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Sustainable Regional Development Policy in Romania - Coordinates

References Moşteanu N. R., (2003), Finanţarea dezvoltării regionale în Romania (Funding Regional Development in Romania), Bucureşti, Editura Economică, p. 73. Planul Naţional de Dezvoltare 2000-2002 (The Romanian National Development Plan) (2000), Agenţia Naţională de Dezvoltare Regională (National Agency of Regional Development), Bucureşti. Toderoiu F., Bucur Carmen (2005), “Economia agroalimentară a României: multifuncţionalitate, resurse, oportunităţi şi restricţii în perspectivă globală” (Romania’s Agrofood

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Value of Professional Property Managers in Residential Project Development

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Professional Development of Older Employees in Small and Medium Enterprises

References Armstrong-Stassen, M. and Templer, A. (2005). Adapting training for older employees. Journal of Management Development, 24(1): 57-67. Bacon, N. and Hoque, K. (2005). HRM in the SME Sector: Valuable Employees and Coercive Networks. The International Journal of Human Resource Management, 16(11): 1976-1999. Bryan, J. (2006). Training and Performance in Small Firms. International Small Business Journal, 24(6): 635-660. Cassell, C., Nadin, S., Gray, M. and Clegg, C. (2002). Exploring Human

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Fiscality - A Relevant Factor Influencing Regional Development in Romania and the European Union

References 1. Andrei T., Stancu S., (2008), Econometric methods used to study the informal economy and regional development, Informatica Economica Bulletin no. 3, pg. 120-128 2. Cziraki D., Regional development in Croatia 3. Dascalu I., Cojocaru A. (2011), Perspective comparate privind taxarea, nivelul castigului si sustenabilitatea in Uniunea Europeana 4. Dornean A. (2015), Financing regional development through european funds. A review of the effects in Romania (2007-2013), Eurint Proceedings

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Organizational Culture and Scale Development: Methodological Challenges and Future Directions

between industry characteristics and organizational culture: How different can you be? The Academy of Management Journal, 37 (3), 522-553. Chu, K., & Murrmann, S. (2006). Development and validation of the hospitality emotional labor scale. Tourism Management, 27 (6), 1181-1191. doi: 10.1016/j.tourman.2005.12.011 Cooke, R. A., & Rousseau, D. M. (1988). Behavioral norms and expectations. Group & Organization Management, 13 (3), 245. Creswell, J. W. (2014). Research design: Qualitative, quantitative, and mixed methods approaches . (4 th ed

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The Economic Competitiveness and Inclusive Development Nexus: Empirical Evidence from 101 Economies

References 1. Addison, T., Nino-Zarazua, M. (2012). What is inclusive growth? Nordic-Baltic MDB meeting. UNU WIDER, Helsinki. 2. Ali, I. & Son, H. (2007). Defining and measuring inclusive growth: application to the Philippines. ERD Working Paper Series no. 98. Asian Development Bank. 3. Ayinde, T.O., Yinusa O.G. (2016). Financial development and inclusive growth in Nigeria: a threshold analysis. Acta Universitatis Danubius, 12(5), 166-189. 4. Berg, A.& Ostry, A.(2011). Inequality and

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Direction of Causality Between Financial Development and Economic Growth. Evidence for Developing Countries

References 1. Acaravci, A., Ozturk, I., Acaravci, S.K. (2007) Finance - Growth Nexus: Evidence from Turkey, Working Paper Series, April 30. 2. Ardic, O.P., Damar, H. E. (2006) Financial Sector Deepening and Economic Growth: Evidence From Turkey,Working Papers 2006/19, Bogazici University, Department of Economics. 3. Arestis P, Panicos O. D., Kul, B. L. (2001) Financial Development and Economic Growth: The Role of Stock Markets, Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, 33(1), 16-41. 4. Atje, R

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Human Capital Quality and Development: An Employers' and Employees' Comparative Insight

References 1. Becker G.S. (1993), Human Capital: A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis with Special Reference to Education. (3rd ed.). Chicago: University of Chicago Press. 2. Behrman J.R., Taubman P.J. (1982), Human Capital in: Encyclopedia of Economics, ed. Douglas Greenwald, 474-76. New York: McGraw-Hill Book Company. 3. Benhabib J., Spiegel M. (1994), The role of human capital in economic development: evidence from aggregate cross-country data. Journal of Monetary Economics, 34, pp.143-179. 4

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Human Capital Development and Macroeconomic Performance in Nigeria: An Autoregressive Distributed Lag (ARDL) Approach

References Adak, M. (2015). Technological progress, innovation and economic growth; the case of Turkey. Procedia – Social and Behavioural Sciences, 195 , 776-782. Adamu, P. A. (2003). The impact of human capital formation on economic development in Nigeria: An error correction approach. (pp. 55-78). Ibadan: Human Resource Development in Africa, Selected Papers for 2002 Annual Conference, Nigerian Economic Society. Adawo, M. A. (2011). Has education (human capital) contributed to the economic growth of Nigeria? Journal of Economics and

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