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Automatic Taxi Directional Control System for General Aviation Aircraft

-9, 2002. [11] Zajdel, A., Szczepański, C., Krawczyk, M., Aircraft model for automatic taxi directional control system design , Aircraft Engineering and Aerospace Technology, 2018. [12] Zammit, C., Zammit-Mangion, D., A control technique for automatic taxi in fixed wing aircraft , in 52nd Aerospace Sciences Meeting, January, 2014. [13] Zammit, C., Zammit-Mangion, D., An enhanced automatic taxi control algorithm for fixed wing aircraft , in AIAA Guidance, Navigation, and Control Conference, January, 2014. [14] Gao, Z., Huang, Y., Han, J., An

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Mechanical Homogeneous Continuous Dynamical Systems Holor Algebra - Steady-State Alternating Velocity Analysis

D.E. (1963): A New Mathematical Representation of Alternating Currents . – Tensor, No. 14, p.110. [5] Moon P. and Spencer D.E. (1966): Vectors . – D. van Nostrand Co., Princeton, N.Y. [6] Moon P.H. and Spencer D.E (2009): Theory of Holors . – Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. [7] Savant C.J. Jr. (1959): Basic Feedback Control System Design . – New York – Toronto – London: McGraw-Hill Book Company Inc. [8] Kron G. (1939): Tensor Analysis of Networks. – Chapman and Hall Ltd. [9] Gołąb St. (1965): Rachunek tensorowy (Tensor

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Robust Predictive Control of an overhead Crane

., Mohamed, Z., Abdullahi, A. M., Jaafar, H. I., Lazim, I. M., Control strategies for crane systems: A comprehensive review , Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing, Vol. 95, pp. 1-23, 2017. [16] Smoczek, J., P1-TS fuzzy scheduling control system design using local pole placement and interval analysis , Bulletin of the Polish Academy of Sciences – Technical Sciences 62 (3), pp. 455-464, 2014. [17] Su, S. W., Nguyen, H., Jarman, R., Zhu, J., Lowe, D., McLean, P., Huang, S., Nguyen, N. T., Nicholson, R., Weng, K., Model predictive control of gantry crane

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Hybrid modeling and model based control of the four tank process

] Saeed, Q., Uddin, V., and Katebi, R., “Multivariable predictive PID control for quadruple tank”, World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology , University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, 2010, pp. 861-866. [8] Gabín, G.W., and Camacho, E.F., “Application of multivariable GPC to a four tank process with unstable transmission zeros”, IEEE International Symposium on Computer Aided Control System Design Proceedings , Glasgow, Scotland, U.K., 2002, pp. 645-650. [9] De Prada, C., Cristea, S.P., Megías, D., and Serrano, J., “Hybrid control of a four tanks

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