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Creative Economies and their Role in Territorial Systems Development

, C. and De Bruin, A. 2011, Entrepreneurship and the Creative Economy: Process, Practice and Policy , Edward Elgar Publishing Limited. Ianos, I., Peptenatu, D., Pintilii, R. D. & Draghici, C. 2012, About sustainable development of the territorial emergent structures from the metropolitan area of Bucharest, 11(9) , 1535-1545. Peptenatu, D., Draghici, C., & Merciu, C. 2012a, Characteristics of entrepreneurial profile in some emergent territorial structures in Romania, Actual problems of economics , 138 , 448-458. Peptenatu, D., Merciu, C., Merciu

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Dynamics of the Entrepreneurial Sector in Territorial Systems with Tourist Functionality – Structural Trends and Changes

REFERENCES Briedenhann, J. & Wickens, E. 2004, Tourism routes as a tool for the economic development of rural areas: Vibrant hope or impossible dream? Tourism Management , 25 , 71-79. Chen, C.-F. & Chiou-Wei, S. 2009, Tourism expansion, tourism uncertainty and economic growth: New evidence from Taiwan and Korea, Tourism Management , 30 , 812-818. Croes, R. & Venegas, M. 2008, Cointegration and causality between tourism and poverty reduction, Journal of Travel Research , 47 , 94-103. Holzner, M. 2011, Tourism and economic development

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Socioeconomic Valences of the Human Settlements in Tecuci Plain in the Context of Sustainable Development

REFERENCES Benedek, J., (2004) Amenajarea teritoriului şi dezvoltarea regională , [ Regional Planning and Development ] Editura Presa Universitară Clujeană, Cluj-Napoca. Benedek, J., (2001). Introducere în planning teritorial , [ Introduction to territorial planning ] Editura Risoprint, Cluj-Napoca. Cândea, M., Cîmpeanu, I., Bran, F., (2006). Organizarea, amenajarea şi dezvoltarea durabilă a spaţiului geografic, [Organization, planning and sustainable development of the geographical space] Editura Universitară, Bucureşti. Cândea, M

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Solar Energy Industry as a Part of the Romanian Renewable Energy Industry: A Multi-level Territorial Approach

REFERENCES Adnan Y.A., (2014). A holistic approach to rethinking energy, Barbier E., (2011). The policy challenges for green economy and sustainable economic development. Natural Resources Forum . Special Issue: Green Economy and Sustainable Development, 35 (3), 233–245. Bălteanu D., (2006). The Relief. Pericarpahian Regions in Romania . In: Bălteanu D., Badea L., Buza M., Niculescu Gh., Popescu C. & Dumitraşcu M. (eds

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Emerging Rural Centers, Territorial Projects, Regional Development Players and Prospects. The Case of the Province of Zagora (Morocco)

REFERENCES Aït Hamza M. (1999), Socio-spatial mobility and local development in the South of the Moroccan Atlas (Dadès-Toudgha), Ph.D. thesis, FLSH. University of Mohammed V - Agdal, Rabat. Bahani A. et all. (2014), International migration and development-case of the province of Zagora / Morocco-kawtar print-rabat-2014. El-Araby A., (2017), Survey of the field carried out within the framework of the elaboration of a doctoral thesis on the theme: “Emerging Rural Centers, Planning and stakes of territorial development - The case of the province Of

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Analysis of the Tourism Activities in the Protected Natural Areas of Vrancea County

REFERENCES Băltăreţu A., (1999), Ariile protejate – verigi ale unei reţele ecologice europene [Protected areas - links of a European ecological network] Bâc D. P., (2013), Turismul și dezvoltarea durabilă. Realități. Provocări. Oportunități [Tourism and sustainable development. Realities. Challenges. Opportunities], Ed. Economică, București Bulai M., (2013), Accesibilitate și turism. Studiu de caz: regiunea Moldovei [Accessibility and tourism. Case Study: Moldovan region] , Ed. Universității „Alexandru Ioan Cuza”, Iași Cândea M., Bran

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Services of General Interest and Territorial Sustainability in Romania

REFERENCES Bâc D.P., (2013). Turismul și dezvoltarea durabilă, [Tourism and sustainable development] Ed. Economică, București; Dicționar de economie politică , [ Dictionary of Political Economy ]1974, Ed. Politică, București, p. 693-694 Dincă D., (2008). Managementul serviciilor publice [ Management of public services ]– suport de curs, Facultatea de Administrație Publică, București Nicola I. (2010). Managementul serviciilor publice locale [Management of local public services] , Edit. CH Beck, Bucureşti. https

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Economic Impact of Accommodation Structures on the Local Territorial System

REFERENCES Bâc D., (2012). Turismul şi dezvoltarea durabilă: realităţi, provocări şi oportunităţi [ Tourism and sustainable development: realities, challenges and opportunities ], Ed Economică, Bucureşti Bulai M., (2013). Accesibilitate și turism. Studiu de caz: Regiunea Moldovei, [ Accessibility and tourism. Case Study: Region Moldova ] Editura Universității Al. I. Cuza, Iași Ciangă N, (2001). România. Geografia turismului (Partea întâi) [ Romania. Tourism Geography (Part One) ], Edit. Presa Universitară Clujeană, Cluj-Napoca; Ciangă N

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Conceptual Delimitations Between Resilience, Vulnerability and Adaptive Capacity to Extreme Events and Global Change

. 2012, What resilience is not: uses and abuses. Cybergeo: European Journal of Geography , , accessed on 30.11.2016 Schipper, E. L. F., Langston, L. 2015, A comparative overview of resilience measurement frameworks: analysing indicators and approaches. Overseas Development Institute—Working Paper , 422 . Turner, B.L., Kasperson, R.E., Matson, P.A., McCarthy, J.J., Corell, R.W., Christensen, L., Eckley, N., Kasperson, J.X., Luers, A., Martello, M.L., Polsky, C., Pulsipher, A., Schiller, A. 2003, A framework for

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Improving Upstream and Downstream Fish Passage at Retis Dam on Hârtibaciu River - Sibiu County (Transylvania)

References Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), (2015). Connectivity of streams and wetlands to downstream waters: A review and synthesis of the scientific evidence (EPA/600/R-14/475F) Enders E., Gessel M., Williams J. (2009). Development of successful fish passage structures for downstream migrants requires knowledge of their behavioural response to accelerating flow, Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences, 66(12): 2109-2117 Fehér, János et al. 2012: Hydromorphological alterations and pressures in

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