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Sentencing Disparities

, Extraordinary Physical Impairments and Intercircuit Variation Under the Federal Sentencing Guidelines , 11 E LDER L.J. 273, 31213 tbl.3, 4 (2004) (finding that in a few districts defendants age 50 and over were more likely to receive downward departures). It could be the negative correlation between older age and severity of penalty is not just about age per se, but a combination of age, infirmity, and physical impairment may lead to an empathetic response. Burrow & Koons-Witt, supra note 124, at 296. The impact of age may also be for the focal concern of future

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Adventures in Higher Education, Happiness, And Mindfulness

is crucial to emphasize this research finds a correlation, and not a causal link, between thriving and favorable gene expression. Dan Pouliot, Mind Over Genetics, and Inaccuracy in Journalism , Sept. 28, 2013, available at Also, older adults who practice mindfulness are less lonely and have less pro-inflammatory gene expression. J. David Creswell et al., Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Training Reduces Loneliness and Pro-Inflammatory Gene Expression in Older Adults: A

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Fundamental Rights in Early American Case Law: 1789-1859

Commentaries and which most likely comprises the intellectual milieu in which the early judges of America were situated. VII The Statistical Frequency of Specific Rights In this next part we will step back a moment from the individual cases that we have reviewed and look at the specific enumerated fundamental rights mentioned by the courts, their frequency, and their correlation, if any, to the great Anglo-American legal documents: the Magna Carta, the English Bill of Rights, and the American Bill of Rights. We will also note whether the fundamental rights

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A Historical Perspective on Administrative Jurisdiction in Latin America: Continental European Tradition versus U.S. Influence

-cited Article 243 of the Constitution of Cadiz (according to which neither the Cortes nor the King could exercise under any circumstances judicial functions, rule itself competent to hear pending cases or even order “ juicios fenecidos” to be reopened) and Article 242 (according which the courts alone have the power to apply the laws in civil and criminal cases) still have correlations with the provisions of the 19 th Century Latin-American Constitutions of Chile, C ONSTITUCIóN P OLíTICA DE LA R EPúBLICA DE C HILE [C.P.] (1828) art. 85.3; C ONSTITUCIóN P OLíTICA DE

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“To Promote the General Welfare”: Addressing Political Corruption in America

ONATHAN N AGLER , W HO V OTES N OW ?: D EMOGRAPHICS , I SSUES , I NEQUALITY, AND T URNOUT IN THE U NITED S TATES 58-66, 72-76 (2014) (studying the relationship of education and age with voter turnout); M ICHAEL S. L EWIS -B ECK ET AL ., T HE A MERICAN V OTER R EVISITED 92-97 (2008) (reviewing studies and finding positive correlation between eligible voters’ interest in public affairs and the likelihood that they will actually vote); see also Ansolabehere & Hersh, supra note 25, at 456 (noting that people with a bachelor’s degree are more likely to vote

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The Fidejussor’s Early Regression in the Insolvency Proceedings

.I.Motica, E. Lupan, The general theory of the civil obligations, Lumina Lex Publishing House, Bucharest 2008; 7. A.G. Atanasiu, A.P. Dumitriu, A.F. Dobre et all, The New Civil Code. Notes. Correlations. Explanations, C.H. Beck Publishing House, Bucharest, 2011; 8. Fl. Baias, R. Chelaru, R.Constantinovici, I. Macovei (coordinators), the New Civil Code - comments on articles art.1-2664, C.H. Beck Publishing House, Bucharest 2012; 9. P. Vasilescu, Civil Law. Obligations - in the regulation of the New Civil Code, Hamangiu

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Feeling like a State. The Sentiments Tide of Swiss Diplomacy through the Eye of the Algorithm

verify such statements against a broad empirical foundation, for instance by following the evolution of the language of a given ambassador or by examining correlations between professional promotions or transfer of diplomats in function with statistically measurable linguistic features of his or her reports. Scope and limitations Our algorithmic analysis of the Swiss political reports is of course subject to a series of material contingencies. The original documents of the E2300* fond are printed on paper of diverse qualities and formats, which required scanning

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The Vaccine and Its Simulacra: Agnotology, Ontology and Biopolitics in France, 1800–1865

brushed aside by the Academy of Medecine and by the statistician Louis-Adolphe Bertillon Louis-Adolphe Bertillon, Conclusions statistiques contre les détracteurs de la vaccine, précédées ďun essai sur la méthode statistique appliquée à ľétude de ľhomme, Paris 1857. ) was almost exclusively statistical: they exhibited (weak) correlations between vaccination and the multiplication of certain pathologies (chiefly typhoid but also scrofula, tuberculosis, cachexia, scoliosis, etc.). These correlations, determined from incomplete or incoherent series, did not stand up to

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Decency and Respect. New Perspectives on Emotional Bonds between State and Citizens

correlations of social structures, status and power. The language they used and the authorities’ response depended on the specific political situation, on political debates and their semantics in the media and on generally accepted expectations in the state and administration. In the postwar years, defamatory speech acts by citizens usually compared the Austrian State to the Nazi past or to a fascist or communist regime. In the last years of the First Republic, rising political tensions provoked by fiscal demands to contain the effects of the economic crisis resulted in a

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Space and Administrative Boundaries at the Birth of the Italian Kingdom

relationships among the various provinces due to their proximity , similarities in physical make - up , similar economic complexity , or common civil traditions could be coordinated. We were therefore induced to group provinces together primarily on the basis of their topographical cohesion , which inevitably determines economic correlation and correspondence , and secondly on that of the moral and civil traditions of the various parts of Italy. These groups, which we will call ›Compartments‹ , may perhaps evoke the image either of the former States into which our

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