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Post-socialist Myanmar and the East Asian Development Model

opposition was elected president of the country in March 2016. Despite political liberalisation and the acceleration of reforms (2011–2015), Myanmar’s authorities chose to use the East Asian development model in their economic policies and systemic reformulation, characterised by an authoritarian political system, limited economic liberalisation and limited economic deregulation, and a broad state control over the national economy. The following article examines how the East Asian development model, in its post-socialist version, was adopted in Myanmar. In the scholarly

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Diaspora Externalities

—accounted for in policymaking. Externalities can be positive or negative. Accordingly, externalities arising from emigration can be good or bad for the development of home countries. Some well-known arguments for the negative externalities of emigration include that emigrants can fuel civil conflicts, or that remittances can act as a driver of “Dutch Disease”; that is, the inflow of foreign currency (through remittances), similarly to the discovery of a natural resource, can lead to a real exchange rate appreciation of the local currency, thus weakening the local economy as

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Contemporary Aspects of Correlation between Agriculture and Rural Development

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Does foreign direct investment cause financial sector development – evidence from an emerging economy

R eferences 1. Adam, A. M. and Tweneboah, G. (2009), “foreign direct investment and stock market development: Ghana’s Evidence”, International Research Journal of Finance and Economics, Vol. 26 No. 1, pp. 178-185. 2. Adeniyi, O., Omisakin, O, Egwaikhide, F.O., and Oyinlola, A. (2012), “Foreign direct investment, economic growth and financial sector development in small open developing economies”, Economic Analysis & Policy, Vol. 42 No.1, pp. 105 – 127. 3. Al Nasser, O. M. and Soydemir, G (2010), “Domestic and international determinants of

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Migration and Mobility as a Factor of Sustainable Development in Europe

References 1. Barbier, Edward B. 2005. “The Concept of Sustainable economic Development”. Environmental Conservation, Vol 14(02), pp: 101-110. 2. Florczak, Waldemar 2009. “Concepts of endogenous growth and of knowledge-based economies in the economics”. Lodz Scientific Society, Vol.80, pp. 215-239. 3. Jelonek, Adam.W. and, Tyszka, Krzysztof. 2001. “Concepts of social development”. Warsaw: Scholar Scientific Publisher. 4. Kronenberg, Jakub. and Bergier, Tomasz. 2010. “ Relations of economy

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Reaching the Objectives of Sustainable Development on the Basis of the Creative Industries – A South and Eastern European Analysis

.sbspro.2013.12.918 Policy online, 1994. Creative nation: Commonwealth cultural policy. from Power, D., and Nielsen, T., 2010. Priority Sector Report: Creative and Cultural Industries Retrieved from Schumpeter, J. A., 1911. The Theory of Economic Development: An Inquiry into Profits, Capital, Credit, Interest and the Business Cycle (Redvers Opie, Trans

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Competitiveness and Development of Local Communities in the Republic of Srpska

LITERATURE Bander, W. 1959. “Impact of Agricultural Adjustment on Community Structure”. Rural Socionogy in a Changing Economy. Urban. Bartik, T. 2003. “Local Economic Development Policies”. Upjohn Institute Working Paper No. 03-91. Batley, R. and Stoker, G. 1991. Local Government in Europe – Trends and Developments. London: Macmillan. Begović, B. and Vacić, Z. and Matković, G. 2006. Lokalni ekonomski razvoj. Beograd: Centar za liberalno-demokratske studije. Bennet, R. 1990. Decentralization, Local Government and Markets. Oxford

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Financialization in the Regional Aspect. An Attempt to Measure a Phenomenon.

into its geographical scope. The issue of the regional approach to financialization has so far remained almost unnoticed in the subject literature, although there are voices highlighting the benefits of creating regional financial structures ( Klagge and Martin 2005 ; Block 2014 ). The degree of financing of individual regions may differ from each other, and its analysis may form the basis for making strategic decisions regarding the further development of these regions. The aim of the work was to analyze the possibilities of measuring the phenomenon of

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Importance and Impact of Foreign Investment on the Economic Development of Bosnia and Herzegovina

REFERENCES Todaro, M. P. & Smit, S. C. (2006). Economic development, Sarajevo: TKD Sahinpasic Jovanovic & Gavrilovic, P. (2006). International business finance. Belgrade: Faculty of Economics Samuelson, P. & Nordhaus, W. (1992) Economic growth in the long run the most important factor in the economic success of nations, McGraw-Hill Dunning, J. (1982). „A Note on the Intra-industry Foreign Direct Investmen“. Banca Nazionale del Lavoro (Rome) March, p.p. 265-284 Popović, G. (2009). Economics of the European Union, the macroeconomic

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Electricity Consumption in Botswana:the Role of Financial Development, Industrialisation and Urbanization

References 1. Abosedra, S., Shahbaz, M. and Sbia, R. (2015). The Link between Energy Consumption, Financial Development and Economic Growth in Lebanon: Evidence from Cointegration with Unknown Structural Breaks, Journal of Energy, Vol. 2015, pp. 1-15. 2. Adebola, S.S. (2011). Electricity Consumption and Economic Growth: Trivariate Investigation in Botswana with Capital Formation, International Journal of Energy Economcs and Policy, Vol. 1 No.2,pp. 32-46. 3. Adom, P.K. (2011). Electricity Consumption-Growth Nexus

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