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Providing Research Data Management (RDM) Services in Libraries: Preparedness, Roles, Challenges, and Training for RDM Practice

. According to Perrier, Blondal, and MacDonald (2018) , “although libraries play a role in RDM at academic institutions, they have experienced varying degrees of success with the development of RDM support and services given this expanded responsibility” (p. 173). Furthermore, as noted by Faniel and Connaway (2018) , “research into RDM still is in the early stages, and few studies focus on the library community’s RDM experiences” (p. 100). In this study, with a focus on the RDM practice in terms of the librarians’ role, their levels of preparedness in providing RDM

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Investigating Weak Supervision in Deep Ranking

interactions. Mitra, Diaz, and Craswell (2017) proposed to take advantages of both architectures in Duet. Fan et al. (2017) integrated these models into the MatchZoo, which is an open-source toolkit for text matching. 2.3 Weakly Supervised Learning With the development of deep neural networks, data have brought breakthroughs in a lot of machine-learning areas. With the development of deep neural networks, exponential growth of data quantity has brought breakthroughs in a lot of machine-learning areas. However, data are also the bottleneck in many cases where high

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An Influence Prediction Model for Microblog Entries on Public Health Emergencies

1 Introduction Public health emergencies generally pose serious threats and significant losses to public health, economic development, and social stability. Since they break out in a short time and spread rapidly, the management departments of public health emergencies often face enormous challenges. They need to take effective measures in time to prevent the spread and upgrade of events, as well as eliminate the source of hazards and subsequent influence promptly. With the continuous development of Web 2.0 and mobile Internet technology, microblog

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Understanding and Evaluating Research and Scholarly Publishing in the Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH)

improve their performance. Performance-based funding may also create information for strategic development at the national and institutional level. All of these purposes are relevant in Norway, where component B is only one of several indicators used in the funding formula. The publication indicator reallocates less than 2 percent of the total funding of the higher education institutions, but it still receives much attention, also at the level of individual researchers. The experience is that even with only marginal influence on the total funding, component C will

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Filtering and Classifying Relevant Short Text with a Few Seed Words

(company), 产品(product), 价格(price), 发展(development), 前景(prospect), 市场(market), 品牌(brand), 产业(industrial), 厂家(manufacturer), 设备 (equipment), 生产(production), 企业(enterprise), 汽车(automobile), 信息(information), 酒 店(hotel), 服装(clothing), 旅游(travel), 广告(advertising) 15.7 15.0 法律 (law) 起诉(prosecute), 赔偿(compensation), 合同(contract), 公司(company), 户口(registered permanent residence), 劳动合同(labor contract), 律师(lawyer), 法院(court), 财产(property), 离婚(divorce), 工资(salary), 责任(responsibility), 规定(stipulate), 劳动(labor), 劳动法(labor law), 咨询(consult), 工伤(occupational injury), 偿

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Social Media Affordances and Information Sharing: An Evidence from Chinese Public Organizations

distribution, development of relationships, conversation, and connectivity ( Kietzmann, 2011 ), has been rapidly developing in government organizations ( Khan, 2014 ; Mergel, 2013a , b; Mossberger, 2013 ; Snead, 2013 ; Zavattaro, & Sementelli, 2014 ; Zheng, 2013 ; Zheng, & Zheng, 2014 ). Prior research highlighted several reasons for the limited social media research in public organizations, which are as follows: Samuel (2009) mentioned several deterrents that may affect the willingness of the public organization to embrace social media. Very few studies have

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What Motives Users to Participate in Danmu on Live Streaming Platforms? The Impact of Technical Environment and Effectance

; Fan et al., 2017 ) and paid less attention to posting behavior ( Zhang & Sun, 2018 ). Compared with the watching behavior, posting behavior requires more attention, time, energy, and knowledge ( Butler, 2001 ). The underlying theoretical mechanism between watching behavior and posting behavior should be different. And users posted more comments on Danmu websites than on traditional online video websites ( He et al., 2017 ; Lin et al., 2018 ; Wu et al., 2018 ). The Danmu function can also be beneficial for development of platforms such as improved user

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Burgeoning Data Repository Systems, Characteristics, and Development Strategies: Insights of Natural Resources and Environmental Scientists

becoming abundant. Commonly known as research data repositories, they provide permanent storage and access of data through large database infrastructures to promote sharing, increased access, and better visibility of research records. These include domain- or discipline-specific, government-sponsored, scientist-hosted, and library-managed, as well as other types of data repositories and archives. With this rapid new development, much related and timely questions, such as how these repositories perform and whether they serve the needs of scientific users, have not been

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Implementation of a Linked Data-Based Genealogy Knowledge Service Platform for Digital Humanities

1 Introduction Digital Humanities (DH) is a buzzword that can be difficult to define. DH is “a multidisciplinary field, undertaking research at the intersection of digital technologies and humanities” ( Warwick, C., 2016 ). DH aims to establish applications and models. It is not only a new type of research method that uses information technologies as tools to build new applications and models for studying the humanities but also contributes to the development of computer science. Meanwhile, it also studies how information technologies exert influence on

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