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Use of State-of-the-Art Methods in the Architectural Design Process


The following article summarizes a research with the intention to demonstrate the challenges that architecture students need to face throughout their design tasks. The study is also meant to contribute to the cognition of state-of-the-art methods that can help students with these emerging problems.

The main source of information was a questionnaire. Students were asked about the duties they accomplish when completing a design, about their adopted design methods and about their thoughts on a future profession. As a complement, Interviews were conducted with professional architects from local studios. This allowed a deeper insight into the requirements that the two sides lay down for each other.

The research charts how computer aided design could affect the difficulties that appear in the architectural design process.

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The Use of Steel Cord Scrap in Concrete

Materials in Civil Engineering , ASCE 18 (September/October), pp. 677–685, 2006. [11] A. G. Graeff, K. Pilakoutas, K. Neocleous and M. V. Peres, “Fatigue resistance and cracking mechanism of concrete pavements reinforces with recycled steel fibres recovered from post-consumer tyres,” Engineering Structures, vol. 45, pp. 385–395, 2012. [12] I. Iskhakow and Y. Ribakov, “A design method for two-layer beams consisting of normal fibered high strength

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Effect of Additives on Static Settled Concentration, pH and Viscosity of Bottom Ash-Water Suspension

. Journal of Physics 2014 (530), 1 - 8. [9] M. Romagnoli, P. Sassatelli, M. Lassinantti, G. Tari. Rheological characterization of fly ash-based suspensions. Construction and Building Materials 2014 (65), 526 - 534. [10] A. Parida, P. K Senapati, B. K. Mishra. Slurry pipelines for fly ash-a design method for energy efficient fly ash disposal by hydraulic conveying. Bulk Solids and Handling 2006 (26), 556 - 562. [11] D. Knezevic, B. Kolonja. The influence of ash concentration on change of flow and pressure in slurry

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Experimental and Numerical Investigations of Pipeline with Resonator

empirical data is unavailable. Given these considerations, the authors decided to design and build an experimental rig for a tube resonator with an adjustable chamber volume mounted in the middle of a common straight pipe. The main aim was the experimental identification of the dynamics of a pipe with a tube resonator. In the authors’ opinion, these experiments (numerical and real) significantly simplify the design and operation of such pipes, and also facilitate inspection by technical authorities. The experimental results complete and complement the proposed design

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Shear buckling of steel foam sandwich panel resting on Pasternak foundation

bonded to the core. The base of the sandwich structure theory has been covered in the literature [ 3 , 4 ]. Several investigations have been carried out in the field of local buckling of sandwich structures [ 5 , 6 ]. Szyniszewski et al . [ 2 ] prepared and verified a new design method for the in-plane compressive strength of the steel foam sandwich panel. Magnucka [ 7 ] studied the dynamic stability of a metal foam circular plate using the Hamilton principle. The government equation was numerically solved so that critical loads could be determined. The effect of

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FPGA based angular stabilization of a quadcopter

]. Available: . [14] A. Michael and H. Mohammad, PID Control New Identification and Design Methods, London: Springer, 2005. [15] Control Systems Lab, August 2014. [Online]. Available: . [16] Digilent inc., April 2016. [Online]. Available: .

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