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pproaches in Tourism Modelling
Collected papers
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In Tourism Industry We Talk About Sustainable Development, But We Evaluate Profits and Growth

to the economic performance of the tourism industry? Evidence from an international empirical study”. Journal of Sustainable Tourism, 23(1), pp. 47-64, doi: 10.1080/09669582.2014.909447 ROBÈRT, K. H., SCHMIDT-BLEEK, B., ALOISI DE LARDEREL, J., BASILE, G., JANSEN, J. L., KUEHR, R. AND WACKERNAGEL, M. (2002), “Strategic sustainable development - selection, design and synergies of applied tools”. Journal of Cleaner Production, 10(3), pp. 197-214, doi: 10.1016/S0959-6526(01)00061-0 SAARINEN, J. (2014), “Critical Sustainability: Setting

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Social Tourism as a Social and Economic Category – Some Elements of Development

.pdf European Commission (2010), European Commission, DG Enterprise and Industry, Tourism Unit. Preuzeto 16. 1. 2011. iz Publications Office of the European Union: European Economic and Social Committee (2006), Opinion of the European Economic and Social Committee on Social Tourism. EUR-Lex HAULOT, A. (1982), “Social Tourism: Current Dimensions of Future Developments”. Journal of Travel Research , 2 (3), str. 207-212 HIGGINS-DESBOILLES, F. (2006), “More than

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Prerequisites of Sustainable Development of Rural Tourism in Continental Croatia

tourism development in Eastern Croatia”. Acta Turistica Nova , Vol. 7, No. 2, pp. 199-216 BARTOLUCI, M., HENDIJA, Z., PETRAČIĆ, M. (2015), “Possibilities of sustainable development of rural toruism in continental Croatia”. Acta Turistica , Vol. 27 (2), pp. 191-219 BARTOLUCI, M., KESAR, O., HENDIJA, Z. (2014), “Critical Analysis of Economic Sustainability of Tourism Development in Continental Croatia”. 7 th International Conference “An Enterprise Odyssey: Leadership, Innovation and Development for Responsible Economy”, Galetić, L., Spremić, M., Šimurina, J

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Increasing the attractiveness of the Zádielska dolina (“Zadiel Gorge“) in the area of modern climbing as a tourism development support tool


The Zádielska dolina (“Zadiel Gorge“) belongs to the most beautiful and from a natural science perspective to the most interesting landscape formations of the Slovak Karst. The area represents the National Nature Reserve in the National Park and is part the European Network of Protected Areas NATURA 2000. The site is characterized by climbing activity. This article provides suggestions of attractiveness in the field of climbing that respect the development of tourism in accordance with nature and landscape conservation. The basis for the proposals were theoretical knowledge, thorough analysis of the area and own experience with the issue. Recommendations from other climbing places and identification of problems between climbing and nature, have been key for us in making appropriate proposals. The increasing interest in adventure tourism, including climbing, means a global trend in tourism and therefore it is necessary to pay close attention to this issue.

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European Journal of Tourism, Hospitality and Recreation
The Journal of CiTUR Centre of Tourism Research, Development and Innovation
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Cities as Destinations of Urban Ecotourism: The Case Study of Novi Sad

Green Tourism: The Development of the Other Map of Toronto”. Journal of Vacation Marketing 7(3), 2003: 261-267 GIBSON, ANNA, RACHEL DODDS, MARION JOPPE AND BRIAN JAMIESON (2003), “Ecotourism in the city? Torontos Green Tourism Asociation”. International Yournal of Contemporary Hospitality Management 15(6): 324-327 HIGHAM, JAMES AND MICHAEL LUCK (2002), “Urban Ecotourism: A Contradiction in Terms?” Journal of Ecotourism 1(1): 36-51 JEGDIĆ, VASO AND SRĐAN MILOŠEVIĆ (2011), “Urban Ecotourism as a Mean of Sustainable Development of Cities

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Raising Awareness of Urban Environment Development in Primary Schools

LITERATURE ABOULKHEIR, DAVID (2013), “Exploring the challenges of sustainable city marketing; how can cities market themselves and be attractive while aiming towards urban sustainability?” Available via , 8. 9. 2016. HASANI, ALI, SEDIGHEH MOGHAVVEMI AND AMRAN HAMZAH (2016), “The Impact of Emotional Solidarity on Residents’ Attitude and Tourism Development”. PloS one 11.6 (2016): e0157624 MA, DONGYUE, AND LIU, N. (n.d.), “Study on City Tourism Branding: A

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The Challenges in New Tourist Destination Development within the Area of Ecological Network Natura 2000

LITERATURE KEČA, K., PAVLOVIĆ, D. (2014), “Inozemna ulaganja i razvoj hrvatskog turizma”. Acta Turistica Nova , Vol 8(1): 15-38 TOMKA, D. (2012), Savremene tendencije u turizmu. Turizam i lokalni razvoj , pp. 11-29. Novi Sad: Fakultet za sport i turizam PAGE, S., LUMSDON, L. (2004), Tourism and Transport: Issues and Agenda for the New Millennium . Boston: Elsevier TOMKA, D., JEGDIĆ, V. (2012), Turizam i lokalni razvoj [Tourism and local development], redactor, monography. Novi Sad: Fakultet za sport i turizam KNEŽEVIĆ, M

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