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Tokaj Wine Region as a World Heritage Site Complex Development Opportunities

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European Union Integration Impact on Romanian SMEs Performance

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The Impact of Destination Image on Tourists’ Satisfaction and Loyalty in the Context of Domestic Tourism

-338. [7] Boo, S., James, B. and Seyhmus, B. (2009). A model of costumer-based brand equity and its application to multiple destinations, Tourism Management, 30(2), pp. 219-231. [8] Briciu, V. (2013). Differences between place branding and destination branding for local brand strategy development, Bulletin of the Transilvania University of Brașov, Series VII: Social Sciences, 6(1), pp. 9-14. [9] Cai, L. (2002). Cooperative branding for rural destination, Annals of Tourism Research, 29(3), pp. 720-742. [10] Celeste E. and

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Inspire to Hire and Win the War for Talents

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Internationalization of Japanese Business Groups – Literature Review

? Institutional development and foreign affiliate performance, Strategic Management Journal, 29(11), pp. 1178-1205. [13] Choi, Y.R, Zahra, S.A., Yoshikawa, T. and Han, B.H. (2015). Family ownership and R&D investment: The role of growth opportunities and business group membership Part of the Asian Studies Commons, and the Strategic Management Policy Commons, Journal of Business Research, 68(5), pp. 1053-1061. [14] Collinson, S. and Rugman, A. M. (2008). The regional nature of Japanese multinational business, Journal of International Business

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Students’ Total Experience within a Romanian Public University

References [1] Abdullah, F. (2006). The development of HEdPERF: a new measuring instrument of service quality for the higher education sector, International Journal of Consumer Studies, 30(6), pp. 569-581. [2] Alves, H. and Raposo, M. (2004). La mdicion dela satisfaccion el la ensenanza universitaria: el ejemplo de la Universidade de Beira Interior, Revista International de Marketing Publico y No Lucrativo, 1(1), pp. 73-88. [3] Alves, H. and Raposo, M. (2007). The influence of university image in student

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The Informational Support in Educational Marketing Decision-Making Process in the Republic of Moldova

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Introduction in the Shopping Centre Sector from Romania - a Brief Inventory of the 24 Biggest Cities - as of July 2017

Y. and Nam Y. (2013). The development of location decision making support system for chinese shopping malls from the developers perspective. International Journal of smart home, 7(5), pp. 315-326. [19] Sujo, T. and Bharati, P. (2012). A study of Consumer Behavior Approach towards Shopping Mall Attractiveness with special reference to the city of Ahmedabad. Research Journal of Social Science & Management, 2(5), pp. 146 - 154. [20] Wieland, T. (2017). Market Area Analysis for Retail and Service Locations with MCI. The R Journal, 9

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Colour Preference of Online Consumers: a Cross- Cultural Perspective

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Service Recovery Strategies versus Customers’ Expectations, Race for Sustainability: a Qualitative Study on Micro Brands

.N. and Drew, J.H. (1992). Mitigating the effect of service encounters, Marketing Letters, 3(1), pp. 57-70. [9] Boshoff, C. (1997). An experimental study of service recovery options, International Journal of Service Industry Management, 8(2), pp. 110-30. [10] Boudrias, J. S., Gaudreau, P., Savoie, A., and Morin, A. J. S. (2009) Employee empowerment, Leadership & Organization Development Journal, 30(7), pp. 625- 638. [11] Bowen, D.E. and Johnston, R. (1999). Internal service recovery: developing a new construct

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