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An Alternative Human Development Index Considering Unemployment

References Bhattacharya, B.B. and Mitra, A. 1997. "Changing Composition of Employment in the Tertiary Sector: A Cross-Country Analysis," Economic and Political Weekly 32(11): 529-534. Cherchye, L., Ooghe, E., and Van Puyenbroeck, T. 2008. "Robust human development rankings," Journal of Economic Inequality 6(4): 287-321. Chowdhury, S., and Squire, L. 2006. "Setting Weights for Aggregate Indices: An Application to the Commitment to Development Index and Human Development Index

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South Africa’s Financial Development and its Role in Investment

References 1. Ali, L., Shamsi, A. F., Panhawar, I. A., & Bashir, R. (2013). An Empirical Investigation of Relationship between Financial Sector Development and Domestic Private Investment in Pakistan. Global Management Journal for Academic & Corporate Studies, 3(1): 176 -185. 2. Dutta, N., & Roy, S. (2009). The Impact of Financial Development on Domestic Investment: A Quantile Regression Approach. Indian Macroeconomics Annual, 6: 107-130. 3. Fedderke, J. W. 2005. Technology, human capital and growth (No. 27

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Employment-adjusted Human Development Index

References Akyüz, Y. and Boratav, K. (2003), "The Making of the Turkish Financial Crisis", World Development, 31 (9): 1549-1566. Cherchye, L., Ooghe, E. and Van Puyenbroeck, T. (2008), "Robust Human Development Rankings", Journal of Economic Inequality, 6 (4): 287-321. Dufour, M. and Orhangazi, O (2009), "The 2000-2001 Financial Crisis in Turkey: A Crisis for Whom?", Review of Political Economy, 21 (1): 101-122. Ghosh, P. K. (1984), Third World Development: A Basic Need Approach, Westport

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Entrepreneurship and regional development. A bibliometric analysis

References Audretsch, D.A., Belitski, M. & Desai, S. (2015). Entrepreneurship and economic development in cities. Annals of Regional Science, 55 (1), 33-60. Ault, J. (2016). An institutional perspective on the social outcome of entrepreneurship: Commercial microfinance and inclusive markets. Journal of International Business Studies, 47 (8), 951-967. Benneworth, P. (2004). In what sense “regional development”?: entrepreneurship, underdevelopment and strong tradition in the periphery. Entrepreneurship & Regional

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An Exploration for the Motives behind Enhancing Senior Banker’s Level of Organizational Resilience: A Holistic Case Study

organizational change: types, consequences, and management strategies . Journal of business and psychology, 18(4). Borekci, D., Rofcanin, Y. & Sahin, M. (2014) . Effects of organizational culture and organizational resilience over subcontractor riskiness: A multi-method study in longitudinal time setting . European business review, 26 (1), pp. 2–22. Burnard, K., & Bhamra, R. (2011). Organisational resilience: Development of a conceptual framework for organisational responses . International Journal of Production Research, 49(18), pp. 5581–5599.

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On the issue of growth and development within the context of tourism

References Antoušková, M. (2008). Cestovni ruch jako faktor rozvoje regionu (Doctoral dissertation) (Tourism as the factor of region development). Praha: Česká zemědělská univerzita v Praze. Balaguer, J., & Cantavella-Jordá, M. (2002). Tourism as a long-run economic growth factor: the Spanish case. Applied Economics, 34(7), 877-884. Becker, CH., Hopfinger, H., & Steinecke, A. (2007). Geographie der Freizeit und des Tourismus: Bilanz und Ausblick. Mnichov: Oldenbourg. Blair, J. P. (1995). Local

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Regional Retail Sector Development in Serbia – Key Performance and Development Indicators’ Gap

References Altenburg, T., Kulke, E., Hampel-Milagrosa, A., Peterskovsky, L., & Reeg, C. (2016). Making retail modernisation in developing countries inclusive: a development policy perspective. Bonn: Deutsches Institut für Entwicklungspolitik. Berman, B. R. (2012). Retail Management: A Strategic Approach (12 edition). Boston: Pearson. Iqbal, H. K., Ghafoor, M. M., & Shanbaz, S. (2013). Impact of Demographic Factors on Store Selection: An Insight in Pakistani Society. Journal of Marketing Management, 1(1), 34–45. Larson, J. S., Bradlow, E. T

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Tourism development factor of communities

References Aref F, Gill SS, Farshid, A. (2010). Tourism development in local communities: As a community development approach. Journal of American Science, 6, 155 - 161 Ashley, Caroline, Peter de Brine, Amy Lehr, and Hannah Wilde (2007). The Role of the Tourism Sector in Expanding Economic Opportunity. Cambridge: Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University. Cardenas-Garcí a Pablo Juan, Marcelino Sa nchez-Rivero and Juan Ignacio Pulido-Ferna ndez.(2013): Does tourism growth influence economic development

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Development Performance of the Textile Industry of Serbia

Countries of Abolishing the Multifibre Arrangement, Policy Research Working Paper No. 2721, Washington: The World Bank. OECD (2004). A New World Map in Textiles and Clothing: Adjusting to Change , Paris: Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development. Statistical Office of the Republic of Serbia, (2018). Annual business indicators of the company , Available at: (Accessed 28 June 2018). Ministry of Economy (2018). (online) Available at: http

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Investment in Research and Development - A Factor of Adjustment of Montenegro to the EU Economy

, Preliminary and Incomplete Version, CEA, 43rd Annual Conference, University of Toronto, Ontario, May 29-31. 9. Cheshire, P, Malecki E. (2005). Growth, development and innovation: a look backward and forward, Papers in Regional Science, 83, 249-267. 10. Dabić, M, (2007). Innovation and transfer technology: Croatian experience, Komercijalizacija i društvena primjena znanosti - indijska i hrvatska iskustva, MZOŠ I HIT, Zagreb, Croatia 11. Damian, D., Lanubile, F. and Oppenheimer, H.L. (2003). Addressing the Challenges of Software Industry Globalization: The

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