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Employee Development and Leadership Perception in the Polish Service Delivery Centres

Leadership Training on Attitudinal and Financial Outcomes: A Field Experiment, Journal of Applied Psychology, 81(6), pp.827-832. [4] Barling, J., Christie, A.M., Turner, N., 2008. Pseudo-transformational Leadership: Towards the Development and Test of a Model. Journal of Business Ethics, 81(4), pp.851-861. [5] Bryant, S.E., 2003. The Role of Transformational and Transactional Leadership in Creating, Sharing and Exploiting Organizational Knowledge. Journal of Leadership and Organizational Studies, 9(4), pp.32-44. [6] Coles, C

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Staircase To Sustainable Development

Accounting (MFCA) - Tool For The Optimization of Corporate Production Processes. Business, Management and Education 9(1): 5-18. [22] Introducing Environmental Management Accounting at Enterprise level (2001) - Methodology and case studies from Central and Eastern Europe. United Nations Industrial Development Organisation. [23] Jalaludin D., Sulaiman M., Ahmad N.N.N. (2011) - Understanding environmental management accounting (EMA) adoption: a new institutional sociology perspective (online), 7(4):540-557. (accessed 13 March

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The Influence of Human Resource Management Practices on Employee Work Engagement

:// [19] Sharma, A., Khandekar, A., 2006. Strategic Human Resource Management: An Indian Per-spective. New Delhi: Sage Publication. [20] Uen, J.F., Chien, S.H., 2004. Compensation Structure, Perceived Equity and Individual Per-formance of R&D Professionals. Journal of American Academy of Business, 4(1/2), pp.401-405. [21] Werner, J.M., DeSimone, R.L., 2009. Human Resource Development. Mason, USA: South-Western, Cengage Learning.

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The Practical Aspects of Local Development of Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Travel Companies

OECD and Eurostat), Warsaw: Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development, the Statistical Office of the European Communities. Ministry of Science and Higher Education, Department of Science Strategy and Development - Polish edition. [17] Miles, I., 2005. Innovation in Services. In: Fagerberg J., Mowery D., Nelson R.R. (ed.) The Oxford Handbook of Innovation. Oxford: Oxford University Press. [18] Mindur, M. (ed.), 2012. Logistyka. Infrastruktura techniczna na świecie. (Logistics. Technical Infrastructure in the World). Radom

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Product Portfolio Management Best Practices For New Product Development: A Review Of Models

Development Activities: an empirical Investigation. Journal of Product Innovation Management, 12(3), pp.214-223. [5] Castellion, G., 2005. A New Product’s Development Strategy: Formulation and Implementation. The PDMA Handbook of new Product Development. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley. [6] Cooper, R.G., 1985. Overall Corporate Strategies for New Product Programs. Industrial Marketing Management, 14(3), pp.179-193. [7] Cooper, R.G., 1990. Stage-gate Systems: A New Tool for Managing New Products. Business Horizons, 33(3), pp.44-54. DOI

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Developing And Validating A Measure Of Monitoring And Evaluation For The South Africa Skills Development Context

6 References [1] Rasool, F., Botha, C.J. - The nature, extent and effect of skills shortages on skills migration in South Africa . [in] South African Journal of Human Resource Management, Vol. 9, No. 1, 2011, pp. 1-12. [2] Powell L., Lolwana P. - From reconstruction to deconstruction – The role of research in South African skills development, NORRAG, 2012, (accessed on 2014.05.20). [3] RSA. - Skills Development Act, Act No. 97 of 1998. Government Printers, Pretoria 1998. [4] Carnevale A. - Workplace basics

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Interdisciplinarity in Tech Startups Development – Case Study of ‘Unistartapp’ Project

in Development of Entrepreneurship and Business Globalization), 27.09.2007. Politechnika Łódzka. [3] Barski, R., Cook, T., 2011. Metodyka identyfikacji projektów do komercjalizacji na wyższych uczelniach (Methodology of Identification of Projects for Commercialization at Higher Education Institutions). Zielona Góra/Oxford. [4] Beauchamp, M. Kowalczyk, A., Skala. A., Ociepka. T., 2017. Polish startups report 2017, [online] Available at:

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Information and Knowledge Management as a New Phase in Management Theory Development

References Abramowicz W. - Filtracja informacji. Wyd. Akademii Ekonomicznej w Poznaniu, Poznań 2007. Ashby R. W. - Wstęp do cybernetyki. PWN, Warszawa 1963. Beer M. - Organization Change and Development. Goodyear Publishing Company, Santa Monica 1980. Byrne J. A., Brandt R. - The Virtual Corporation , [in] Business Week, 8.02.1993. Celary W. (ed.) - Polska w drodze do globalnego społeczeństwa informacyjnego - raport o

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A Strategic Knowledge Map for the Research and Development Department in a Manufacturing Company

., Konno, T., 2000. SECI, Ba and Leadership: a Unified Model of Dynamic Knowledge Creation. Long Range Planning , 33, pp.5-34. [14] Nowe media i technologie wiedzy w programach studiów ekonomicznych – synergia teorii i praktyki, [online] Available at: [Accessed 5 June 2016]. [15] Park, J.-G., Lee, J., 2014. Knowledge sharing in information systems development projects: Explicating the role of dependence and trust. International Journal of Project Management , 32, pp.153-165. [16] Patalas

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Structured Education for Sustainable Employment: Technology Enabled Queueing Theory Applications

References [1] Ahmed, T., 2016. Labour market outcome for formal vocational education and training in India: Safety net and beyond. IIMB Management Review, 28(2), pp.98-110. [2] Bose, N., 2017. Raising Consumption Through India’s National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme. World Development, Vol. 96, pp.245-263. [3] Brewer, J.P., Hiller, J.G., Burke, S., Teegerstrom, T., 2016. A Primer: Extension, Indian Land Tenure, and Rangeland Limitations. Rangelands, 38(1), pp.16-22. [4] Broeck, G

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