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Application of TRIZ Methodology in Diffusion Welding System Optimization

and H.C. Li, “Innovative Design Method of Product Service System by Using Case Study and TRIZ Method”, in CIRP IPS2 Conference 2010 , Linköping, Sweden, 2010, pp. 299-305. [11] Welding Handbook , 7th ed., American Welding Society, Miami, FL, 1984. [12] M. Lowe and P. Cawley, “The Detection of a brittle layer at the bondline in diffusion bonded titanium”, in Review of progress in Quantitative Nondestructive Evaluation , vol. 12, D.O. Thompson and D.E. Chimenti, Eds. New York: Springer US, 1993, pp. 1653-1659. [13] D. Akay, A. Demray and M. Kurt

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Knowledge Repository for Fmea Related Knowledge

., Vankeisbelckt, R., Hans, J., Ontology-aided FMEA for construction products, in "Bringing ITC knowledge to work", 24th W78 Conference Maribor 2007, 26.-29.6.2007 McDermott, R.E., Mikulak, R.J., Beauregard, M.R. (2008). The basics of FMEA. Productivity Press, USA Protégé, online: <> - ontology editor Stock, M., Stone, R. and Tumer, I. Y. (2003), Going Back in Time to Improve Design: The Function-Failure Design Method, Submitted to Proceedings of the 2003 ASME Design Engineering Technical Conference

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Matrix FMEA Analysis of the Flow Control Valve

Stock, M.E., Stone, R.B., Tumer, I.Y., 2003. Going back in time to improve design: the elemental function-failure design method. DETCʼ03 ASME 2003 Design Engineering Technical Conference, Computers and Information in Engineering Conference, Chicago, ASME. Domagala, M., Momeni, H., Domagala-Fabis, J., Filo, G., Krawczyk, M., 2018a. Simulation of Cavitation Erosion in a Hydraulic Valve . Materials Research Proceedings, 5, 1-6. DOI: 10.21741/9781945291814-1 Domagala, M., Momeni, H., Domagala-Fabis, J., Filo, G., Kwiatkowski, D., 2018b. Simulation of

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Matrix Fmea Analysis as a Preventive Method for Quality Design of Hydraulic Components

methods . Tribologia, 49 (2), 33-38. Fabis-Domagala, J., Filo, G., Domagala, M., Momeni, H., 2018. Quality management tools used in the function failure design method . 33 rd International Scientific Conference on Economic and Social Development. Varazdin Development and Entrepreneurship Agency, Varazdin, Croatia, 552-560. Filo, G., Fabis-Domagala, J., Domagala, M., Lisowski, E., Momeni, H., 2018. The idea of fuzzy logic usage in a sheet-based FMEA analysis of mechanical systems . MATEC Web Conf., 183, art. 03009. Gadek-Moszczak, A., Pietraszek, J

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Determination of Regression Formulas for Key Design Characteristics of Container Ships at Preliminary Design Stage

REFERENCES Chądzyński W. (2001) Elements of contemporary design methods of floating objects (in Polish) . Scientific Reports of Szczecin University of Technology, Department of Ocean Engineering and Marine System Design Ekincia S., Celebia U.B., Bala M., Amasyalia M.F., Boyacia K. (2011) Predictions of oil/chemical tanker main design parameters using computational intelligence techniques. Applied Soft Computing 11 (2011) 2356-2366 Elvekrok D.R. (1997) Concurrent Engineering in Ship Design. Journal of Ship Production, Vol. 13, No. 4, pp. 258

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