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Football clubs’ sports performance in the context of their market value and GDP in the European Union regions

, a strong positive correlation was identified between the market value and the sports performance of the clubs. Based on the determination coefficient, we can claim that more than 80% of the success in the national league or in the European competitions is influenced by the market value of the club. Table 3 Correlation between selected indicators of sports and economic performance within Euroepan Union NUTS 2 regions in 2007–2016 R (Pearson) GDP value Market value TIc value (Coefficient R 2 of determination) GDP value Market value TIc value

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Word Heritage Sites as soft tourism destinations – their impacts on international arrivals and tourism receipts

quantify the impact of world heritage sites on tourism arrivals and receipts. Many papers have been published about the importance of world heritage sites in tourism, and, among them, case studies of individual heritage sites are the most abundant. However, relatively little research has been done on establishing correlations between the number of heritage sites and tourism arrivals, or tourism receipts. The studies addressing this issue have their specific limitations: some refer only to a specific group of countries, others are based on data from before 2011, others

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Regional diversification of cultural sector potential in Poland

position, and according to another (x 2 ) – the penultimate position. Examining the results of all calculations, it is worth mentioning that the values obtained were largely influenced by the level of income in the cultural sector per capita (x 3 ). The coefficient of variation for this feature reached as high as V x = 113.4%. Therefore, taking a weak position in this category had a significant impact on the final result. For other characteristics, the variation coefficient fluctuated between 15.0% ≤ V x ≤ 24.2%. On the other hand, the correlation coefficient

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The determinants of travel mode choice: the case of Łódź, Poland

outcomes of these works suggest that discrete choice models are sufficient and proper tools for researching travel behaviour determinants. The literature and empirical studies regarding Poland are rather sparse. Among the few available, the work of Gadziński (2016) discusses the accessibility of public transport and its relationship with travel behaviour for the inhabitants of Poznań. The author uses a correlation coefficient in order to conclude that travel frequency and mode choice are linked with the level of urbanisation. The residents in suburbs tend to take

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Forest stand biomass of Picea spp.: an additive model that may be related to climate and civilisational changes

biomass data and values obtained by the calculation of initial and additive models of Picea spp. biomass (Fig. 4) show the degree of correlation of these values and the absence of visible differences in the structure of residual dispersions obtained from the two models. Table 3 Final three-step additive model of Picea forest biomass /> Table 4 Comparison of coefficients of determination of the initial and additive equations of Picea spp. forest biomass Biomass components Pt Pa Pr Ps Pw Pbk Pc Pb Pf Initial

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Optimal Spatial Allocation of Labour Force and Employment Protection Legislation (EPL)

.61-6.1\times 16.53 \right)\div 2385.04=-38.37 \\ \end{align}$$ After testing the two main hypotheses behind our model, the relationship between EPL on the one hand and the NLI and the probability of finding employment on the other hand, we can test in a second step whether the EPL, through the channel of the expected NLI, shapes workers’ decisions about where to work and live. We will examine the correlation between the average expected NLI for the period 2008–2015, calculated on the basis of our previous results, and the average migration inflow / net migration (IM

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A multidimensional analysis of spatial order in public spaces: a case study of the town Morąg, Poland

has multiple dimensions, and the relevant analyses should therefore account for various aspects of space. The above also applies to multidimensional analyses of spatial order based on architectural, aesthetic, social, environmental and functional components that describe the evaluated space. A multidimensional analysis of spatial order was carried out in the Old Town district of Morąg to determine the quality of various components in the entire district and in selected public spaces. The results point to strong correlations between the quality of the evaluated

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Public spending mechanisms and gross domestic product (GDP) growth in the agricultural sector (1970–2016): Lessons for Nigeria from agricultural policy progressions in China

works of Barro (1990) , Bose et al . (2007) and Pham (2010) that applied this method on a cross-section analysis evidenced that a negative relationship was established between government expenditures and GDP growth. In the same vein, a study by Agenor et al . (2007) also verified an insignificant partial correlation between the size of government expenditure and economic/GDP growth. These studies attributed their findings to the unfitting cross-section model to investigate the relationship between government expenditure and economic/GDP growth. Moreover, part

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Urban and Rural Public Spaces: Development Issues and Qualitative Assessment

development process of any urban or rural area. It is an important tool in the process of reasonable spatial development, as it provides bases for defining the issues and potentials of the examined area. It is worth pointing to the key correlation that forms the basis for the practical application of the qualitative assessment results in the semantic differential method. If a given public space ranks highly and therefore has great potential, it can be considered worthy of intensified development in the future. Otherwise, if a public space ranks low and has many issues, it

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The Problematization of The Triad Style-Genrelanguage in The Didactic Approach of The Discipline The History of Music


Conventional mentality, according to which, in the teaching activities carried out during the courses of History of Music, the approach of the triad style-genre-language is performed under restrictions and in most cases in a superficial manner, the professor dealing with the usual general correlations (information regarding the epoch, biography and activity of the creator, affiliation of the musician to a certain culture of origin, the classification of the opus under discussion chronologically in the context of the composer’s work) falls into a traditional perspective on the discipline brought to our attention, a perspective that determines, following the processes of periodical or final assessment, average results and a limited feedback from students. For these reasons, it is necessary to use the modern methods of approaching the discipline, new teaching strategies in the comments and correlations on scientific content, so that the problematization of the style-genre-language triad in didactic approach of the discipline The History of Music, to generate optimal results in specific teaching and assessment activities.

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