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Experimental Verification of Numerical Calculations with the Use of Digital Image Correlation

., 2015, “Modeling subcomponent of demonstrator of tebuk project - Internal report (Modelowanie subkomponentu demonstratora TEBUK, Raport wewnętrzny),” 68/LK/2015/TEBUK, Institute of Aviation, Warsaw. [4] Chu, T. C., Ranson, W. F., and Sutton, M. A., 1985, “Applications of digital-image-correlation techniques to experimental mechanics,” ResearchGate, No. 25(3), pp. 232–244. [5] Lagattu, F., Brillaud, J., and Lafarie-Frenot, M.-C., 2004, “High strain gradient measurements by using digital image correlation technique,” Materials Characterization, No. 53(1), pp

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Determination of In-Plane Shear Properties of Laminate with V-Notch Rail Shear Test and Digital Image Correlation

REFERENCES [1] Kowalczyk P., “On applications of optical full-field strain measurements in validation and examination procedures”, Transactions of the Institute of Aviation, No. 4(245), 2016, 46-51, DOI: 10.5604/05096669.1226354 [2] Bajurko P., Dobrzański P., 2018, “Experimental verification of numerical calculations with the use of digital image correlation”, Transactions of the Institute of Aviation, No. 2(251), 7-21 [3] F. Lagattu. J. Brillaud, M.-C. Lafarie-Frenot, “High strain gradient measurements by using digital image correlation

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Meso Mechanical Study of Cracking Process in Concrete Subjected to Tensile Loading

REFERENCES 1. Rouchier S, Foray G, Godin N, Woloszyn M and Roux J-J: Damage monitoring in fibre reinforced mortar by combined digital image correlation and acoustic emission. Construction and Building Materials , Vol. 38, 2013, pp. 371-380. 2. Alam S Y, Saliba J and Loukili A: Fracture examination in concrete through combined digital image correlation and acoustic emission techniques. Construction and Building Materials , Vol. 69, 2014, pp. 232-242. 3. Guo M, Alam S Y, Bendimerad A Z, Grondin F, Rozière E and Loukili A: Fracture process zone

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Application of 3D DIC Displacement Field Measurement in Residual Stress Calculations

. 5. Gao J., Shang H., Deformation-pattern-based digital image correlation method and its application to residual stress measurement. Applied Optics, 48 (2009) 1371-1381. 6. Lord J.D., Penn D., Whitehead P.: The Application of Digital Image Correlation for Measuring Residual Stress by Incremental Hole Drilling. Applied Mechanics and Materials, 13-14 (2008) 65-73. 7. Cooreman S., Lecompte D., Sol H., Vantomme J., Debruyne D., Identification of Mechanical Material Behavior Through Inverse Modeling and DIC, Experimental Mechanics, 48 (2008) 421–43. 8

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Quantum chemical study of organic inhibitors of corrosion and hydrogen absorption An investigation of the mechanism of bainite transformation in experimental 0.2c-1v-2mn steel An investigation of the mechanism of bainite transformation in experimental 0.2c-1v-2mn steel

References 1. Beloglazov S.M., Beloglazov G.S., Uss S.N. Corrosion and hydrogen absorption inhibitors with biocide action against sulphate reducing bacteria, in: Progress in the Understanding and Prevention of Corrosion // Progress in the Understanding and Prevention of Corrosion: Proc. / 10th European Congress. Barcelona. 1993. J.M. Costa, A. D. Mercer (Eds.). Vol. 2, pp. 1185-1189. 2. Beloglazov S.M., Beloglazov G.S. Correlation of Quantum Chemical Study of Organic Compounds with their Corrosion and Hydrogen

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Strain Optical Analysis of 3D Printing Elements in Different Additive Technologies in Comparison with the Finite Element Method

BIBLIOGRAPHY [1] Kluska E., Gruda P. The accuracy and the printing resolution comparison of different 3D printing technologies . Warsaw: Institute of Aviation, 2017. [2] MESOCOS. DIC Measurements in Engineering Applications. [Online] . [3] Chu T.C., Ranson W.F., Sutton M.A, Peters W.H. Application of digital-image-correlation techniques to experimental mechanics. Experimental Mechanics . 1985, 25(3), 232-244. [4] Lutowski Z., Marciniak B., Marciniak T., Bujnowski S. Precision of

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Failure of Lightweight Aggregate Concrete in Compression under Stress Gradients

-7:2009, Lysaker, Norway, 2009, 16 pp. 16. European Union – Brite EuRam III: “Methods for Testing Fresh Lightweight Aggregate Concrete”. BE96-3942/R4, December1999, 51 pp. 17. McCormick N & Lord J: “Digital Image Correlation for Structural Measurements”. ICE institution, Civil Engineering, 165 (CE4), 2012, pp. 185–190. 18. SINTEF procedure:“Fracture energy of prisms with notch in three point bending test”. KS14-05-04123, September 2007, 3pp. 19. European committee for standardization: “Eurocode 2: Design of concrete structures – General rules and rules

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The Selected Measurement Problems in the Aspect of the Non-Destructive Testing of the Gear Wheels and the other Parts

, 2011, 41. 4. Kondej A., Baranowski M., Niedźwiedzki K., Jończyk. S., Szczepański A.: Automatic stand for NDT inspection using eddy current method. [in Polish]. Inżynieria Powierzchni 1 (2014), 57-62. 5. Babul T., Jończyk S., Samborski T., Włodarczyk S.: Detection of local inhomogeneity of the material and microstructure changes using eddy current method. [in Polish]. Przegląd Spawalnictwa 12 (2013), 25-28. 6. Babul T., Jończyk S., Samborski T.: Assessment of local defects in the microstructure - correlation measurements

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Dynamic and High Temperature Quasi-static Examination of Tempered Glass

References [1] Chen J. et al.: Experimental investigation on the radial and circular crack propagation of PVB laminated glass subject to dynamic out-of-plane loading. Engineering Fracture Mechanics, 112–113. (2013) 26–40. [2] Huang J. et al.: A study on correlation of pedestrian head injuries with physical parameters using in-depth traffic accident data and mathematical models. Accident Analysis and Prevention, 119. (2018) 91–103. [3] Xu J. et al

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Oxidation Activation Energy of Titanium Alloy Based on TiAl(γ) Intermetalic Phase


The present paper deals with the analysis of the course of oxidation of the cyclic Ti-46Al-7Nb-0.7Cr-0.1Si-0.2Ni alloy in a hot air atmosphere in the temperature range of 875-975°C. The constant rates of the oxidation were determined (separately for the first and second stages of oxidation) and the energy of oxidation activation of the tested alloy was established. It was discovered that the oxidation process of the Ti-46Al-7Nb-0,7Cr-0.1Si-0.2Ni alloy develops according to the parabolic correlation, and it is only possible to determine the apparent energy of oxidation activation.

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