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Diaspora Externalities

—accounted for in policymaking. Externalities can be positive or negative. Accordingly, externalities arising from emigration can be good or bad for the development of home countries. Some well-known arguments for the negative externalities of emigration include that emigrants can fuel civil conflicts, or that remittances can act as a driver of “Dutch Disease”; that is, the inflow of foreign currency (through remittances), similarly to the discovery of a natural resource, can lead to a real exchange rate appreciation of the local currency, thus weakening the local economy as

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Reaching the Objectives of Sustainable Development on the Basis of the Creative Industries – A South and Eastern European Analysis

.sbspro.2013.12.918 Policy online, 1994. Creative nation: Commonwealth cultural policy. from Power, D., and Nielsen, T., 2010. Priority Sector Report: Creative and Cultural Industries Retrieved from Schumpeter, J. A., 1911. The Theory of Economic Development: An Inquiry into Profits, Capital, Credit, Interest and the Business Cycle (Redvers Opie, Trans

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Efficient Resource Allocation and Utilization: The Missing Link in Nigeria’s Quest for Sustainable Development

References Adebayo, R. I. (2010). Ethno-Religious Crisis and Challenges of Sustainable Development in Nigeria. Journal of Sustainable Development in Africa, 12(4), 213-225. Retrieved from Asaolu, T. (2015). Privatization in Nigeria: Regulation, deregulation, corruption and the way forward. The Nation, Nov. 8. Retrieved from http

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Financial Development and Unemployment in Emerging Market Economies

References Barro, R. J., 2001. Economic Growth in East Asia Before and After the Financial Crisis. DOI: Breusch, T. S., and Pagan, A. R., 1980. The Lagrange multiplier test and its applications to model specification in econometrics. The Review of Economic Studies, 47(1), 239-253. DOI: Caporale, G. M., Rault, C., Sova, A. D., and Sova, R., 2015. Financial development and economic growth: Evidence from 10 new European Union members. International

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Indicators of sustainable development performance: Case study of European Union countries

. (2010). The Measurement of Economic, Social and Environmental Performance of Countries: A Novel Approach. Social Indicators Research, Vol. 95, No. 2, pp. 339-356. 4. Espina, P. Z., Arechavala, N. S. (2013). An assessment of social welfare in Spain: territorial analysis using a synthetic welfare indicator. Social Indicators Research, Vol. 111, No. 1, pp. 1-23. 5. Eurostat (2015). Sustainable development in the European Union, 2015 monitoring report of the EU Sustainable Development Strategy. Available at http

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Demographic Determinants of Creativity: The Analysis of the Development of Creative Potential and Forecast for the Baltic States

for a Stronger Europe. In Arvanitopoulos, C. (Ed.), Reforming Europe: The Role of the Centre-Right (pp. 37-53). Berlin-Heidelberg: Springer- Verlag GmbH. Florida, R. (2010). The Great Reset: how the new ways of living and working drive post-crash prosperity. New York: HarperCollins Publishing. Florida, R., Mellander, C., & Stolarick, K. (2008). Inside the black box of regional development - human capital, the creative class and tolerance. Journal of Economic Geography, 8, 615-649. https

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Culture and Economic Development: Emigration as Evaluation of Lithuanian Cultural Environment

Books. Guiso, L., Sapienza, P., Zingales, L. (2006) Does Culture Affect Economic Outcomes? American Economists Associacion: Journal of Economic Perspectives, 20(2), p. 23-48. Guiso, L., Sapienza, P., Zingales, L. (2004) The Role of Social Capital in Financial Development. American Economic Review, v94 (3, June), p. 526-556. Hofstede G. (2001) Culture’s Consequences. Thousand Oaks, London, Sage Publications. Howkins, J. (2001) The Creative Economy: How People Make Money from Ideas. London: Penguin

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Research and Development Expenditures and Economic Growth in the EU: A Panel Data Analysis

R eferences Europe 2020. (2015). European strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. Retrieved August 28, 2015, from Europe 2020 2015 European strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth Retrieved August 28, 2015, from Arellano, M., Bond, S. (1991). Some Tests of Specification for Panel Data: Monte

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Evaluation of Self-Employment Development Factors: Latvian Case

' entrepreneurship in Germany. Entrepreneurship & Regional Development: An International Journal, 15, 2, 119-135. Lyssiotou, P., Pashardes, P., Stengos, T. (2004). Estimates of the black economy based on consumer demand approaches. The Economic Journal, 114, 622-640. Meager, N., Bates, P. and Cowling. M. (2003). An Evaluation of Business Start-up Support for Young People. National Institute Economic Review 186 (1): 59-72.

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Labor Migration in Indonesia and the Health of Children Left Behind

studies on the relationship between child health and socioeconomic outcomes, this study uses anthropometric measures of child health rather than subjective health status. Examples of papers in development studies that employ anthropometric measures of health are Domingues and Barre (2013) for Mozambique, and Brainerd (2010) for the Soviet Union. Also, the longitudinal design of the IFLS allows for the elimination of all unobserved child- and household-level time-invariant characteristics that are correlated with the explanatory variables, removing a major source of

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