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The Numerical Evaluation Errors of the Geometric Model of the Straight Teethed Shaper Cutter


It is well known that straight teethed shaper cutters present a theoretical profile error. The side edges are situated on a common conical rack face with the result that they and their projection in the generating plane can’t be involute curves. The optimization of the cutter requires such a correlation of the edge defining parameters that the potential theoretical profile error is kept to the minimum possible. Thus the relevance of the edge equations is of great importance. This paper deals with the analysis of the edge equations, presenting two different forms of it. The comparison between the two different forms is realized by applying the numerical evaluation, by substitution of the edge point coordinates in the implicit equations of the originating surfaces. The obtained results present a difference of magnitude 10-E3. Finally, it can be concluded that the two forms of the edge equations cannot be used randomly but only in correlation with the goal proposed by the running application.

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