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Pole Placement Technique Applied in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Automatic Flight Control Systems Design

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Robust Control System Design for Small UAV Using H2-Optimization

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Graphical Interface Design for Water Pumping Process which Works with a Hydrophore

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A Control Design Technique for Grinding Systems with Feedforward Undercompensation and Feedback Control

References [1] Costea C.R., Silaghi H, Gergely E.I., Husi G., Coroiu L., Nagy Z., Approach of PID Controller Tuning for Ball Mill, Proceedings of 2014 International Symposium on Fundamentals of Electrical Engineering, Bucharest, 2014. [2] Goodwin GC., Graebe SF., Salgado M.E., Control System Design, Industrial Applications of Feedforward Control. London: Pearson, 2000. [3] Costea C.R., A Control Design for Grinding Systems with Feedforward Compensation, Journal of Computer Science and Control System 2012; 5

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Robust H∞ Optimal Controller Design for The Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicle

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