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Encounters with Self-Monitoring Data on ICT Use

-Gartland, B. & Neff, G. (2015). Communication, mediation, and the expectations of data: Data valences across health and wellness communities. International Journal of Communication , 9: 1466-1484. Kennedy, H. & Hill, L. R. (2017). The feeling of numbers: Emotions in everyday engagements with data and their visualisation. Sociology , 1-19, pre-publication. Kennedy, H., Hill, R. L., Allen, W. & Kirk, A. (2016). Engaging with (big) data visualizations: Factors that affect engagement and resulting new definitions of effectiveness. First Monday , 21

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Exploring Journalism and Computer Science Student Collaboration
A Norwegian case study

science education 30 35 New York ACM Reese, S. D. (2016). The new geography of journalism research. Digital Journalism 4(7): 816–826. Reese S. D. 2016 The new geography of journalism research Digital Journalism 4 7 816 826 Weber, W. & Rall, H. (2012). Data visualization in online journalism and its implications for the production process. Paper presented at the 16 th International Conference on Information Visualization 2012, July 11–13, at University of Montpellier. Weber W. & Rall H. 2012 Data visualization in online

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Viable, Sustainable or Resilient?
Understanding the hyperlocal business ecosystem

, developed Leeds Data Mill in partnership with Leeds City Council with a potential licence revenue model to form a hub for an open data culture in the city. Users could create data visualisations built from council data. A further approach was affiliate marketing. Other publishers Within the ecosystem, hyperlocals shared resources “to take the pressure off”. For example, e52 produced a monthly newspaper for their 150 subscribers, also distributed by the local tourism board, boosting advertiser appeal. Mars Actu , Angers Mag , 321an and Ditiswijk occasionally

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Think big: learning contexts, algorithms and data science

ISTAT. Retrieved from De Mauro, A. & Greco, M. & Grimaldi, M. (2015). What is big data? A consensual definition and a review of key research topics, AIP Conference Proceedings, 1644, 97-104. DeLillo, D. (2003). Cosmopolis: A novel. New York: Scribner. Elliott M. (2013). Big learning data. Alexandria, VA: ASTD Press. Frické, M. (2009). The knowledge pyramid: a critique of the DIKW

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