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Financial aspects of research and development policy in the European Union

). 12. OECD (2015). Podręcznik Frascati 2015. Zalecenia dotyczące pozyskiwania i prezentowania danych z zakresu działalności badawczej i rozwojowej . Warszawa: GUS. 13. OECD (2015). Frascati Manual 2015: Guidelines for Collecting and Reporting Data on Research and Experimental Development . OECD. 2018 Statistics Poland for this Polish editio. 14. Salisu, Y., Abu Bakar, L. J. (2019). Technological Capability, Innovativeness and the Performance of Manufacturing Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Developing Economies of Africa. Journal of Business and

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Mediating Role of Dynamic Capabilities on the Relationship between Human Resource Development and Organizational Effectiveness

Literature Abu El Khair, R. H. (2016). Productive university requirements, And their relationship with Organizational effectiveness in technical colleges in Gaza Governorates. Gaza: Al Azhar University. Adhikari, D. R. (2010). Human resource development(HRD) for performance management: The case of Nepalese organizations. International Journal of Productivity and Performance Management , 59 (4), Agwu, M. O., & Ogiriki, T. (2014 ). Human Resource Development and Organizational Performance in the

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Human Resource Development in a Small Company

.11.016 Delahaye B.L. (2000). Human Resource Development - Principles and Practice, John Wiley & Sons, Australia. DeLuca C., Poth C. & Searle M. (2009) Evaluation for Learning: A Cross-case Analysis of Evaluator Strategies Studies, Studies in Educational Evaluation , 35, 121-129, Destré G., Garbona L. L. & Sollogoub M. (2008). Learning from Experience or Learning from Others? Inferring Informal Training from a Human Capital Earnings Function with Matched Employer - Employee Data. The Journal of

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Clashing Perspectives on Sustainable Development

6. References Ayres, R., (1996), Statistical measures of unsustainability , Ecological Economics, Vol. 16, no. 3, pp. 239-255. Banon Gomis, A., Parra, M., Hoffman, M., McNulty, R., (2011), Rethinking the Concept of Sustainability , Business and Society Review, Vol. 116, no. 2, pp. 171-191. Barbosa, G., Drach, P., Corbella, O., (2014), A Conceptual Review of the Terms Sustainable Development and Sustainability , International Journal of Social Sciences, Vol. 3, no. 2. Barter, N., Russell, S., (2012), Sustainable Development: 1987 to

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Sustainable Regional Development Policy in Romania - Coordinates

References Moşteanu N. R., (2003), Finanţarea dezvoltării regionale în Romania (Funding Regional Development in Romania), Bucureşti, Editura Economică, p. 73. Planul Naţional de Dezvoltare 2000-2002 (The Romanian National Development Plan) (2000), Agenţia Naţională de Dezvoltare Regională (National Agency of Regional Development), Bucureşti. Toderoiu F., Bucur Carmen (2005), “Economia agroalimentară a României: multifuncţionalitate, resurse, oportunităţi şi restricţii în perspectivă globală” (Romania’s Agrofood

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Correlation Between Human Development and Sustainable Development – Condition of Human Security

REFERENCES Bobiuc, V. (1997). Securitatea României o perspectivă europeană . Strategii XXI. Viitorologie. Geopolitică. Strategii operaţionale. Bucureşti. Buzan, B. (2000). Popoarele, statele şi teama, Chişinău: Cartier. Crepon, M. (2006). Securitatea individului şi securitatea statului, o relaţie ambivalentă. IDEA artă + societate, 25 , available at: , accessed on 15 May 2019. European Commission. (2011). Millennium Development Goals : EU gives additional support to 36 countries for tackling major development

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The Concept of Sustainable Development: From its Beginning to the Contemporary Issues

:// Bâc, P.D. (2008). A history of the concept of sustainable development: literature review. Annals of the University of Oradea, Economic Science Series, 17(2), 576-580. Retrieved November 20, 2015, from Baird Callicot, J., Frodeman, B. (2009). Encyclopedia of Environmental Ethics and Philosophy. Detroit, New York, San Francisco, Gane Cengage Learning. Retrieved May 5, 2018, from http

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Key Factors for Development of Export in Polish Food Sector

vision for 2020 and Beyond (2005). Brussels. Retrieved January 21, 2013, from Food, Agriculture and Fisheries, 2009. 2nd SCAR Foresight Exercise. New Challenges for Agricultural Research: Climate Changes, Food Security, Rural Development, Agricultural Knowledge System. (2009). Luxembourg: Directorate - General for Research - Office for Official Publications of the European Communities. Food

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Education, Innovation and Economic Development

5. References Herciu M., Ogrean C., Wealth, Competitiveness, and Intellectual Capital – Sources for Economic Development, Procedia Economics and Finance 27 (2015), 556 – 566 Shaffer D.F., Wright D.J., (2010), A New Paradigm for Economic Development - How Higher Education Institutions Are Working to Revitalize Their Regional and State Economies, The Nelson A. Rockefeller Institute of Government, University of Albany, State University of New York World Economic Forum, (2009), The Global Competitiveness Report 2008–2009: Full Data Edition

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An Exploration for the Motives behind Enhancing Senior Banker’s Level of Organizational Resilience: A Holistic Case Study

organizational change: types, consequences, and management strategies . Journal of business and psychology, 18(4). Borekci, D., Rofcanin, Y. & Sahin, M. (2014) . Effects of organizational culture and organizational resilience over subcontractor riskiness: A multi-method study in longitudinal time setting . European business review, 26 (1), pp. 2–22. Burnard, K., & Bhamra, R. (2011). Organisational resilience: Development of a conceptual framework for organisational responses . International Journal of Production Research, 49(18), pp. 5581–5599.

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