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Genetic Variability, Inheritance and Correlation for Mineral Contents in Cabbage (Brassica Oleracea Var. Capitata L.)

, 1950 to 1999. J. Amer. Coll. Nutr. 23 : 669-682. Dewey D.R., Lu K.H. 1959. A correlation and path analysis of components of crested wheat grass seed production. Agronomy J. 51: 515-518. Farnham M.W., Grusak M.A., Wang M. 2000. Calcium and magnesium concentration of inbred and hybrid broccoli heads. J. Amer. Soc. Hortic. Sci. 125 (3): 344-349. Garvin D.F., Welch R.M., Finley J.W. 2006. Historical shifts in the seed mineral micronutrient concentration of US hard red winter wheat germplasm. J. Sci. Food Agric. 86: 2213

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Varietal performance and correlation of okra pod yield and yield components

., Olawuyi, O. J., Abdulmaliq, S. Y., Ige, S. A., Mahamood, J., Azeez. M. A. Afolabi, M. S. (2014), Yield performance and adaptation of early and intermediate droughttolerant maize genotypes in Guinea savanna of Nigeria. Sarhad J. Agric. 30(1), 53‒66. [15] Bello, O. B., Olawuyi, O. J. (2015). Gene action, heterosis, correlation and regression estimates in developing hybrid cultivars in maize. Trop. Agric. 92(2), 102‒117. [16] Adekoya, M. A., Ariyo, O. J., Kehinde, O. B., Adegbite, A. E. (2014), Correlation and path analyses of seed yield in

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Coefficient Analysis and Association between Morpho-Agronomical Characters in Common Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)

References Board J.E., Kang M.S., Harville B.G., 1999 - Path analyses of the yield formation process for late-planted soybean. Agron. J., 91:128-135. Bozoglu H., Gulumser A., 1999 - An investigation on the determination correlations and heritabilities of some agronomical characters in Dry Bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.). Third Field Crops Congress (15-18 November, 1999). Pasture, Forage Crops and Edible Legumes, 3: 360-365. Cokkizgin A., Colkesen M., Idikut L., Ozsisli B., Girgel U., 2013 - Determination of

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Heterosis and heterobeltiosis of yield associated traits in rapeseed cultivars under limited nitrogen application

characters in rapeseed. In Suranaree Journal of Science and Technology , vol. 17 , 2010, pp. 39-47. KATIYAR, R.K. - CHAMOLA, R. - CHOPRA, V.L. 2000. Heterosis and combining ability in Indian mustard ( Brassica juncea ). In Indian Journal of Genetics and Plant Breeding , vol. 60 , 2000, no. 4, pp. 557-559. KHAN, S. - FARHATULLAH, I. - KHALLIL, H. 2008. Phenotypic correlation analysis of elite F3 : 4 Brassica populations for quantitative and qualitative traits. In ARPN Journal of Agricultural and Biological Science , vol. 3 , 2008, pp

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Physio-genetic behavior of maize seedlings at water deficit conditions

. Ashraf M., 1989 - Effect of water stress on maize cultivars during the vegetative stage. Ann. Arid Zone 28: 47-55 Bocev B.V., 1963 - Maize selection at an initial phase of development. Kukuruzu (Maize). Pl. Br. Abat 1:54 Dewey O.R., K.H. Lu, 1959 - A correlation and path coefficient analysis of components of crested wheatgrass seed production. J. Agron 57: 515-518 Ehlig C.F., R.D. Lemert, 1976 - Water use and productivity of wheat under five irrigation treatments. Soil Sci. Soc. Am. J 40: 750-755 Jones

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Prediction of 24-hour milk yield and composition in dairy cows from a single part-day yield and sample

were developed within classes of parity by stage of lactation by milking interval (categorised into one-and-a-half hourly intervals). The residual prediction error per test day in the validation dataset was calculated as the actual yield or composition observation minus the respective predicted value. The statistics used to compare the actual 24-hour yields and composition with the predicted 24-hour yields and composition included the mean bias, the linear regression coefficient of the actual on the predicted values, the correlation between actual and predicted

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The agricultural impact of the 2015–2016 floods in Ireland as mapped through Sentinel 1 satellite imagery

often used as a proxy for photosynthetic activity and plants biomass ( Pettorelli, 2014 ). NDVI is a unitless index ranging from –1 to 1; healthy vegetation has high positive values, stressed vegetation has lower values, while bare soil and water have values around or less than zero, respectively. Several studies have shown a correlation between wet soil and NDVI values ( Lozano-Garcia, 1991 ; Levine, 1994 ; Ciallela et al., 1997) and demonstrated crop response to inundation (Streyer et al., 2013; Džubáková et al., 2015 ) or other weather-based natural disasters

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pants grown with exogenous phosphorus in different cropping system. Aus. J.Exp. Agric. 47: 583-589. Sharma R.K., Bangar K.S., Sharma S.R., Gwal H.B., Verma I.D., 1993 - Studies on intercropping of pulses in spring planted sugarcane. Indian Journal of Pulses Research 6(2), 161-164. Singh D.K., Yadav D.S., 1992 - Production potential and economics of chickpea (Cicer arietinum) -based intercropping systems under rainfed condition. Indian Journal of Agronomy 37(3), 424-429. Singh R., Joshi B.S., Singh S., 1982 - Correlation

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Phenolic profiles of quince (Cydonia oblonga Mill.) leaf extracts obtained by different extraction methods

: Characterization of the phenolic profiles, and activity and gene expression of selected enzymes related to the phenylpropanoid pathway in pellicle during walnut development. Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry 66, 2742–2748. Persic, M., Mikulic-Petkovsek, M., Slatnar, A., Veberic, R., 2017: Chemical composition of apple fruit, juice and pomace and the correlation between phenolic content, enzymatic activity and browning. Lwt-Food Science and Technology 82, 23–31. Sajid, S.M., Zubair, M., Waqas, M., Nawaz, M., Ahmad, Z., 2015: A review on quince ( Cydonia

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The impact of cattle drinking points on aquatic macroinvertebrates in streams in south-east Ireland

assemblages ( Van Sickle, 1997 ). This analysis gives the overall mean similarity between all pairs of sites both within a group and between groups. The difference between the two is a measure of classification strength ( Van Sickle and Hughes, 2000 ). In a post hoc analysis, the value of upstream ecological metrics and the difference between upstream and downstream values were correlated. No correlation would suggest that higher upstream values are not associated with larger differences in values between pairs of upstream and downstream sites; conversely, a negative

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