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Human-In-The-Loop Remote Piloted Aerial Systems in the Environmental Monitoring


Paper is related to development of flying robot system. The main objective is to mingle the professional backgrounds in three research directions: development of the aerial vehicle and localization, development of the tele-interaction framework and control system, development of the image fusion system and photogrammetry. Block diagrams give brief description of the systems and sub-systems under the proposed environmental system. Structure of the monitoring UAV adapted for the hand launch given.

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Automatic Taxi Directional Control System for General Aviation Aircraft

-9, 2002. [11] Zajdel, A., Szczepański, C., Krawczyk, M., Aircraft model for automatic taxi directional control system design , Aircraft Engineering and Aerospace Technology, 2018. [12] Zammit, C., Zammit-Mangion, D., A control technique for automatic taxi in fixed wing aircraft , in 52nd Aerospace Sciences Meeting, January, 2014. [13] Zammit, C., Zammit-Mangion, D., An enhanced automatic taxi control algorithm for fixed wing aircraft , in AIAA Guidance, Navigation, and Control Conference, January, 2014. [14] Gao, Z., Huang, Y., Han, J., An

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Mechanical Homogeneous Continuous Dynamical Systems Holor Algebra - Steady-State Alternating Velocity Analysis

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Robust Predictive Control of an overhead Crane

., Mohamed, Z., Abdullahi, A. M., Jaafar, H. I., Lazim, I. M., Control strategies for crane systems: A comprehensive review , Mechanical Systems and Signal Processing, Vol. 95, pp. 1-23, 2017. [16] Smoczek, J., P1-TS fuzzy scheduling control system design using local pole placement and interval analysis , Bulletin of the Polish Academy of Sciences – Technical Sciences 62 (3), pp. 455-464, 2014. [17] Su, S. W., Nguyen, H., Jarman, R., Zhu, J., Lowe, D., McLean, P., Huang, S., Nguyen, N. T., Nicholson, R., Weng, K., Model predictive control of gantry crane

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Hybrid modeling and model based control of the four tank process

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