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Development of a cryogenic condenser and computation of its heat transfer efficiency based on liquefaction of nitrogen gas

required cold in the inside slots of the condenser. The refrigerant gas must have its normal condensation point below that of the gas being liquefied. The present article highlights the development of a cryogenic condenser in detail and its efficiency testing methodology in-situ by placing it in the Cryogenerator for liquefying nitrogen. 2 Material and Methods 2.1 Material selection Materials should be prudently selected for any cryogenic application as there can be extreme changes in the properties of the material being used when exposed to low temperature

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Finite element model updating using Lagrange interpolation

more interesting because not only they correct the model, but also they express these corrections by parameters. The majority of direct methods are developed at the end of the 1970s and the beginning of the 1980s. Thanks to their advantage, these methods are always used and have witnessed major developments. The first developed methods used Lagrange multiplier constraints in the minimization of cost functions [ 1 , 2 , 3 ]. Other methods called error matrix methods [ 4 , 5 ] are used to estimate directly the errors on the mass and stiffness matrices, and inverse

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Tribological Behavior of AA7050-ZrSiO4 Composites Synthesized by Stir Casting Technique


This research made an attempt to synthesize aluminum metal matrix composites through stir casting technique. The matrix material chosen in this study was AA7050 and the reinforcement material was ZrSiO4. The composites AA7050, AA7050-10%ZrSiO4, and AA7050-15%ZrSiO4 were used. The wear behavior of the aluminum matrix composites was investigated by using pin-on-disc tribometer. The advanced material has substantial development in tribological behavior when the reinforcement percentage is increased. From the experimental results, it was confirmed that sliding distance of 1200 m, applied load of 3 N and sliding speed of 2 m/s result in minimum wear loss and coefficient of friction, while adding 10%ZrSiO4 to the AA7050.

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Experimental Evaluation of Al-Zn-Al2O3 Composite on Piston Analysis by CAE Tools

other two samples. It shows Zn has good wear resistance properties. Stir casting process, stirrer design and position, stirring speed and time, particle preheating temperature, particle incorporation rate and so on are the important process parameters. References [1] Pawar, P.B., Abhay, A. Utpat: Development of Aluminium Based Silicon Carbide Particulate Metal Matrix Composite for Spur Gear, ELSEVIER, ICMPC, 2014. Pawar P.B. Abhay A. Utpat Development of Aluminium Based Silicon Carbide Particulate Metal Matrix Composite for Spur Gear ELSEVIER ICMPC 2014

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Studying of movement kinematics of dynamically active sieve

on the actual performance of their sowing surfaces, it was established that the most promising direction for further intensification of the screening process is the development and application of special sowing surfaces from wear-resistant polymer materials characterized by increased dynamics activity, the ability to self-cleaning and heterogeneous influence on the elaborated medium. As a result, the design of a dynamically active modular bar self-cleaning sowing surface ( Figure 1 ) was developed consisting of detachable elastic elements fixed on longitudinal

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Numerical Validation of Drilling of Al6061-T6 with Experimental Data

, 2017 . 10.1088/1757-899X/225/1/012030 Prakash Marimuthu P.K. Thirtha Prasada H.P. Kumar C.S. Force, Stress Prediction In Drilling Of AISI 1045 Steel Using Finite Element Modelling IOP Conf. Series: Materials Science and Engineering 225 012030 2017 [7] Prakash Marimuthu, P.K., Chethan Kumar C S, Thirtha Prasada, H.P .: Mathematical Modelling To Predict The Residual Stresses Induced In Milling Process, International Journal of Mechanical and Production Engineering Research and Development , 8 (1), 423-428, 2018 . 10.24247/ijmperdfeb201847 Prakash Marimuthu P

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Investigation of the effect of thermal stress on the interface damage of hybrid biocomposite materials

\sigma_f^T=E_f\frac{a}{1+a}(M_2-M_0) \end{array} $$ (1) With: M 0 ( T ) = ∫ T 0 T e ( α m − α f ) d T M 2 ( T ) = ∫ T e T ( α m − α f ) d T $$\begin{array}{} \displaystyle M_0(T)=\int\limits_{T_0}^{T_e}(\alpha_m-\alpha_f)dT\\\\\\\displaystyle M_2(T)=\int\limits_{T_e}^{T}(\alpha_m-\alpha_f)dT \end{array} $$ where T 0 is room temperature, T e is temperature of development, T is test temperature, and finally, α f and α m are expansion coefficients of fiber and matrix [ 17 , 18 ]. 2.2.2 The analytical model of Cox For the interface, their

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Load-carrying capacity of the GFRP and CFRP composite beams subjected to three-point bending test – numerical investigations

1 Introduction Composite structures are one of the most commonly used structural materials that have been increasingly used in the recent years with significant developments in the aviation, automotive, wind power, sport equipment and transport industries. This is due to the growing demand for lightweight and high-strength materials in order to meet the stringent requirements of modern industry. In fact, however, the rapid development and the use of composite structures began truly after the production of synthetic resins whose adhesion properties are the

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Vibration analysis of functionally graded tapered rotor shaft system

applications of machines have been extended due to the development of this new material (FGM), which has been elaborated from a new design and manufacturing philosophies. The first FGMs were used in the designing and manufacturing of mechanical parts for aeronautical, aerospace, maritime and construction structures and so on. Because of their excellent mechanical properties, they can be subjected to severe mechanical and/or thermal stress. Recently, these materials have found other uses in electrical appliances, energy transformation, biomedical engineering and optics [ 2

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Theoretical Investigation on Growth Kinetics and Thermodynamic Properties of Pyridine-2-Carboxylic Acid Crystals

exchange-only gradient correction, Journal of Chemical Physics, 98 (7), 5648–5652, 1993. 10.1063/1.464913 Becke A.D. Density-functional thermochemistry. I. The effect of the exchange-only gradient correction Journal of Chemical Physics 98 7 5648 5652 1993 [9] C. Lee, W. Yang, R. G. Parr, Development of the Colle-Salvetti correlation-energy formula into a functional of the electron density, Physics Review B, 37, 785–789, 1988. 10.1103/PhysRevB.37.785 Lee C. Yang W. Parr R. G. Development of the Colle-Salvetti correlation-energy formula into a functional of the electron

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