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Diaspora Externalities

—accounted for in policymaking. Externalities can be positive or negative. Accordingly, externalities arising from emigration can be good or bad for the development of home countries. Some well-known arguments for the negative externalities of emigration include that emigrants can fuel civil conflicts, or that remittances can act as a driver of “Dutch Disease”; that is, the inflow of foreign currency (through remittances), similarly to the discovery of a natural resource, can lead to a real exchange rate appreciation of the local currency, thus weakening the local economy as

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Regional Development in Advanced Countries: a Within-Country Application of the Human Development Index for Austria

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Fiscality - A Relevant Factor Influencing Regional Development in Romania and the European Union

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Nonprofit Organizations from the Perspective of Organizational Development and Their Influence on Professionalization

References 1. Alfirević, N., Pavičić, J., Najev Čačija, L. (2014). Performance of non-profit organizations: Empirical contrasts between privately and publicly funded Croatian humanitarian organizations. Economic Annals, LIX(8), 115-129. 2. Al-Tabbaa, O., Leach, D., & March, J. (2014). Collaboration between nonprofit and business sectors: A framework to guide strategy development for nonprofit organizations. Voluntas, 25(3), 657-678.

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Productivity and Economic Growth in the European Union: Impact of Investment in Research and Development

., & Mairesse J. (1995). Exploring the relationship between R&D and productivity in French manufacturing firms. NBER Working Paper No. 3956. Lichtenberg, F. R. & Siegel D. (1991). The impact of R&D investment on productivity: New evidence using linked R&D-LRD data. Economic Inquiry 29: 203-229. Lucas, R. (1988). On the mechanics of economic development. Journal of Monetary Economics, 22(1), 3-42.

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The Economic Competitiveness and Inclusive Development Nexus: Empirical Evidence from 101 Economies

References 1. Addison, T., Nino-Zarazua, M. (2012). What is inclusive growth? Nordic-Baltic MDB meeting. UNU WIDER, Helsinki. 2. Ali, I. & Son, H. (2007). Defining and measuring inclusive growth: application to the Philippines. ERD Working Paper Series no. 98. Asian Development Bank. 3. Ayinde, T.O., Yinusa O.G. (2016). Financial development and inclusive growth in Nigeria: a threshold analysis. Acta Universitatis Danubius, 12(5), 166-189. 4. Berg, A.& Ostry, A.(2011). Inequality and

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Sustainable Development of Information Systems for Logistics as a Tool to Strengthen the Competitive Ability on Global Markets

References Andersson, A. (2007). A framework supporting the collaboration between the logistics and the product development process . Stockholm: Malardalen University Press. Antonacopouloua, P. E. & Balogunb, J. (2010). Collaborating to discover the practice of strategy and its impact. Advances in Strategic Management . 27(3), 391-410. BMWi. (2018). Mittelstand 4.0 . Retrieved from . Bobek, S. & Sternad, S

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An Empirical Study Regarding Radical Innovation, Research and Development Management, and Leadership

References Abernathy, W. J., Clark, K. B., & Kantrow, A. M. (1983) Industrial renaissance: Producing a competitive future for America. New York, NY: Basic Books. Amabile, T. M., Schatzel, E. A., Moneta, G. B., & Kramer, S. J. (2004) Leader behaviors and the work environment for creativity: Perceived leader support. The Leadership Quarterly, 15(1), 5-32. Barnett, B. D., & Clark, K. B. (1998) Problem solving in product development: A model for the advanced materials

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Direction of Causality Between Financial Development and Economic Growth. Evidence for Developing Countries

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Human Capital Quality and Development: An Employers' and Employees' Comparative Insight

References 1. Becker G.S. (1993), Human Capital: A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis with Special Reference to Education. (3rd ed.). Chicago: University of Chicago Press. 2. Behrman J.R., Taubman P.J. (1982), Human Capital in: Encyclopedia of Economics, ed. Douglas Greenwald, 474-76. New York: McGraw-Hill Book Company. 3. Benhabib J., Spiegel M. (1994), The role of human capital in economic development: evidence from aggregate cross-country data. Journal of Monetary Economics, 34, pp.143-179. 4

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