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Research of design challenges and new technologies for floating LNG


With the rate of worldwide LNG demand expected to grow faster than that of gas demand, most major oil companies are currently investing their resources to develop floating LNG-FLNG (i.e. LNG FSRU and LNG FPSO). The global Floating LNG (FLNG) market trend will be reviewed based on demand and supply chain relationships. Typical technical issues associated with FLNG design are categorized in terms of global performance evaluation. Although many proven technologies developed through LNG carrier and oil FPSO projects are available for FLNG design, we are still faced with several technical challenges to clear for successful FLNG projects. In this study, some of the challenges encountered during development of the floating LNG facility (i.e. LNG FPSO and FSRU) will be reviewed together with their investigated solution. At the same time, research of new LNG-related technologies such as combined containment system will be presented.

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Simulation of Congestion Phenomena and Strategic Passenger Behaviour on Transit Networks

Passenger Flows in the Era of Intelligent Transport System: COST Act ion TU1004 (TransITS), chapter 6, 287-386. Springer. 12. Gentile, G., Noekel, K., Schmocker, J.D., Trozzi, V., and Chandakass, E. (2016b) The theory of transit assignment: demand and supply phenomena. In Gentile, G. and Noekel, K., editors, Modelling Public Transport Passenger Flows in the Era of Intelligent Transport System: COST Act ion TU1004 (TransITS), chapter 7, 387-439. Springer. 13. Kurauchi, F., Bell, M.G.H., and Schmocker, J.D. (2003) Capacity constrained transit

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Warehousing in Finnish and Swedish Companies: State of Operating Environment During Period of 2006–2012

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Travel Behaviour of Online Shoppers in Sweden

1. Bring (2013) The E-commerce Report 2013 2. Casas, J., Zmud, J. and Bricka, S. (2001). Impact of shopping via internet on travel for shopping purposes. In: Proceedings of the 80th Annual Meeting of the Transportation Research Board , January 7-11, Washington DC. 3. Choo, S. and Mokhtarian, P. L. (2007) Telecommunications and travel demand and supply: Aggregate structural equation models for the US. Transportation Research Part A , 41 (1) 4-18. 4. Corpuz, G. and Peachman, J. (2003) Measuring the impacts of Internet usage on travel behaviour in the

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Exploratory Assessment of the Limiting Extended Kalman Filter Properties

References 1. Balakrishna, R., Ben-Akiva, M. and H. N. Koutsopoulos (2007). Off-line Calibration of Dynamic Traffic Assignment: Simultaneous Demand and Supply Estimation. Transportation Research Record , No. 2003, 50-58. 2. Antoniou, C., Balakrishna, R., Koutsopoulos, H. N. and M. Ben-Akiva (2011). Calibration methods for simulation-based dynamic traffic assignment systems. International Journal of Modeling and Simulation, 31(3), 227-233. 3. Tavana, H. and H. Mahmassani (2000). Estimation and

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An Analysis Regarding the Possibility of Using Fuzzy Logic in Inventory Management

:// Riadi, A. (2010) A study on fuzzy inventory control system under demand uncertainty, Master’s thesis, Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology; Tanthatemee, T.; Phruksaphanrat, B. (2012) Fuzzy Inventory Control System for Uncertain Demand and Supply, Proceedings of the International MultiConference of Engineers and Computer Scientists 2012, Vol.II, IMECS 2012, March 14-16, Hong Kong ; Yimer, A.D.; Demirli, K. (2004) Fuzzy modeling and simulation of single item inventory system with variable

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Considerations on Sustainable Water Resources Management

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Renewable Energy Technologies as “Saving Graces” for Pacific Island Nations Fighting Climate Change

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