural Areas a Social or an Economic Question?

References BALOGH, L. 2004. Bács-Kiskun megye tanyás térségeinek múltja jelene és jövője (The past and future of the homestead areas of Bács-Kiskun County). In Csatári, B. – Kiss, A. (szerk.). Tanyai Kaleidoszkóp (Csatári, B. – Kiss, A. (ed.). Homestead kaleidoscope): Kecskemét : MTA RKK Alföldi Tudományos Intézete, 2004, pp. 144–146. BARBU, C-M. – CĂPUŞNEANU, S. 2012. Agriculture, Environment and Sustainable Development of Rural Areas. In International Journal of Academic Research in Business and Social Sciences, vol. 2, 2012, no. 9, pp. 242

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