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Responding to Challenge: Comparing Nonprofit Programmes and Pedagogy at Universities in the United Kingdom, Spain and the United States

Regeneration: Final Report. Online: Th e Stationery Office. United States of America. U.S. Department of Commerce. U.S. Census Bureau. 2013. Higher Education: Institutions and Enrollment. U.S. Census Bureau. Available at (last accessed 3 July 2013). Upsall, Daryl. 2013. Spain: Opportunity, Growth and Challenges for the Th ird Sector. Available at (last accessed 2 Oct. 2013). Van Der Meer, Frans-Bauke. 2008. “Interaction between demand and supply in mid-career PA teaching.” Paper presented at the

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Considerations on Sustainable Water Resources Management

References [1] Gleick, Peter H. (editor), Water in Crisis. A Guide to the World’s Fresh Water resources , Oxford University Press, 1993. [2] Montanari, Alberto, Sustainable management of water resources , , accessed on 15.05.2019. [3] Seckler, David, Amarasinghe, Upali, Molden, David, Silva, Radhika de, Barker Randolph, World water demand and supply, 1990 to 2025: Scenarios and issues. Research Report 19, International Water Management Institute, Colombo, Sri Lanka, 1998. [4

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Education, 2015

: Department of Education and Skills. Department of Education and Skills. (2015). Projections of full-time enrolment: Primary and secondary level 2015-2033. Dublin: Department of Education and Skills. Department of Public Expenditure and Reform. (2015). Building on recovery: Infrastructure and capital investment 2016-2021. Dublin: Department of Public Expenditure and Reform. HEA. (2015a). Report on student accommodation: Demand and supply. Dublin: HEA. HEA. (2015b). Student grant recipients from a first year

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Renewable Energy Technologies as “Saving Graces” for Pacific Island Nations Fighting Climate Change

(April 2009). Retrieved: . [7] Australian Government. Department of the Environment and Energy, Australian Energy Statistics , table O, March 2019. Retrieved: . [8] Asian Development Bank, Technical Assistance Consultant's Report [. . .] (April 2009), Table 2.1: Summary of power generation sources in PNG, p. 4. [9] Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation. APEC Energy Demand and Supply Outlook , 5

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Legislative Turnover in the Baltics After 1990: Why is it So High and What are its Implications?

, V., Auers, D. and Ramonaitė, A. (2011). ‘Political Development’. Estonian Human Development Report 2010/2011 . Tallinn: Eesti Koostöö Kogu, 144–164. Pettai, V. and Kreuzer, M. (1999).‘Party Politics in the Baltic States: Social Bases and Institutional Context’. East European Politics and Societies 13(1): 148–189. Pettai, V. (2010). Comparing Demand and Supply Indicators in the Measurement of Party Systems. Paper for the Conference “Twenty Years After: Parliamentary Democracy and Parliamentary Representation in Post-Communist Europe“, Organised by

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