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Infrastructure Development and Property Sales in Low Income Residential Properties in Bulawayo

REFERENCES Acevedo P., Hobbs J. and Martinez S. (2017). The Impact of Upgrading Municipal Infrastructure on Property Prices: Evidence from Brazil , Inter-American Development Bank, Washington DC, United States of America. Aibangbee S. S. (1997). Functions of urban infrastructure in national development. 27 th Annual Conference of Nigerian Institute of Estate Surveyors and Valuers , Premier Hotel, Ibadan, 1–6 April. Ajibola M. O., Awodiran O. O., and Salu-Kosoko O. (2013). Effects of Infrastructure on property

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Community Participiation in Village Development: the Scale of Latvia

References Alasah, A. A. (2011). The impact of government policy on grassroots level community development initiative in Northwest region of Cameroon. Community Development Journal, 46(2), 196-212. Audretsch, D. B., Keilbach, M. C., Lehmann, E. E. (2006). Entrepreneurship and Economic Growth. The Great Britain: Oxford University Press. Campbell, D., & Hunt, J. E. (2013). Achieving broader benefits from Indigenous

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Gis in Tourism Development Using Spatial Modelling

References [1] ŠMERGELIENĖ, V. - PATACKIENĖ N.: 2004. Paslaugų kokybės vertinimo ypatumai vartotojų požiūriu (Service quality evaluation in terms of consumer). Šiauliai: ŠU. [2] ŽILINSKAS, V. - PETRAVIČIENĖ, L.: 2007. Turizmo verslas: plėtros konceptualizacija ir tendencijos Lietuvoje (Tourism business: development conceptualization and tendencies in Lithuania). Šiauliai University, Economics and Management, pp. 954-968. [3] BALEŽENTIS, T. - KRIŠČIUKAITIENĖ, I. - BALEŽENTIS, A. - GARLAND, R.: 2012. Rural tourism

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Influence of road transport infrastructure on agricultural sector development in Nigeria

REFERENCES 1. A. O. Ajiboye, (2009). The Effects of Transportation System on Food Marketing and Security in Nigeria. Transport Management Technology, School of Entrepreneurship and Management Technology, Federal University of Technology, Minna, Nigeria. PP. 1-14. 2. A. O. Ajiboye and O. Afolayan (2009) The Impact of Transportation on Agricultural Production in a Developing Country: A case of kola nut production in Nigeria. International Journal of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development , pp49-57. 3. CBN (2013). CBN Statistical Bulletin

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Positive Influencing Factors of Commercial Property Development: Case of Lithuania

References Alhammadi, Y., Algahtany, M., Kashiwagi, D., Sullivan, K., & Kashiwagi, J. (2016). The Current State of Research and Development Approach (R&D) in the Saudi Construction Industry. Procedia Engineering, 145, 1462-1469. BiznesPolska. (2016). 4th annual CEE Shared Services and Outsourcing Awards Gala and Summit. Winners. Retrieved from CBRE. (2015). Market review. Baltics Investment (March 2015). Retrieved

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Urban Shrinkage as a Challenge to Local Development Planning in Slovakia

References Act No. 50/1976 Zb. on Territorial Planning and Building Order (as amended) - in Slovak Act No. 503/2001 Coll. on Support of Regional Development (as amended by Act No. 539/2008 Coll.) - in Slovak. Act No. 448/2008 Coll. on Social Services - in Slovak. BERNT, M. (2009): Partnerships for Demolition: The Governance of Urban Renewal in East Germany’s Shrinking Cities. International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, Vol. 33, No. 3, p. 754-769. BLEHA, B. (2011

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Economic and Social Sustainability of Real Estate Market and Problems of Economic Development – a Historical Overview

References Active Anglo Chinese Communications. (2016). Retrieved from Aizsilnieks, A. (1968). Latvian farm history, 1914-1945 (5th ed.). Latvijas saimniecības vēsture, 1914-1945 (5. sējums). Stockholm: Daugava. Akaev, A. (2010). Ciklicheskie kolebanija v ekonomike i upravlenie dinamikoj ekonomicheskogo razvitija s pomoshhju tehnologicheskih sdvigov. [Cyclical fluctuations in the economy and management of the dynamics of economic development

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The development of peripheral areas: The case of West Pomeranian Voivodeship, Poland

References BAŃSKI, J. (2005): Suburban and peripheral rural areas in Poland: the balance of development in the transformation period. Geografický časopis, 57(2): 117–130. BAŃSKI, J. (2010): Dilemmas for Regional Development in the Concepts Seeking to Develop Poland's Spatial Structure. Regional Studies, 44(5): 535–549. BAŃSKI, J., CZAPIEWSKI, K. (2015): A Vision of the Polycentric Development of the Mazovia Region in Poland. Geografický časopis, 67(4): 301–321. BARJAK, F. (2001): Regional disparities in Transition Economies: A Typology for

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The Development of Housing Sector and Residential Real Estate Market After Economic Recession in Latvia

.pdf Auzins, A. Grinbergs, M. Geipele, I. (2012). Influence of Development of Land Use Goals to the Economics of Latvia. Proceedings of 2nd International Conference on Applied Social Science (ICASS 2012). - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. ISBN 978-1-61275-006-4, Information Engineering Research Institute, USA. - pp. 238-243. CSP (2015a). Uzbūvētās jaunās dzīvojamās ēkas un dzīvokļi, definīcijas [New-built residential buildings and apartments, definitions]. Central Statistical Bureau of Latvia. Retrieved from http

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On the spatial differentiation of energy transitions: Exploring determinants of uneven wind energy developments in the Czech Republic

References: AITKEN, M. (2010): Why we still don’t understand the social aspects of wind power: A critique of key assumptions within the literature. Energy Policy, 38(4): 1834–1841. BALTA-OZKAN, N., LE GALLO, J. (2018): Spatial variation in energy attitudes and perceptions: Evidence from Europe. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 81: 2160–2180. BALTA-OZKAN, N., WATSON, T., MOCCA, E. (2015): Spatially uneven development and low carbon transitions: Insights from urban and regional planning. Energy Policy, 85: 500–510. BALTA-OZKAN, N

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